The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 725

Ye Yi nodded. “I have! You designed the district, it’s a sacred medical district now. I heard patients staying there recover quicker so now many sick people want to live there. Wait, so those people weren’t actually mistaken when they said that?” 

Everyone thought this was just a psychological effect. However, everyone now realised that Ye Lang had done something. 

“Yep, there’s a soul-gathering formation there! It enhances one’s health though the effects are very slow. Nothing major would happen if a person didn’t stay for long,” said Ye Lang. 

“So that’s why! When I was at House of Confusion, I felt very energetic and my meditation practice was more effective.” Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess recalled. 


When everyone confirmed this, they turned to Seventh Brother, their eyes full of hostility. They wanted to kill him. 

They knew that Seventh Brother’s modifications had cost them a few years of enhanced cultivation and training. This was unforgivable to martial artists and magicians. 

“Hehe, I’ll go change it immediately…” He ran off, knowing that he’d get killed if he stayed. 

“Thirteen, you too. Why didn’t you tell us such an important thing?” Ye Yi shook his head. 

“It’s a secret, I didn’t want to tell anyone! Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. I have a huge project, I’ll be working near the Vast Moon Lake. Don’t go near that place for no reason. Right, I have a student coming, is she here yet?” Ye Lang suddenly remembered he had a student. Would this student be upset that he’d forgotten about them? 

“Your student? Who is it?” Ye Yi and the rest did not know about this. 

Actually, they did know of this person’s arrival. There just had been many people lying about their relationship with Ye Lang, trying to get closer to the Ye family. This student was considered one of them. 

This person had no experience in society at all, she did not know how to solve this problem. 

Who was she? She was Coldblood Group’s Little Zero, the girl who didn’t even realise she had been sold off. 

“No way, are you sure? Little Five said she arrived a long time ago. She hasn’t been kidnapped again, has she? No, I must inform Little Five.” Ye Lang immediately stood up to leave. 

“Who do you need to contact? We’ll do it for you. Stay here and continue this conversation,” said Ye Yi. 

“Father, he has to do it himself. We can’t help him. The Little Five he talked about is Coldblood Five from Coldblood Group,” said Ye Chengtian. 

Ye Yi paused. He knew of the Coldblood Group. It was an organisation as powerful as his own secret organisation. 

Ye Lang ran off just like that, though he returned very soon. 

“What’s the matter? Weren’t you going to contact them?” Ye Yi and the rest were surprised. 

“What? I did! They said she’s nearby and will come soon.” Everyone was stunned. 

“What? You did? And you know she’s nearby?” Ye Yi and the rest were shocked. Although they knew Coldblood Group was a mysterious organisation with special communication methods, Ye Lang was currently within the Ye Residence. 

To them, these people must be close by to contact him. This was their residence, if they could communicate, didn’t that mean there were Coldblood members here? 

“Yeah, Little Zero will be coming soon. I’ve informed the people at the entrance.” Ye Lang nodded, not realising the problem. 

“How did you contact them? Did you let the Coldblood Group into our homes?” Ye Yi frowned. If Ye Lang let them into their homes, that meant they were at their mercy. 

“I just told them. And yeah, I’ll be letting her in, is there a problem?” Ye Lang was referring to just one person. 

There was a misunderstanding. Ye Yi and the rest thought he had arranged for the entire group to be in their house. 

“Ye Lang, there are boundaries you cannot overstep. I don’t know what relationship you have with the Coldblood Group but how could you let them into our house? What if they plot against us?” said Ye Yi solemnly. 

“It’s just one person! Fine, I’ll go meet her then. I’ll stay at the teahouse tonight.” Ye Lang frowned and left. 

“Hey! Ye Lang, where are you going! This is your home, why are you staying at the teahouse instead!” Long Anqi stopped him. 

“But Grandfather said not to let Coldblood Group members in. I have a lot to talk to Little Zero about, guess we’ll have to talk outside. I want to stay at home too, this is too inconvenient,” said Ye Lang. 

“...Silly, just let her in. We’re not talking about her,” huffed Long Anqi. She knew there had been a misunderstanding. 

“Not her? Didn’t Grandfather say Coldblood Group? She is one,” said Ye Lang. 

“He’s talking about the people you contacted just now,” said Long Anqi. 

“Them? It’s not like they’re in our house, they wouldn’t come in,” said Ye Lang, increasingly confused. 

“Then where did they contact you from?” asked Long Anqi. 

“At their assembly point, of course!” said Ye Lang. 

“Where is that, specifically?” 

“I can’t tell you, this is Coldblood Group’s private information. You’re not from Coldblood Group.” Ye Lang shook his head. Although the Coldblood Group had given him a lot of power, he still had to follow their rules. He’d promised. 

“I’m your mother,” said Long Anqi, annoyed. 

“I can’t tell my mother either, this is a matter of principle! You should understand.” Ye Lang shook his head. 

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