The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 731

Vast Moon Lake. It wasn’t actually very large, just five-kilometre long at its widest. There were several hills around it. If only they were green, then the view here would be impressive. 

Unfortunately, sand was the only thing around the lake. Everything was yellow. That was why not many people visited this place. It was deserted. 

Vast Moon Lake was situated at a place where nobody passed. On its other side was a barren, hilly area. Beyond these hills was a desert. No one would come here. 

At the same time, it was not very near the city either, about fifty kilometres away. 

Ye Lang chose this place for its seclusion. He wanted to work in peace, without disturbance from anyone. 


“Thirteen, are you really going to build your laboratory here? There’s nothing here, even construction will take a while. And the environment here sucks!” Seventh Brother was with Ye Lang here to survey the place. He was going to help Ye Lang with some errands in the future so Ye Lang must bring him here. 

“Mm! This will be the place. A bad environment is exactly what I want. If not, if there are many people, my work will be exposed!” nodded Ye Lang. 

“What the hell are you doing… Fine, you’ll say it’s a secret. I’m too lazy to ask. But you must tell me when you’re done! Also, Ye City’s constructions will be completed in a month. Remember to do what you need to do,” said Seventh Brother. 

“I understand. Just inform me when you’re done. I’ll bring my people over,” said Ye Lang. 

Bring his people? 

Seventh Brother looked at the people next to him. He was sure Ye Lang wouldn’t bring more than two! 

There were only two alchemists by his side- Zhen Xiaoyan and Little Zero. There weren’t any other people. 

“Thirteen, why don’t you consider the requests of the other alchemists? They really want to come here with you,” said Seventh Brother. 

Ye Lang was here to conduct major research, this news had spread among the alchemists of Ye City. They all wanted to conduct research with Ye Lang. Although they didn’t know what it was, they were sure what he worked on would shake the entire alchemy world, maybe even the world. 

Who would want to miss this opportunity? 

But Ye Lang refused. He said he wanted to take his time. Too many cooks spoil the broth! 

“I’m not going to think about it. They’ll just keep asking questions and annoy me!” Ye Lang shook his head. “Seventh Brother, you need to send my stuff over as soon as possible, I can’t do anything without them.”

“I know! But I think the most important thing is to clear this area. You should at least have a place to live in.”

“That’s simple!” Ye Lang grinned. “Don’t move!” 

“Simple? It’ll take at least a few days… Wait, what did you mean?” Seventh Brother realised he had heard that Ye Lang built Miracle Square within a short time. 

Was he going to build a new ‘Miracle Square’ here? 

He was excited to watch…

 Seventh Brother was nervous when he saw Ye Lang walking towards an empty space. Even the ones with Ye Lang were nervous to watch how he built Miracle Square. 

This time, Seventh Brother wasn’t alone. There were dissatisfied, stubborn alchemists here too. On the contrary, none of the Ye family members were here, not even Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess. 

It was a busy day for everyone. Ye Lang was just going to scout for a space for his lab, why would they want to come? 

If they knew what he was going to do, they would’ve come. Especially the seventh princess, instead of being dragged by Ye Lanyu for cultivation. 


Ye Lang closed his palms together and then pressed both hands into the ground. A miracle appeared right in front of their eyes. 

The ground seemed to glow. The light spread over an increasingly larger area from where he stood until it engulfed the entire lake. 


Ye Lang’s movements were slow. Everyone was getting impatient, though they did not dare call out to him. They just watched Ye Lang press his hands into the ground solemnly. 

Time passed…

“It’s done!” Ye Lang clapped his hands. 

“What? Done?” 

Everyone was confused. They didn’t see anything. They thought they were going to witness a miracle like Miracle Square. 

All they saw was Ye Lang not moving and the alchemy formation on the ground but the land was still empty. 

“Yep, done! You all can go back now. Me, Fatty and Little Zero will stay. Right, and Kaline…” Ye Lang had forgotten about the little princess but she reminded him by tugging at his sleeve. 

“Go back? What about you? Are you just going to stand there? There’s nothing here,” frowned Seventh Brother. “Thirteen, just let me get some people to build something for you, it’s alright.” 

“You don’t have to. There’s nothing right now but there will be something soon. I don’t need your help!” Ye Lang grinned. 

“Soon? What?” Seventh Brother did not understand. Would the things materialise suddenly? 

He was right. On the second day, he realised that there had been changes. These changes occurred slowly. 

This time, he did not build the place like Miracle Square. He used a very special type of alchemy. A slower, more natural kind. 

In layman terms, previously, Ye Lang planted a seed that immediately shot up into a large tree. This time, he planted a seed and allowed it to germinate slowly. 

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