The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 724

“What are you all worried about? Although Zhao Yarou has the ruins, she can’t decipher the alchemy knowledge within such a short time. After she masters it, she still needs time for preparation. I think by that time, even my grandchildren will be grown!” shrugged Ye Lang. 

Ye Lanyu couldn’t help but laugh. He wasn’t even married, yet he was talking about grandchildren. When would that be? 

However, they understood that it would be a long time until Zhao Yarou was a threat. 

“Although this won’t happen soon, it will happen. We must be ready,” said Ye Chengtian. In terms of military work, countries often prepare for events decades later. 

A country could do without an offensive military troop but not without a national defense guard! 

They must always be on their toes. This was a concept used in their military! 

“It’s not too difficult. I don’t think I need to teach you this. You already know she has this technology in her hands, then send spies over. It will be impossible for her to keep it for herself! It is a huge project, she will need many people. The more people she needs, the likelier you’ll get information, maybe even their technology,” said Ye Lang with a smile. Anyone would do the same. 

“Kid, of course we’ll do that. But why don’t we ask you for the technology rather than her? You just need to give us something to defend ourselves against her,” said Ye Yi, which was their main objective. 

This was what they wanted to know. Did he have something to fight against Zhao Yarou? They didn’t need a weapon to conquer the world, just something that could save their lives. 

“I have many things, plus I’ve already given them to you a long time ago!” said Ye Lang. 

“What? You gave it to us? When was this? Why don’t I know it?” Ye Chengtian and the rest were confused. What had he given them? 

“Didn’t I give you a blueprint for the city’s construction? Don’t tell me you didn’t build according to my blueprint, or change anything,” said Ye Lng. 

“Ah... I… changed it a bit…” said Seventh Brother weakly. 

“What did you change? I highlighted parts you cannot modify, you didn’t change those, right?” said Ye Lang. It was obvious he didn’t mind if they modified it. Some parts were just a cover for the true plans. 

Seventh Brother said weakly, “I also changed those… I thought it was a waste of resources so I made them change it. I didn’t know you had other uses for it, why didn’t you tell me earlier!” 

“...It’s none of my business then! Next time, if anything happens, don’t accuse me of not giving you anything!” said Ye Lang. 

“Seven, change it back! Even if this kid did it for fun, you still have to follow his blueprint! If not, we’ll be in trouble when he actually needs it!” scolded Ye Yi. 

Ye Lang’s actions had always been unpredictable. He often did things that others perceived as meaningless. However, it was often these things that turned out to be very important. 

That was why the Ye family still had to follow his wishes even if they looked dumb, just in case he really needed it one day. 

“Alright, I will change it immediately!” said Seventh Brother. 

“Don’t change my plans next time. Can’t believe you don’t even know I was helping you. You’ve wasted years for nothing! Seventh Brother, you’re a criminal!” Ye Lang patted his shoulder pitifully. 

“Go to hell! I just modified a few places. It’ll take only a few months, what do you mean years,” huffed Ye Lang, swatting away his hand. 

Ye Lang grinned and said mysteriously, “You’ll know when the time comes. You’ve wasted a few years of everyone’s time…” 

“What? Thirteen, what are you hiding from us?” Seventh Brother could tell it was not that simple. 

“Little Thirteen, tell us. What else?” Ye Yi was also very curious. It could be very important. 

It must be! 

Ye Chengtian and Long Anqi were sure too. After the incident at the birthday party, they were sure of it. 

Ye Lang had literally forgotten that he had deactivated the formation, causing a huge scare. They did not dare underestimate the things he forgot! 

“It’s nothing much, just a small soul-gathering formation,” waved Ye Lang. 

“What soul-gathering formation? Why haven’t I heard of it?” saud Ye Yi. Although he wasn’t an alchemist, he had heard of many formations in his long life. 

However, Ye Yi didn’t know he wasn’t talking about a true alchemy formation. Then again, it was fine that everyone treated it as an alchemy thing. 

Ye Lang smiled. “It’s a secret, do not ever tell anyone! Actually, this formation concentrates all the magical energy in the area. Sometimes, it concentrates other energies too. People within this formation would take less time training their douqi and magic. At the same time, their health would improve…” 


Everyone was silent. This was the first time they’d heard of such a thing. Would that mean they’d become more powerful than humans from other areas? 

Even an ordinary person could become a genius in a place like that! It was powerful! 

“Is… Is that true?” asked Ye Yi anxiously. He had lived a long life and seen many things but this still made him anxious. 

He would be suspicious of others but he did not doubt Ye Lang at all. He just was still in disbelief. 

“You must have heard of Sheng City’s new district, right?” said Ye Lang. 

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