The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 740

Ye Lang informed the world that the route was subject to change at will, and could be shut down just as easily. This was why it was essentially impossible for anyone to enter on their own. 

With that in mind, Ye Lanyu and the rest started sympathizing with the folks yearning to enter. Even when Ye Lang’s space seemed defenseless, upon actual effort of attempting entry, it was when the townsfolk knew how useless it was to try. 

What Ye Lanyu and the rest did not know was that Ye Lang’s defense formation had merely just activated its defense system. If he were to activate instant kill mode, those who trespassed would risk far more than getting sent out. It might just be a one way trip. 

It was a defense mechanism similar to that of the Ye City, just on a comparatively more manageable scope. Regardless, the Ye City defense was usually turned off, unlike here. 

However, due to the area of Ye City, if the instant kill mode was to be activated, the catastrophic scale of the massacre would be terrifying, which was why Ye Lang made sure to inform third brother that unless absolutely necessary, he should never activate the formation. 

“Huh? This doesn’t look quite the same…” Upon arriving at where Ye Lang stood, the seventh princess instantly felt that something was off. After all, it was a rather glaring change. 

And with the seventh princess’ attentive personality, it was only a matter of time before she noticed!

Nevertheless, everyone present could tell the change in landscape, and if they didn't, it was only because they weren’t here before. 

Those present in the space at that moment, none of them were simple-minded people, or more specifically, none of them were simple-minded women!

“Right, this is different from the one we visited before, this house looks way cosier…” Ye Lanyu commented as she looked at Ye Lang’s abode, a house impeccably blended into its surroundings of greenery. 

“This looks more like a place for us, those before were clearly for show!” Ye Lang cleared the confusion. 

To the girls in attendance, Ye Lang naturally had no intention of hiding his motives, otherwise he wouldn’t have allowed them to come along!

“Why didn’t we see this before?” The seventh princess was baffled. eEen after a quick round around the surrounding area, she couldn’t see their previous location.

Here, all she saw was this one house, it almost felt like it was the only one present around the Vast Moon lake!

“Well actually, this place is the edge of the space, all I did was to tweak the surrounding factors ever so slightly, and merge the two sides into a standalone presence, which meant neither side would be visible to the other!

And in the centre I have the separation belt. Meaning they will never connect, not even on lake surface. After my procedures are done, they shall exist as individual entities.” Ye Lang took to explaining. 

“Anyway, what I’m trying to convey is that when the lands are sold, we can still stay in here without unnecessary interruption.” 

Ye Lanyu’s eyes brightened.

“That’s right! This will now be our future getaway spot for recreation and recuperation! If you girls like this you can come anytime you want, I’ll tell you how soon enough!’ Ye Lang nodded. 

“That’s great!” Ye Lanyu enthusiastically replied. 

“What are you this excited about, you’re getting married soon anyways, this is where Ye Lang and I will recuperate.” The seventh princess was not holding her punches. 

“Cut it out! I hereby declare that I’m going to be a fuss to my brother for the rest of my life! And even when the two of you get married I’d still be bugging you both!” 


“Alright enough, we got to get to work now. Big sis, Little Seven, you both can venture around this circle and try to accustom yourselves with the area. Oh, and find a place to cultivate too! Cousin Zhiqing, I’ll pass little Kaline to you, she’s gonna do sword practice with you! Fatty, Little Zero, we’re about to start. If this works we might flip the mainland upside down!”

Ye Lang did not care about anything else. After assigning responsibilities to everyone, he then began his procedures with Zhen Xiaoyan and Little Zero. 

That marked the beginning of the true grand project, a tale to astonish in the making!

So where would they start?

A question that Ye Lanyu, or Zhen Xiaoyan or even Little Zero wouldn’t know the answer to. Their roles before were just to tend with the pieces in the middle, but not the full scope of their project. 

And at the same time, one man seemed to be contemplating the answer for that question, meanwhile the confusion amongst the others grew.

They were baffled to watch Ye Lang unload piles after piles of materials by the lakeside. Before long, the little beach was oversaturated with piles of foreign ingredients, some even included the metals and raw minerals he collected before. 

Next, Ye Lang drew an alchemy formation on the ground. He allocated the ingredients by their required portions, activated the formation and began fusing the ingredients into a mix!

“Ye Lang, what are you doing?” Zhen Xiaoyan inquired. It was not something she was familiar with, the idea of mixing raw metals and minerals together. 

“The creation of alloys. See, with the help of alchemy, we can skip the tedious melting process, while significantly improving its quality,” Ye Lang briefly explained. 

With Ye Lang’s coinage, the term “alloy” was now officially introduced to this world. Ye Lang had no clue at that moment how big of an impact it would bring to the world. Construction materials, raw materials for advanced weaponry, commercial tools and on, how much they would change from this point on. 

It was not something he would know, or even care to know. What he wanted to do was to find the best combination for the alloy he yearned for. 

Just the combination process alone took him a long period of time. It was a process of continuous research. If it was not for the existing discoveries of his own, the process would take ages. 

Ultimately, Ye Lang managed to secure the most suited material, at least for now, a lightweight yet sturdy composite metal. It was a metal that could float above water. 

Next, Ye Lang started producing the composite metal in huge quantities along with the assistance of the others. With his craftsmanship at play, the composite metal with the alchemy formation at work began to mold into shape!

A change to its exterior!

The change was rather obvious to the commoneye, one that everyone could tell, a creation gradually taking its form through Ye Lang’s alchemy formation...

“This...uhh...Ye Lang, all the time you’ve spent was for this thing?”

When it materialised, the seventh princess, Ye Lanyu and the others were ever more so baffled, they just could not wrap their heads around what Ye Lang was doing. Even if they did, wouldn’t that just take way too much effort in its expense? Not to mention that this was a dead lake. So what purpose would it serve, if at all?

What even was that?

Very soon, they identified it. 

It was an odd-looking ship- despite its peculiarity, it was undeniably a ship!

What can a ship do in a place like this, and does it even need that much research?

Ye Lang, what the heck are you trying to do?!

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