The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 720

The seventh brother clenched his teeth and said, “What about the money?”

Refuse? He wouldn’t. How would he get money from Ye Lang if he refused? He wouldn’t be buying the materials himself, he’d delegate it to his subordinates anyway. The outcome was the same. 

He could even take this opportunity to get some money. He was here to get some money from Ye Lang anyway. He’d been thinking of ways to earn money ever since Ye Lang started taking in patients at Sheng City! 

“Here’s one million gold coins, should be enough.” Ye Lang gave the seventh brother a cheque. He didn’t even care that they were in broad daylight, that he shouldn’t flaunt money in the streets. 

Seventh Brother took the cheque with lightning speed, keeping it in his ring. One would think the cheque never even existed. 

He wasn’t doing this to protect the cheque so no one would see it. He was just used to taking money as fast as possible, in case Ye Lang changed his mind. 

He didn’t care about other people targeting them. This was Ye City, the Ye family’s people were everywhere. No one would dare harm them. 

Most of the people in the streets were loyal to Ye City too. They would not want to harm the Ye family. Even if the cheque fell, someone would bring it back to the Ye family. 

They weren’t not greedy, it was just that greed would cause more harm when the Ye family shunned them. Right now, working for the Ye family was lucrative as long as they did no harm. 

“Anymore? One million is a little too little,” said the SEventh Brother solemnly. 

Isn’t a million enough? Was he really buying so much? 

Nope, Ye LAng ‘s list only required about eight hundred thousand gold coins. One million was almost enough. However, Seventh Brother wanted to earn some cash from the boy, naturally, it wasn’t enough. 

Other people would say ‘Isn’t one million enough?!’ but Ye Lang wouldn’t. Instead, he pulled out…

“Here’s another five hundred thousand then!” Ye Lang took out another cheque and passed it to Seventh Brother. 

Ugh, five hundred thousand? This kid must be loaded to treat 1.5 million like that! 

Seventh Brother quickly took the check and looked at him incredulously. He had the same question as any bystanders. 

They had heard of Ye Lang being a prodigal son but they hadn’t experienced it. They finally understood. There were few people across the mainland who could spend 1.5million like that. Maybe no one! 

Ye Lang’s expression made it look like he was just spending 150 coins, not 1.5 million. He didn’t care. 

“Do you have more? It’s a tough job!” Ye Lang looked at Ye Lang. 

“Fine, I’ll give you everything! You’re so annoying!” Ye Lang took out stacks of cash. This stack was at least three hundred thousand in cash. 

Ye Lang knew what Seventh Brother was doing. He had taken cash from him before. He usually spent his cash recklessly anyway, it didn’t matter if he was giving his money to SEventh Brother anyway. 

Mm, I’ll just treat it as money spent on buying materials! I’m buying them from SEventh Brother! 

“You’ve given me everything?” Seventh Brother took the money shamelessly. 

“Yep!” Ye Lang nodded. 

“That’s good, I’ll settle your requests. Bye!” He left, believing that Ye Lang would not lie to him 

Everyone knew Ye Lang never told a lie! 

But Seventh Brother’s attitude was disgusting, how could he leave so suddenly after taking the money…

Although everyone was disgusted, Ye Lang, the main character of the story, did not care. He already knew how Seventh Brother was like, he usually ran after taking the money. 

This had happened several times. Every time, he’d hurriedly ask for something, then run immediately after receiving it. 

“Feiyan, you all go back to the teahouse, we’re home! Right, for the new members, tell them to look for Seventh Brother if they need anything,” said Ye Lang, turning around to talk to Feiyan. 

This group consisted of Feiyan’s girls and also Wanhua Building’s girls. They were all very talented, adding them to the teahouse’s performers would definitely improve the business. 

Among these Wanhua girls, there was an outstanding, talented performer named Xin Ni! 

Those people like Sir Ximen came years ago because of her. They had wanted Xin Ni to perform for the empress dowager. In the end, they met Ye Lang that day and the entire incident happened. 

Xin Ni was the beauty who caused the entire disaster! 

What was the relationship between Xin Ni and Xin Ying? Well, there were too many people in Wanhua whose name had the word ‘Xin’. This was Xin Ying’s instructions, who wanted the girls to have similar names.

Xin Ni’s original name wasn’t Xin Ni, she just changed it after entering Wanhua. Other than Xin Ying being her boss, they weren’t related. 

“I understand! I’ll talk to him…” Liu Feiyan smiled and led everyone away. They were already at a forked road. Ye Residence and the teahouse were in opposite directions. 

Initially, Seventh Brother wasn’t in charge of materials and stocks. He was just in charge of negotiations. However, he had taken Ye Lang’s money. So now they should look for him if they needed to buy anything. 

They didn’t have enough staff anyway. Seventh Brother took up the position temporarily. Now that there was enough stuff, Seventh Brother wouldn’t have to worry. 

However, people like the Ye family members and people in charge of Ye Lang’s businesses would still need Seventh Brother. Everyone now knew he had Ye Lang’s money so they had to go talk to the person holding their boss’ money. 

“Third Brother…” 

After walking a bit, Ye Lang met another familiar face. Someone had told him to meet his Third Brother. 

“Thirteen, you’re back! I heard you’re very good at military strategy, I heard you and that girl Li Yue demolished the entire Tanlang Military group!” Third Brother gave him a huge hug. The hug was a powerful one, so tight no one would question his occupation.

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