The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 732

After knowing this, many people attempted to approach but Ye Lang sealed the place up. He used an alchemy formation to obscure everything. They could only see the things he let them see. 

They still couldn't see anything when they got closer! 

Ye Lang’s alchemy forbade everyone from entry. Even Ye Lanyu was stuck outside. 

Afterwards, no one knew what happened inside. Slowly, very few people stayed. 

Until Ye Lang opened his doors! 


“Ye Lanyu, stop that! I haven’t gotten to you yet. If it weren’t for you, I’d be with Ye Lang now!” said the seventh princess. It was obvious she blamed Ye Lanyu for this. 

“How would I know the kid would decide to seal himself from the world? He shut everyone out, including me! But whatever, Zhen Xiaoyan is inside. He won’t starve!” Ye Lanyu clenched her teeth, annoyed, but she couldn’t do anything. 

“Of course he won’t starve. Not sure if he did this on purpose. He only has Zhen Xiaoyan and Little Zero in there, I don’t know if anything will happen to them!” said the princess. She completely ignored the little princess because she was still little. 

“What could happen? At most, you get one or two more sisters, I get one or two more sister-in-laws,” shrugged Ye Lanyu. 

“Shut up! Just in time for me to teach you a lesson! Follow me to the arena!” huffed the princess. She needed to vent through a sparring session. She hoped to defeat Ye Lanyu today. 

“You think I’m scared?” Ye Lanyu said nonchalantly. 

“What do you think Ye Lang’s doing?” The Ye family was discussing in private, wondering what his research was about. 

However, they guessed that it would be shocking or he would not be this secretive or take such a long time. 

“I don’t know, I heard it’s a huge project!” 

“Nonsense, everyone knows that. Even he said it was a huge project. But what is it about?”

“No one knows. He never said anything, even Ye Lanyu and the rest don’t know, how would we know! But he has been very good at keeping his secret safe, literally no one knows anything.”

“Sigh, then we can only wait. We’ll know when he comes out!” 


Just as the people outside waited, Ye Lang and the other two were busy too. Although he said he wanted to take his time with research, they were still busy every day. 

During this time, Zhen Xiaoyan and Little Zero understood the true nature of a large project. There was lots to do, and it was uncertain if this project could succeed. That was why they could only do their best. 

In the beginning, Ye Lang only gave them simple tasks. For example, clearing up certain areas. Although his alchemy formation could slowly transform the place into a paradise, certain tasks still require manual work. 

Thank goodness they were both capable people so there weren't many problems! 

Even between tasks they would continue beautifying the surrounding areas. They grew to like this place, even thinking of living here forever. 

Ye Lang’s alchemy had impressed them once again, turning this empty piece of land into a paradise. 

They believed that if anyone saw this place, there would be a manic rush inside. Of course, that’s if they could even enter. 

Before they had time to admire it all, they were quickly dragged into more urgent work for Ye Lang’s project. They kept busy most of the time. On the contrary, Ye Lang was quite free. He mostly sat staring at the Vast Moon Lake. 

However, they knew that Ye Lang was just thinking because every time after staring at the lake, he would have new tasks for them. 

When he sat thinking, the little princess would sit with him quietly without a sound! 

Usually, the little princess might not be with Ye Lang. While the entire place was morphing into a paradise, she ran around, looking at everything, or played by the lake and among the flower bushes. 

Of course, other than these, she had homework-- to practice her sword fighting and studying. 

Sword fighting was self-explanatory; as for studying, she’d gotten some books from Ye Lang and was studying them. Ye Lang had collected these from different parts of the world, covering a diverse collection of subjects. 

Since the little princess’ body wasn’t grown, her learning abilities were still at their peak. She absorbed knowledge like a sponge, even starting to learn alchemy because she wanted to help Ye Lang. 

Ye Lang did not mind, letting her learn. He would teach her if she didn’t understand something, resulting in the little princess’ extremely strong alchemy skills. No one knew about this. When other people eventually found out, they would be very shocked. 

Ye Lang usually sat on the pier by the lake. There wasn’t initially a lake here. It had been a barren land and a dead lake, no one would build a pier. 

However, it was different now. Ye Lang and the rest didn’t just build a mansion with unique architecture here- opposite the mansion, he built a wooden pier, though not sure if it was just for aesthetic or functionality. 

It must be for the aesthetic because other than for Ye Lang to sit on, it served no other purpose. There were no boats by the pier. 

However, what happened next proved that there were going to be boats! 

One month later…

“It’s time. Thirteen won’t refuse now, he must open this place!” said Seventh Brother confidently at the entrance of the alchemy formation at Vast Moon Lake. 

“Are you sure he said he’ll come out?” said Ye Lanyu. 

At this moment, this place was quite different from a month ago. Before this, only Seventh Brother and some people were there. Now, there were many people from the Ye family, including Ye Zhiqing, the cousin Ye Lang had met a few times! 

There were also curious ones like Liu Feiyan, saying she wanted to check if her boss and Xiaoyan had turned into hobos. 

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