The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 729

“Haha, you miss him, don’t you! You should’ve left with us, you don’t know how much he misses you! If you were there, I think he wouldn’t have gone to Wanhua and we wouldn’t have so many more girls with us,” giggled Liu Feiyan, tickling Xiaoyan’s blushing face. 

“I don’t know about him. Even if I were there, he’d still go if he felt like eating their food,” said Zhen Xiaoyan mildly. 

“Alright, that’s enough of being humble. Who doesn’t know about your impressive cooking? Your Osmanthus Jelly far exceeds their standards. Boss would definitely pick yours over theirs,” smiled Liu Feiyan with a hint of jealousy. 

Zhen Xiaoyan’s cooking was also the main attraction of the teahouse. Many customers were here to eat the pastries and desserts she made. If they could, they would want a full-course feast cooked by her. 

Unfortunately, she rarely did feasts, at most once a month. These monthly events were highly-sought after among the customers. 

Since then, Zhen Xiaoyan also became a household name, igniting a huge craze. Many arrogant people with influential backgrounds came requesting for her to cook them a feast but the results were the same-- they were kicked out of the teahouse, some kicked out of Ye City. 

That was because the people here knew that Zhen Xiaoyan was one of Ye Lang’s closest friends. Offending her would mean offending Ye Lang. 

In a place like Ye City, would anyone want to offend Ye Lang? Nope, unless they did not plan to live here anymore. 

“So what if my cooking is great, it’s all the same if no one eats…” Zhen Xiaoyan said mildly, her sadness seeping into everything they talked about. 

“No one? Do you know how many people fight to eat anything you make? Boss too! Don’t sit here all depressed, this isn’t like you!” said Liu Feiyan, worried. She hadn’t seen Zhen Xiaoyan like this before. 

Zhen Xiaoyan was a bubbly, energetic person. She might be slightly crazy but she was very cute! 

“Feiyan, do you think Ye Lang food? Would he come see me? Hehe, forget about it, I already know the answer. How could he come here? He’s always so blur, he has so many things to do!” Zhen Xiaoyan chuckled, some of her personality coming back. 

“And I wondered what happened to you. You’re nervous because Boss is back and you don’t know how to meet him.” Liu Feiyan understood now. 

It was common to miss a person greatly but when the person arrived, the moment before meeting them was always nerve-wrecking. It was a peculiar feeling. 

“No, I’m not nervous, it’s not like I haven’t met him before. It’s just…. It’s been a long time…” Zhen Xiaoyan smiled, seemingly getting back to normal. She stood up and wanted to leave. 

At this point, Liu Feiyan thought she’d gone back to normal. But she knew it was just the surface because…

“Of course Ye Lang wouldn’t come… Zhen Xiaoyan, what were you thinking…” 

Liu Feiyan heard Zhen Xiaoyan’s soft mumbles, until it trailed off. She didn’t know what xiaoyan said but was sure she was still sad. 

She’ll be alright when Ye Lang returns. Before he came, no one could do anything. 

Liu Feiyan didn’t expect Ye Lang to come tonight. At least tomorrow. He had many things to do, why would he come just for her? 

She thought the same as Zhen Xiaoyan. However, they both didn’t expect the face they both loved and hated to appear before them. There had been no signs. The arrival was abrupt. 

“Fatty, you came just in time! I was looking for you!” 

“Ah! Huh?...” Zhen Xiaoyan’s jaw fell. She stared at Ye Lang blankly. It had all happened too quickly, she didn’t know what to do. 

“What are you doing? I’m hungry, go cook me some food! Feiyan, it’s your turn to get on the stage, the people outside are shouting their voices away! Hey, what are you both doing? Why are you here?” Ye Lang asked because they were staring at him, unmoving. 

“Ye Lang… Are you… real?” Zhen Xiaoyan was incoherent now. She wanted to ask why this felt like a dream. 

“Of course I’m real! Fatty, it’s just been a few months, how could you not recognise me already?” Ye Lang patted his chest to show he was real. At the same time, he was confused why Zhen Xiaoyan couldn’t recognise him. 

She pinched his face. When he said it hurt, she grinned and let go. “Few months? It’s been eight months!” 

“Eight months is also a few months, it’s all the same. Alright, I haven’t had any breakfast. Make me some food,” said Ye Lang, looking pitiful. 

“Alright, I understand! I’ll go cook now. Here’s a little for you…” Zhen Xiaoyan took out some pastries for him and then turned happily to the kitchen. 

“Hurry, I’m starving…” yelled Ye Lang as he ate the pastries. 

“I know, I have already prepared for it! It’ll be done soon!” replied Zhen Xiaoyan. She had already prepared food for him the moment she knew he was back. 

At the time, she did not even think if he would come visit. She just did it out of habit. 

Other people might go meet him immediately, or just wait until he was here. However, Zhen Xiaoyan was different. Her first response was to prepare food for him even though she didn’t know if he’d be here to eat it. 

“Alright, I’ll wait here,” yelled Ye Lang. He went to look for a seat, a random seat he found. 

Every time he arrived, he would find a random seat! 

Just like that, their reunion happened abruptly and everything went on as usual… 

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