The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 75

A few days later, Ye Lang was at the school's martial arts arena. He glanced at his opponent, a face that had fought countless times before. 

However, everyone knew that this is Ye Lang's first competition and his first fight!

Ye Lang had always needed someone there for him ever since he was young. Despite the fact that he could barely do anything by himself, no one wanted to fight him. There was no honour in winning a match against him, and only shame if they were to lose. No matter the results, they would have made an enemy!

Whenever other people challenged him to a match, he'd always decline. He never accepted any not because of the fear of losing, but because he felt sorry for those people...

That was why many people felt it was strange for Ye Lang to accept the challenge.

To know the answer, we have to go back to that one faithful afternoon. Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan were walking together. All of a sudden, a bunch of people suddenly appeared, blocking their way while staring straight at Ye Lang.

"The teaching block's on the right, teacher's office on the left, and the toilet's in the middle!"


It was obvious that Ye Lang was oblivious to the fact that these people were trying to pick a fight with him, continuing his walk with Zhen Xiaoyan.

"Stop right there!" shouted the group of people, chasing after Ye Lang again to block him.

"Do you guys need a guide? I really don't know what's else I've missed. Maybe you can try asking the people over there..." Ye Lang still had no idea that they were there for him.

"Ye Lang... I think they are here to start trouble with you!" said Zhen Xiaoyan.

"That can't be right. Do I know you all?" asked Ye Lang, not quite understanding the situation.

"You don't need to know them," said Zhen Xiaoyan annoyed.

"Still, there should be a reason for it. I don't think I've ever offended anyone," Ye Lang tried to recall the list of people he displeased, only to fail miserably.

"You didn't offend them, some people just hate you!" replied Zhen Xiaoyan before the group of people had the chance to.

"How could that be? My looks are fine! Let me take a look at my mirror,' said Ye Lang, gesturing for a mirror.

"..." everyone was left speechless.

"Give it to me!" exclaimed Ye Lang while snatching the mirror from Zhen Xiaoyan to take a good look at himself.

"I may not be the most handsome of the bunch, but I certainly don't have a face that demands a beating," said Ye Lang humbly, leaving out the fact that he looks much more charming than anyone else.


"Quit chatting with him and take him to the arena!" shouted someone from the bunch, getting more impatient. They figured that spending more time with Ye Lang would only make them dumber.

"Wait a minute, why do you guys want to fight me?" asked Ye Lang.

"Why? Why not ask yourself? Why do you keep the seventh princess all to yourself?!" exploded the bunch of people, exposing their hidden feelings.

"You mean little seven. I'm not even hogging her, we have an arranged marriage, that's all," explained Ye Lang, not knowing that he'd sound sarcastic.

"Ye Lang, don't be so smug. We want to fight you and have the seventh princess for ourselves!" screamed the group of people.

"Nonsense! Fatty, let’s go," ignored Ye Lang, continuing their walk.

However, they didn't give up. They kept getting in Ye Lang's way until he couldn't take it anymore.

"Are you all dense?! If you want to fight so bad, we'll meet at the arena, no limits on the weapons!"


"Ye Lang, have you chosen your weapon?" asked the person of the highest authority.

"Not quite, my weapon hasn't arrived yet," replied Ye Lang while sitting down to wait.

"Hasn't arrived? What do you need? We can lend it to you," they thought that Ye Lang was simply trying to buy time.

However, no one could prove anything. No one knew what weapon Ye Lang was going to use as he had never used one before!

"This isn't something that can be simply borrowed. Just you wait, it'll be here any second now!" smiled Ye Lang.

They could only wait, but they were worried that Ye Lang would cancel the fight. This chance doesn't come by all the time. Obviously, they didn't it to go to waste, so they waited patiently.

Not long after...

"Little brother, who’re you fighting? asked Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess who had just arrived hastily.

"Them. Hehe, my weapon is here. Brace yourselves," Ye Lang stood up and clapped his hands, announcing his weapon to the group of people.

"Them? But why?" asked the seventh princess as she looked at those people, seemingly understanding what was going on.

"Don't ask so many questions, just make sure you can beat them all! I can't believe they're bullying my little brother!" exclaimed Ye Lanyu casually, ignoring the reasons.

"Miss Ye Lanyu, this fight is between us and Ye Lang. I suggest you calm down, or Ye Lang's pride might be affected gravely," advised the bunch of people, in fear of Ye Lanyu.

During the match, no one was to interrupt anyone, no matter the reason. Even if it was important, they'd have to wait until the match was over, or they'd be looked down upon for the rest of their lives.

If it was her own reputation at stake, Ye Lanyu wouldn't have cared. However, this involved Ye Lang, which she couldn't allow!

"Ye Lang, hurry up and get your weapon from your sister so we can begin!" shouted someone.

"Weapon? Little brother, what weapon do you have? Is it here with me?" Ye Lanyu felt strange when she heard it, although she was looking forward to it.

The seventh princess was curious as well. She looked at Ye Lang anxiously, thinking about what weapon he was going to use.

"All right, listen up! My weapon is - my sister, Ye Lanyu! Sister, give them hell!" laughed Ye Lang.


At once, all the noise in the room quieted down. No one understood Ye Lang. What did he mean his weapon was Ye Lanyu?

Ye Lanyu was only one person, and she was considered a weapon?

That said, if she's a weapon, then why aren't there two people?

Even if they weren't considering them, Ye Lanyu was only one person... Wait a minute...

I think I understand...

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