The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 722

Although the seventh princess wasn’t happy, they could see what she thought. She didn’t want to interfere with his life choices, he could marry someone else if he wanted. 

It wasn’t that she didn’t care about him. She respected and loved Ye Lang and did not want him to suffer for her. 

“Mm, we can wait!” Not sure if Ye Lang understood. He just nodded. 

“No way, I don’t know how long I’ll have to wait now…” Long Anqi said, frustrated. It was supposed to be great news. 

“Mom, why are you waiting for their wedding? He’s the youngest, you should be waiting for Eldest Brother and Second Sister’s weddings first,” added Ye Lanyu, reminding that Ye Lang was the little brother. 

“Ah, right. How could I forget? I haven’t seen them in a while!” Long Anqi slapped her forehead. 

Did she just forget about her children because she hadn’t seen them? 

Not sure what they’d think if they heard their mother say this. They’d say their mother was playing favourites. Did she only like Ye Lang?

“Yeah, Eldest Brother’s so old and he doesn’t have a wife yet. Second Sister can marry soon too.” Ye Lanyu nodded, as if wishing they’d get married. 

“Yeah… Hey, someone’s not a child anymore too. It’s time for someone to get married.” Long Anqi nodded, then looked at Ye Lanyu teasingly. 

“Who?” Ye Lanyu immediately pretended not to know Long Anqi was talking about her. 

“I don’t even know who wants to marry you, with a temper like that. Sigh…” Long Anqi shook her head. Out of her four children, she was most worried about Ye Lanyu, not Ye Lang. 

Although Ye Lang was clueless, he had many girls around him. The seventh princess was also his fiancee, it was only a matter of time. She didn’t have to worry. 

While Ye Lanyu had many admirers, they were all kicked out. She didn’t know when Ye Lanyu would settle down and build a family. 

“I know, the Dragon Race!” interrupted Ye Lang.

“Dragon Race?” They didn’t understand. 

Did he mean that only a powerful race was worth his sister’s time? 

“Why?” asked Long Anqi. 

“Because they have thick skin, they can take Sister’s beatings!” said Ye Lang, laughing. He was bright as sunlight, innocent and adorable. 

“Go to hell!” Ye Lanyu kicked him. 

“See what I mean? If they can’t take a beating, they’ll die!” said Ye Lang mid-air, though he looked more like sitting mid-air…



Within the new Ye Residence’s living hall, Ye Chengtian, Ye Yi and the rest were already seated in the middle. They were waiting for Ye Lang. Ye Lang was exasperated when he realised Third and Seventh Brother were here too. 

If you both would be here, why did you have to pester me outside?! 

Ye Lang did not have time to accuse them because Ye Chengtian and Ye Yi had more questions.

“Ye Lang, you left two days before us, why did you arrive seven days late?!” Ye Chengtian asked directly. Long Anqi realised she also asked him this question but was distracted. 

“How would I know? We travelled slower on purpose so you could catch up to us. I don’t know how you all passed us either, you were faster by seven days,” said Ye Lang nonchalantly. 

“...” Ye Chengtian fell silent, understanding now. 

He had been in a hurry while Ye Lang had been strolling along. That was how they missed each other. 

“What route did you all take?” asked Long Anqi. 

“Route? Uh, Little Seven, you should take this.” Ye Lang scratched his head. If he was familiar with the route, he wouldn’t have lost his way so many times. 

“Alright, we went from…” answered the seventh princess, who explained the route. 

“That’s not right! We took this route too! How could we miss each other?” frowned Ye Chengtian. They had taken identical paths, this was odd. 

It would be fine if they didn’t know of each other’s presence but Ye Chengtian had anticipated Ye Lang to be in front. How could they miss them? 

“I don’t know, maybe it’s just a coincidence!” said Ye Lang. 

“Alright, let’s not talk about that. Any sort of coincidence can happen to Ye Lang. Remember how he lost his way even though he was looking for Anna?!” said Ye Yi. He did not want to dwell on this.

“Anna… Right, is Anna here?” Ye Lang suddenly remembered Anna. 

“Of course! This is her Mercenary Group’s base. She usually receives missions here. As the commander, she rarely leaves,” said the Third Brother. 

“Then she must know that I’ve arrived? Please don’t let her see me, she’d definitely scold me…” said Ye Lang weakly. He was terrified of her because he’d accidentally stood her up. 

“What are you afraid of? She doesn’t blame you, she blames herself for being so careless because she didn’t come get this clueless young master from his house! You don’t know how regretful she was. Don’t worry, she won’t scold you. She’ll be very happy,” said Third Brother. 

“Thank goodness, I was so scared… No, Third Brother, how did you know so much about this? Unless…” Ye Lang realised something and started to tease him.

“Unless what? I’ve just trained a lot with her. These few years, we’ve been running battle simulation training outside with her troops,” huffed Third Brother with a serious expression so no one noticed any problem between him and Anna. 

It was the truth. Third Brother’s troops often shared missions with Anna’s group. 

“There’s a problem here! I know it! Sister, I am sure that the love of his life has appeared!” Ye Lang whispered mischievously to Ye Lanyu. 

“Mm! There must be! Third Brother has been single for a long time. It’d be nice for him to have a girl. Sister Anna’s great, actually,” said Ye Lanyu, nodding. 

“...” Third Brother was silent. No one was sure if he was silently agreeing or just did not want to speak. 

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