The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 726

“You won’t tell us, not even for the clan?” frowned Ye Yi. 

“Depends on the situation. If Coldblood Group had never done anything to harm our family, and you only want to know for the benefit of the family, then I won’t tell!” Ye Lang said. He didn’t think there was a problem, though this would not please the patriarch of the family. 

That was why Ye Lang would not become the next patriarch of the Ye family. He wasn’t suited for this position. 

“What if there’s a conflict between both sides one day?” asked Ye Yi. 

“We’ll neutralise it if possible! If I can’t, then I have no choice,” said Ye Lang. 

“What if only one side can win?” said Ye Yi. 

“I will protect the people I want to protect,” said Ye Lang after some thought. 


Everyone realised he wasn’t as clueless as they thought. He had a ruler in his heart, measuring the situation. He had his own principles, even the clan would not sway him. 

In truth, if Ye Yi used something else as an example, like comparing Zhao Yarou’s Soaring Sky Empire and the family, Ye Lang would not hesitate to stand with the Ye family. 

However, he couldn’t do that for Coldblood Group. They had always been protecting him. While he was no saint, he still did not want to repay favours with hatred. 

He had Coldblood Five, Seven and Zero within the Coldblood Group. If one day the Ye family and Coldblood Group fought each other to death, and Coldblood Group was in the wrong, he would still want to protect these three even if his family objected. 

It was the same for the opposite situation. 

He implied that he would not participate in the conflict, remaining neutral. 

However, it was not likely. The previous Ye family might but right now, their family was neutral They would not battle anyone, especially not Coldnlood Group. 

“What’s this? Things like that aren’t going to happen! Father, don’t look for problems that don’t exist. You know Ye Lang, he’s always clueless. He might think you want to fight Coldblood Group. If it comes to that, he’ll definitely help that Little Five. You don’t know what happened between them two, he’s willing to cross a sea of fire for her!” said Ye Chengtian, changing the subject. He told them that the relationship between Ye Lang and the Coldblood Group wasn’t that simple. 

“I don’t know about that, but Coldblood Five would definitely cross the sea of fire for him!” said the seventh princess. She knew him well, and trusted him completely. 

“Yeah, I heard Little Five is some crazy psycho named World’s Best Assassin. Killing people is as simple as eating rice!” Ye Lanyu accidentally leaked something she wasn’t supposed to say. 

“The God of Death?! So the God of Death is Coldblood Five?” Ye Yi and the rest were shocked. They had been keeping with the assassin rankings too. They knew who the number one assassin was, this person was a tough opponent. 

“Hey! This is a secret, do not let anyone know of this.” Ye Lang frowned. He wanted to stop the spread of this information but he still trusted these people. 

Although Ye Lang didn’t threaten anything, everyone knew Ye Lang would be upset. 

“Ah, I forgot I can’t talk about this!” Ye Lanyu suddenly realised that Ye Lang told her not to tell anyone. 

She wasn’t scared of Ye Lang but she was worried he might never share secrets with her anymore if she kept talking like that. 

“Looks like Coldblood Group is more powerful than we thought. I guess it’s normal for a group that had lasted for a thousand years to be powerful! Ye Lang, what is your relationship with them? Can you tell us?” Ye Yi was very careful now. He was familiar with rules. 

“I’m Coldblood One, on paper.” These people were trustworthy and it didn’t really involve any secret. 

Ye Lang confirmed at Dragon City that the Vermilion Bird Emperor had borrowed Ye Lang’s name to be the figurehead. However, it came with a lot of power too. He could mobilise the Coldblodo Group if he wanted. 


Ye Yi and the rest were shocked. They looked at Ye Chengtian to see that he was shocked too. Even he did not know this. 

“No way! Your uncle was so kind to name you Coldblood One?” gasped Ye Chengtian. 

“It was a coincidence! It’s just on paper anyway, he can borrow my name if he wants. It will only benefit me,” said Ye Lang. 

“That’s why you won’t help both sides, it’s because the Coldblood Group belongs to you too. Taking sides would just mean you’re fighting yourself,” laughed Ye Chengtian. He was very delighted that his son was the figurehead of the Coldblood Group. 

With the Coldblood Group for protection, Ye Lang would be fine across the mainland no matter what he did. 

Yeah, even without Coldblood Group, he still could do whatever he wanted because he already had so much protection- the Ye family, Sheng City, Tiger Tribe, Vermilion Bird, Ai La. These were large reservoirs of power across the mainland. 

“Thirteen, even if you are close with the Coldblood Group, you still can’t let them infiltrate our clan. I believe you won’t let our family infiltrate their group either.” Third Brother frowned, saying aloud everyone’s doubts. 

Ye Lang was Coldblood One, also Ye family’s Thirteenth Master but that did not mean he could mix both. 

“I didn’t! Didn’t I say Coldblood Group would not enter our Ye family unless our family agrees?” said Ye Lang. 

“But isn’t the assembly point you mentioned here?” said Third Brother. 

“Who said that? Their assembly point is about ten kilometers away. Even though they can still watch this place, it’s just for safety. They didn't step inside our homes,” said Ye Lang immediately. 

“Huh?! Ten kilometers? Then how did you contact them just now? How can you contact someone ten kilometers away?” Ye Yi and the rest were shocked. Since the beginning, they thought that Ye Lang went to meet someone when he left to contact them. 

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