The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 736

Seventh Brother was delighted, even to the extent of retrieving deposits from the townsfolk, before shamelessly declaring that this was just for the purpose of reservation, and to get a house by the Vast Moon Lake, an auction will later be conducted.

If he managed to get ahead with his plans, just the deposit alone would be a hefty fortune to behold!

Naturally, he knew what he was doing was inappropriate. His honour might even take a dip, but the thought that an auction could rake in additional money from entrance fees alone enticed him.

At the spur of the moment, he was convinced that people from the entire mainland were bound to stop by and take a bid, just the entrance fee alone would be a huge sum!

Of course, this was all wishful thinking. As to how he could put his thoughts into action, the seventh brother was still figuring it out. 

Back at Ye City, Ye Lang did not have Little Zero and Zhen Xiaoyan accompany him for their main tasks and had instead decided to take a trip back home, which was well understood given that it was already late at night. Even if Seventh Brother was anxious of making a profit, he wouldn’t have agreed for Ye Lang to work at this hour. 

The others, unsurprisingly, were even less fortunate. Despite their desire to cosy up with Ye Lang and in return leech off the benefits for their own sake, they were left with little choice but to maintain their dignity and be clear to draw the line when needed. 

“Ye Lang, how long are you going to stay this time?” Seventh princess casually asked. 

“Once everything out here is done, I’ll return. It would be around 3-4 days,” Ye Lang replied. 

“Just 3-4 days? Then I’d like to tag along with you to the Vast Moon Lake…” The seventh princess was determined to earn her place on his ragtag team back into self seclusion. 

“You can always go in there and pursue your cultivation, with Kaling.” Ye Lang nodded. Would he stop the seventh princess from visiting Vast Moon lake? Of course not.

Not only would he not object, he would even show her his ultimate secret.

“Well then it’s settled! From now on, can you please not leave me out from anything you intend to do again? I won’t even get mad at you if you choose to keep a secret from me but I just want to be by your side through this! I hope your self seclusion like the one before will never happen again!” the seventh princess solemnly demanded, yet in her tone were hints of desperate pleas. 

Ye Lang could not read between the lines. He confidently nodded. “Yes ma’am, I’ll make sure to do just that, or at least give you a heads up before I proceed to self seclusion the next time.”

“Me too! I’m going too!” Ye Lanyu abruptly interrupted. 

“Sis, let me tell you this- once you step foot into the alchemy formation you will have to stay with us through the whole thing. It might take as long as a year and a half, are you ready for that?” Ye Lang was stern as he clarified. 

Ye Lang thought the seventh princess should be fine given her personality. Even if she was secluded for months on end, it wouldn’t be much of a problem for her since she never enjoyed excessive interactions to begin with. 

But for the outgoing Ye Lanyu, to lock her up in a place devoid of human interaction would bore her to death. 

Which led Ye Lang to make it clear to Ye Lanyu to reconsider her options. If she were to brashly agree to a decision like this one, she might live to regret it very soon. 

“Well, if Little Seven can do it, I can too! I can stay put and cultivate in seclusion!” Ye Lanyu contemplated a little before she quickly rebuked, seemingly concluding on a significant decision. 

“Ye Lanyu, don’t push yourself, if you really can’t do it, just stay up here. We’ll be fine in there. Besides, we might come out every month, then you can see Ye Lang again.” The seventh princess promptly added, yet her true intentions, whether genuine, was unclear.

“Well then I should be in there even more, if Ye Lang is coming out every month, that’ll mean I get to come out every month too! I’m okay with that!” Ye Lanyu heard her words and picked up on the keywords, hence sounded more determined than ever. 

“Ye Lanyu, just stay home, you have more to deal with at home.” The seventh princess was not expecting her plan to backfire as she frantically added. 

“What could there be for me up here? They don’t need my help. I just need to cultivate down there because I’m working towards the path of a future sorceress!” Ye Lanyu was unfazed as her top priority was to proceed with her cultivation. 


It appeared that Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess had the same priorities in mind, which was to work on their cultivations, everything else was not important.Sometimes they were needed if a place was short staffed but with the current state of Ye city, the place had more than enough human resources at hand. 

Even if there wasn’t, the two of them would hardly make a difference!

Ye Zhiqing, who had been silently tailing Ye Lang the whole time, stared blankly at Ye Lang, as if she wanted to say something.

Ye Lang naturally did not pay her any attention, while also selectively ignoring Ye Lanyu’s decision. After all, it hardly mattered if she was there. He instead proceeded to brisk walk into the new Ye family mansion. With its new design, to walk to his own courtyard, he would usually take the closest path through the main hall. 

The hall under most circumstances would be empty unless there was going to be an important meeting. Then again, if there was a meeting, its doors would be shut. No onlooker would dare barge in without permission. 

Ye Lang saw the doors wide open, with hardly anyone loitering around its entrance. He therefore went straight through to get to his room. To his surprise, there was a huge crowd inside.

Ye Chengtian and his wife, along with Ye Yi and the rest of the family were seated. When Ye Lang came walking through, all eyes shifted towards Ye Lang, their expressions determined.

Everyone in attendance seemed to be awaiting Ye Lang’s arrival. They were intended to welcome Ye Lang by the site, but due to more pressing matters, they could not just leave the way Ye Lanyu did. 

And their absence however does not translate to a lack of attention on the Vast Moon lake issue, now they were to directly confront the situation Ye Lang have created at the Vast Moon lake, and what drew the attention of the townsfolk. 

Even though they were notably absent from the tour around the site, news spread fast about the otherworldly beauty of the Vast Moon Lake and its surroundings. 

“Dad, Mom,’ve you been!”

Ye Lang saw that everyone was fittingly present in the same venue as he took the time to respectfully greet each and every one of his kin, before he proceeded to where he was headed, remarkably unburdened by the thought that these people might be awaiting his presence. 

“Wait! You little rascal, we have questions.” Long Anqi was the first to speak.

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