The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 730

“Boss… Xiaoyan…” 

When Liu Feiyan watched them, she thought it was very odd. One wasn’t supposed to be here, yet was here. The other was supposed to care a lot but pretended to be very calm. 

Then again, they were both like that. 

“Feiyan, what are you doing? They’re waiting for you!” A girl appeared, reminding her that it was her turn. They had been looking for her everywhere, and when they saw her, they dragged her to the stage. 

“...” Liu Feiyan didn’t speak, letting them drag her to the stage. She didn’t plan to talk to Ye Lang, they’d just separated this morning, she didn’t need to be with him all the time. 

She still paid attention to Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan, even on stage! 

“Fatty, do you think she keeps secretly eyeing us with her beady eyes?” said Ye Lang as he ate Zhen Xiaoyan’s cooking. He kept feeling her watch them. 

“...She’s watching us but you can’t say that. She’s just curious,” said Zhen Xiaoyan. As she spoke, she picked up a lot of food…

For herself! 

The food wasn’t just for Ye Lang. The food on the table was enough for several meals. The excess was for herself, she needed food too. 

Let’s not forget that she had to eat or she’d faint. After so long, it was time for her to recharge. 

Other than watching him eat, she liked to eat with him too! 

It was a very normal thing to eat at the same table but Zhen Xiaoyan loved it. It was her favourite thing to eat at the same table with people she loved. 

Usually, unless Ye Lang was stealing food while she cooked, she would choose to eat at the same table!

“Curious? What’s there to be curious about? Is this weird? Right, you’re weirder, you eat so much…” said Ye Lang honestly. 

“How would I know? You’d have to ask her! Why are you here? You came alone too,” said Zhen Xiaoyan while gulping down food. 

Them sitting down together was like family eating at the same table. They ate and chatted casually. Liu Feiyan, who was on the stage, sighed. Why were they like this? Should’t they have a moving, passionate reunion?

Many people didn’t know what was the relationship between the two. You wouldn’t get an answer from them either. 

In reality, the relationship was simple. They were old friends who had been classmates a long time ago. 

A friendship was like that. After a long time, you would treat each other like family and eat at the same table! 

“I came here to eat with you! As for why I’m alone, I don’t think I told anyone I was coming. I was just hungry so I came looking for you,” said Ye Lang blankly. He didn’t think much of it, merely eating his rice. 

“...” Zhen Xiaoyan was silent. The Ye family must be looking for him now because he’d suddenly gone missing to come here. 

What she wouldn’t have expected was that Ye Lang was actually talking to Little Zero while the rest chatted among themselves. Then, Ye Lang excused himself to go to the bathroom. He then suddenly remembered Zhen Xiaoyan and ran over. 

Ye Lang thought that since he was already in Ye City, he did not need to tell anyone anything if he wanted to come here. 

“If you weren’t hungry, would you have thought about me?” probed Zhen Xiaoyan. She felt like he only remembered her when he was hungry. 

“Yes!” said Ye Lang without a thought. 

“REally?” Zhen Xiaoyan was delighted, not expecting this answer. In the past, Ye Lang would’ve said no. 

She had asked this question more than once and always got the same answer. 

“Mm! It’s true! I need you as my alchemy assistant now, of course I would!” siad Ye Lang with a grin. 

“Go to hell!” cursed Zhen Xiaoyan. She knew this was going to happen. He was heartless! 

But she was just upset for a while. She was used to it anyway. Being angry at Ye Lang was useless because you’d die of a heart attack and he would still not understand what happened. 

They continued to eat… 

After dinner, they chatted and watched te drama on stage. It was Liu Feiyan’s show. Everyone’s attention was on stage, not Ye Lang. 

Then again, Ye Lang didn’t really attract much attention since he arrived. This was probably because he rarely appeared here, plus he had been away for a long time. Not many recognised him. 

Many people had heard of Ye Lang but they didn’t know what he looked like. Just like at Dragon City- many people wanted to meet him but didn’t actually know who he was. 

At this point, Ye Lang should probably thank the lack of technology in this place. If this were Earth, his picture would’ve appeared everywhere and everyone would recognise his face. 

Or perhaps the heavens helped ease his life by giving him fame AND freedom at the same time. 

“Fatty, let’s go!” said Ye Lang suddenly after a while. He got up and pulled Zhen Xiaoyan. 

“Where?” asked Zhen Xiaoyan, stunned. 

“We’re going home to sleep, of course!” Ye Lang’s tone was very natural. 



This was the only word in her head. She smiled an incomprehensible smile, as if she felt bliss and joy. 


“Shit, where’s the kid? Go look for him!” 

“What the hell? How could he get lost again? I wonder if Cousin Zhiqing caught him again…” 


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