The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 728

Third Brother wasn’t done with his rant yet. The most important points were presented last. He continued confidently, “The last point, also the most important point! Our family hasn’t passed tasks to him but rather begged him to help us. Can anyone else do the things he does for our family? If he wasn’t a Ye family member, would he have done any of it?” 

“...” There was pin-drop silence. Everyone was in deep thought. 

Third Brother’s words had been a club to their heads, knocking them back into reality. They suddenly realised that Ye Lang’s contributions to the family were irreplaceable and incomparable! 

It was hilarious how they wanted to punish him, even restrict his privileges! 

They were surprised at not just Ye Lang’s contributions but also Ye Lang’s position in Third Brother’s heart. He would not allow anyone to touch Ye Lang. 

All these youngsters were always bickering and looked like they didn’t take anything seriously. However, their views of the world were definitely as matured as their elders. All of them were capable in their own way, all uniquely impressive in their fields. 

If Seven was here, he would definitely be on Thirteen’s side too. He probably would’ve made the elders more ashamed of themselves. 

Looks like we have to think about passing some of our power into the next generation’s hands soon. It was inevitable, how it should be anyway! 

Ye Chengtian and Ye Yi were gloomy because they needed another person to help stand out for their son/grandson. Sigh, they must be getting old and losing their sharpness, always worrying. 

This was also why everyone changed their minds about Ye Lang. His position in the family became more evident. 

The hall was silent, no one knew how to break it…

On the other hand, it was noisy in Ye Lang’s yard! 

“Ye Lang, is she Little Zero?” said the seventh princess, looking at Little Zero behind Ye Lang. She and Ye Lanyu had heard of Little Zero but they hadn’t met. 

“Yep!” nodded Ye Lang. “She’s very good with details and is a great alchemist. I trust her with some of my work.”

“She’s not just detailed, she’s very pretty…” The seventh princess’ tone sounded like amusement and jealousy. 

“I guess, or she wouldn’t have been kidnapped to be sold! Right, where is Fatty? I want her to come to Vast Moon Lake with me,” said Ye Lang. He’d stayed with Zhen Xiaoyan there a long time ago. 

“Xiaoyan? She’s been at the teahouse. She likes spending time with Liu Feiyan and the rest, I think she’s not used to this place. Are you inviting her so she can cook for you?” asked Ye Lanyu, also answering him. 

Ye Lang was used to bringing Zhen Xiaoyan around if they were in the same place but his objective was the same-- to eat her cooking. 

This was what everyone knew. However, this was not the only reason this time. 

“Of course, but I need her to help me too. She’s also an alchemist!” said Ye Lang. 

People often forget that she was an alchemist, a very good one too. She was qualified to help Ye Lang with his work. 

“Little Brother, what the heck are you doing? You sound like you’ll be gone for a long time,” said Ye Lanyu. She’d thought that when Ye Lang said he’d be staying, he would stay in the city. But that didn’t seem to be the case. 

“Hmm, it’ll be about a year and a half, maybe longer. It depends on whether I can finish my huge project!” nodded Ye Lang. 

“What huge project? Why does it require such a long time?” asked Ye Lanyu incredulously. 

“This is a secret for now, you’ll know when it’s done!” Ye Lang grinned but he whispered, “Actually, even I don’t know if it’ll succeed. If I tell you now you’d laugh at me if I fail!” 


So it’s because he wasn’t sure about the outcome. Whatever, at least he was still in Ye City. They could see him anytime. She could visit too. 

What she didn’t know was that Ye Lang sealed up the entire Vast Moon Lake soon after so no one could enter. 


The teahouse, at night. 

Ye Lang’s teahouse was the busiest place in the city. Whenever the citizens were free, they’d come here to drink tea, listen to music and watch their operas. 

Even one month ago when the owner Liu Feiyan wasn’t there, it was still busy as always. 

The teahouse had a whole crew so small changes wouldn’t cause major problems. Unless everyone left, the teahouse would not lack customers. 

Many people liked resting here. They could drink tea and chat. 

After forming a habit, they would not change it in a short time. Even if something changed for the worse, they would still continue doing it within a short period of time. 

However, they did not need to worry about that tonight. It was going to be good. 

Everyone received news that the main performers of the teahouse, the ones they hadn’t seen in a long time--- Liu Feiyan and the other girls, were back. 

That was the reason why there were more customers today! 

“Xiaoyan, are you sure you want to be here tonight? Aren’t you going to talk to Boss?” 

Within the teahouse’s compound, there was a quiet little yard. Zhen Xiaoyan was staring at the moon. Not sure what she was thinking about. Another girl suddenly appeared by her side to ask her this question. 

It was Liu Feiyan. 

“Feiyan…” Xiaoyan did not answer her question, still deep in thought. 

Liu Feiyan sat quietly next to her, asking gently, “What are you thinking about? Thinking about Boss?” 

Zhen Xiaoyan was still deep in thought when she suddenly snapped awake like a cat with a trodden tail. “No way, I’m just thinking about what dish to cook for him tomorrow. Ah…” 

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