The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 734

Even though there were houses here too, it was different from the ones that Ye Lang and the rest were staying in before. 

The Vast Moon Lake might be small but it was still around a few kilometers wide. It was not surprising if they were not at the exact spot, but Ye Lang’s little dock was nowhere to be seen, not even where he was before!

This must be a different place! 

The lakeside features, along with the shrubs that lined its shores reminded them nothing of the surroundings before. Ye Lang hadn’t brought the crowd to the previous location, and it was seemingly intentional. 

This tour appeared to be a display for the people outside to grasp the condition within, while confusing them in the process, making them convinced that he hadn’t been occupied with anything else. 

His true intention was to continue his work here without interruption from others, until his actual megaproject is complete!

As of now, everyone in attendance was sure that his megaproject was what lies before their eyes, yet the developments were just a byproduct to his grand scheme, albeit already mind-blowing to the common folk. 

“Sure, you can live here whenever you want to in the near future, but for now I need to self isolate for the time being.” Ye Lang chuckled as he replied to Liu Feiyan.

Originally he was certain that he would only conduct research of sorts in the space, and would not be needing the space all for himself some time from now, so he decisively offered the rest with a chance to spend their time in here, hencewith the environment he created would not be put to waste.

This marvellous space!

Regardless, he was unsure of how it would progress from this point...

Liu Feiyan grinned happily as she added. “Boss, you’re so nice, I like you!”

“Us too!” The tea parlor girls gleefully emphasized. 


An envy to most was the lad’s popularity with the teenage girls, all of which were captivating, both inside and out. 

“Hey hey I’m still here you know, I’m the lady boss around here. If you mess with him, you’ll have to deal with me first!” When the seventh princess reactively cut into their conversation, the situation had become more interesting.

“FUTURE lady boss!” Ye Lang corrected her words. 

This time it was the seventh princess instead that was left in silence. 

“So this is what you people have been up to all this while? This is your big project?” Third brother solemnly asked. The picturesque scenery meant hardly anything to him, so it was only natural that he brushed it aside.

“Well of course there’s…” Ye Lang replied, only to stutter as he forgot the true reasoning in inviting them in. Fortunately, someone quickly came to his rescue. 

“Well of course not, we’re planning on building a few houses around the area, special houses!” Zhen Xiaoyan interrupted as she pinched Ye Lang.

Ye Lang quickly recalled that it was his real aim to keep it a secret from everyone else...

“Special houses? Like the one before us? Oh it’s got to be perfect, I’m looking forward to seeing it!” The seventh princess quickly picked up where Zhen Xiaoyan left off, unclear if it was genuine or if she was defending them both. Nonetheless, she appeared rather enthusiastic with the idea. 

Nevertheless, her anticipation was justified given how it was a common thought among all visitors that where they were right now, was paradise on earth. 

To be able to live in a place like this was a dream for many, even just a year surrounded by such serenity would soothe the soul and freshen the body!

They were all more than prepared for Ye Lang to open the area, of which they would then drop huge amounts of cash to secure a plot of their own!

The seventh brother by then had wrapped his head around the possibility, his eyes essentially had dollar signs in them. He saw Ye Lang as a money tree, generating profits from literally anything!

No doubt if Ye Lang were to sell these lands with rows and rows of exquisite mansions, the money that they would rake in would be bountiful!

Not too long ago this was just barren land, land so dull and uninspiring it could be seen scattered throughout the mainland, and to turn a wasteland like that into the crown jewel that it is, just the thought of a business in that matter would reckon their wealth on the levels of entire nations!

Yet disappointingly to him however, Ye Lang had no intention of the like. He had never bothered much about money and wealth, his ample talents would leave him with a fortune, but he did not pursue them, the most obvious of which were his medical prowess, yet besides his stint in the House of Confusion, he had never even attempted anywhere else. 

It was that assumption that Ye Lang would not put this space up for sale that worried the seventh brother!

“It’ll happen. The houses will be built, anyone can live here.” Ye Lang belatedly replied on the seventh princess’ question, before he added. “This from here on out, will become a luxury residential area of Ye city! If you’re interested in a lavish home here, feel free to contact Seventh Brother!”

Seventh brother was riled up by his announcement, his blood pumped from exhilaration as all his doubts were instantly thrown out the window!

“I’m in!” Someone shouted.

“Me too!” And before long a roar of anxious requests was heard.

The crowd burst into life!

“Megaproject, this is a megaproject indeed!” Seventh Brother exclaimed as he teared up. 

For Seventh Brother, Ye Lang’s housing plans and the mythical forest grounds they were in, all added up as a huge project. It was one that would rain money upon them.

“Stop for a moment!” Ye Lang raised his hands as he taunted, and upon Ye Lang’s call, the ruckus was quickly put to a halt and all eyes were turned towards him, awaiting his next words. 

“Everybody calm down! I may have agreed to sell houses to your liking, but there is still much to be built upon in this space. We will make this closer to perfection, to better align with the distinguished preferences of all! But it will take time, which is why the housing business will have to wait until this is finished.” Ye Lang declared.

“Thirteenth master, what do you mean by this?” One amongst the crowd was slow to comprehend as he questioned.

“You idiot! How hard is it to understand?!” Ye Lang did not hold back on his words, yet if it was anyone else but him, that man would have been enraged by now. In current circumstances however, the man did not react.

Everyone in attendance knew full well of Ye Lang’s personality, they were aware that Ye Lang had always been a blunt and unyielding person, and usually known as an idiot, which was why no one took any offense this time around. 

And with that, it was all smiles.