The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 735

Ye Lang couldn’t care less about their opinions on his personality as he continued. “What I mean is, this place will be temporarily off limits to the public, and the real estate business will be put on hold until my task here is complete!”

“ long more?” Someone took to ask, seemingly anxious to reside in this magical space as soon as possible. 

Ye Lang chuckled, unfazed however as he replied, “It won’t take long- three, five, maybe seven years at the very maximum…”

“Oh…” A synonymous gasp was heard around the crowd, caught off guard by Ye Lang’s declaration.

“Then what’s the minimum?” Seventh Brother understood Ye Lang’s personality like the back of his hand and wasted no time to get straight to the point. If Ye Lang mentioned the maximum duration, there had to be a minimum.

Seventh brother’s reply instantly caught on with everyone as they all turned towards Ye Lang with anticipation. 

“The minimum will still be a year and a half!” Ye Lang contemplated for a moment before he clarified. 

“Just a year and a half, that’s not too bad!”

With Ye Lang’s confirmation, a breath of relief resonated through the crowd, as in comparison, it wasn’t long at all!

“Alright, you’ve seen what you needed to see, so everyone please make your way back to the exit, I’m sure those awaiting your return must be anxious out there!” Ye Lang announced with a grin, albeit to the disappointment of many. 

Naturally from their responses it was obvious everyone wanted to stay a while longer, but Ye Lang was decisive, leaving them rather reluctant with his decision. 

Right then, Seventh Brother was not disappointed by the turn of events, instead found it was better to keep the exposure of the townsfolk in the space to its minimum. This effectively increased the anticipation, which corresponded to higher real estate prices. 

Seventh Brother then promptly herded the crowd. “Oh my, look at how dark it is already, come on, let’s head home now!”

“Thirteen, why’d you mention the people waiting outside? Are you suggesting that there might be something more extraordinary about this place?” Third brother seemed to be more concerned about this as he recalled witnessing Ye Lang single handedly defeating an army of ten thousand. 

Back then, townsfolk watched as the army marched into Ye Lang’s formation, and like aimless flies trapped in a sealed jar, they ramped and stumbled, only to miss the exit that was right before their eyes. 
The present situation mirrored the past. 

People at the back who had followed through seemingly vanished one by one, as the ones lost unable to find their way back to the pack. 

It was at that moment, Third Brother could confirm one thing- Ye Lang was not leading the tour in a straight line, he was taking extended twists and turns, sometimes taking huge circles just to get to another point a few meters away!

There was something else going on in this place!

Ye Lang heard the third brother’s question and replied with a little grin on this face. “You’re right, this place is magical, and it’s not a place where one can navigate around without a guide! If they come as they please, they will lose their way, and no matter how hard you try, the only destination all routes lead to is the exit!

This is part of its defense mechanism. Soon I will be offering all of you a new handy tool, a tool that would assist you in the navigation of this unique space, while also acting as the entry pass for this venue. It’s only for the selected few!”

“Is that so? That’s even better!”

In regards to Ye Lang’s defense protocol, instead of backlash of any form, people applauded the idea, because they were all highly ranked nobles, and naturally would aspire to own a private space to call their own, one that would distance themselves from worldly interruptions, and Ye Lang’s creation was just the solution. 

“That’s right! Thirteen you little brat, when it comes to ideas, you sure are on a level of your own! With this, we can rake in an additional pot of gold!” Seventh Brother at this point was completely blinded by the idea of insane wealth coming his way.

“Alright, in a moment I want all of you here to stay close to me, if you get lost again I cannot assure any of you will end up where you needed to be!” Ye Lang clapped his hands to catch the attention of the crowd as he commanded. “Also, don’t even think about hiding in the vicinity, otherwise you will be instantly disqualified from the housing market of this area, or even to step foot into this space ever again!

Ye Lang’s ending words of caution struck the townsfolk with intention of sneaking their way into the mythical grounds like a hammer to the head, a stern warning for them to treasure their opportunity and not make a costly mistake for the superficial high of today. 

And just like that, Ye Lang led the crowd to the exit, his true intention appeared to have effectively been hidden from the eyes of the public.

As for the reason he was preparing for self exclusion, it may be peculiar to some, but for Ye Lang, a man that would involve himself in just about anything, it was possible, or maybe he was attempting a new alchemy formation, which was also plausible, and highly believable. 

Only Ye Lang himself, along with Zhen Xiaoyan and a few others were sure that Ye Lang’s megaproject was not this. This was just a side project, a vastly insignificant one that was just an environment built to accommodate his thought process during research. 

If it was not a facade to hide Ye Lang true motives there was hardly any reason for rows of mansions to be built in this space, and it was Zhen Xiaoyan’s idea, she knew how drastic Ye Lang actual plan is, and to hide it from plain sight, she had to assist him in hiding it from even his closest kin. 

Nevertheless, it was clear at this point that Ye Lang was not shaken by the idea of his aspirations going public, he had instead decided to keep it a secret until the project was completed. 

After exposure to Ye Lang's field of research, Zhen Xiaoyan quickly understood the importance of its secrecy. Even if it ended up failing, for this matter might draw the attention of the entire mainland, even triggering a full out war. 

That's right, a full war if Ye Lang's research was to be exposed to the world!

The importance of his research was one even Little Zero was aware of, and if it succeeded, there was potential for a shift in the power balance of the mainland!

Along the journey back to the exit, a noteworthy few once again place his defense mechanism to test, and without exception were kicked out into the barren landscape encircling the outer ring of Ye Lang's alchemy formation.

"You've returned from inside, haven’t you? What is it like?"

Many on the outside flocked around the selected few as they returned from their trip from within the mythical space, and unsurprisingly were bombarded by compliments and bewilderment by the immense beauty and scenic landscapes that encompassed the space, leaving the rest with deep anticipation of what lies within. 

And just like that, since then anything and everything about the Vast Moon lake has become a topic of contention, perking the excitement of those who missed the opportunity for a visit the first time.

As time passed, Vast Moon Lake became the centre of attention as people began bidding and demanding for a lot. Real estate prices shot through the roof!

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