The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 753

“Because the other party wants Ye Lang to go alone. He must not bring anyone else or it would be detrimental to Ye Hui and her! If this was another person, I would’ve considered the possibility that they’re just scaring us but I believe this person will follow through,” said Ye Chengtian. 

“Who is this person?” said Ye Lanyu. She could tell that this person was someone they were familiar with. 

If they weren’t familiar, how sure could he be? At the same time, this person must have a deep hatred towards the Ye family. 

The Ye family had many enemies- that was sure- but not many had the guts to ever touch them. 

“Zhao Yarou!” This answer did not come from Ye Chengtian and the rest but Ye Lang. Everyone was surprised. 

“How did you know it was her? Unless you’ve been maintaining contact with the outside world while you’re inside?” Ye Chengtian looked at him, confused. Theoretically, this should be the first time he heard of this. No one had said anything, how did he know? 

Ye Chengtian’s question also proved that the captor was Zhao Yarou. 

“Other than her, I can’t think of anyone who is powerful or crazy enough to catch Eldest Brother and Second Sister! They are both masters and located within the Academy Number One. That school compound is tightly guarded to ensure the safety of the students. Plus you all have sent undercover protection for them. Not many would have the ability to touch them, Zhao Yarou would be one of them,” said Ye Lang. 

“If you said ‘one of them’, why are you so sure it’s her?” asked Ye Chengtian. 

“She’s the only one who would do something like that. If you wanted to kidnap someone in Academy Number One, that would mean directly going up against the school itself. The students in that school come from the most powerful families of the entire mainland. The only person who would risk provoking the entire mainland would be her,” said Ye Lang. 

What he said next made everyone feel like he wasn’t that dumb after all- he knew his enemy well. 

He said, “If I’m right, Zhao Yarou must’ve directly destroyed the entire Academy Number One. The students in the school must surrender or she would lock them up, and…” Ye Lang did not continue but everyone knew what he was going to say. 

“Yes! She did exactly that! She lives up to her reputation, she’s mad!” Ye Chengtian nodded. He couldn’t help but be impressed, though he was also afraid of her after this incident. 

When he received this information, he had been shocked because he never imagined Zhao Yarou would commit such a sin, to attack Academy Number One. 

“This is something she would do sooner or later, I didn’t know she would act so quickly. I’ve already told Eldest Brother and Second Sister to come back, there’s nothing for them there! Why did they have to stay there?!” Ye Lang sighed. 

Before, he had already told Second Sister to come back to Ye City since there was no need for her to stay in Academy Number One. She could continue studying in the Ye Academy in Ye City, plus Ye Lang could also teach her. 

However, both Second Sister and Eldest Brother, Ye Hui, did not listen to his advice. 

“You can’t blame them. They have friends over there, many people are willing to risk it all to spend time with their closest friends1” said Ye Chengtian. He was a bit more sensitive to these compared to Ye Lang. 

Ye Lang had always researched on his own. He had no friends who cultivated and researched alongside himself! 

However, he still had a group of people who were willing to fight till the end with him- these people were his brothers and sisters, the people he had helped before as well as people who protected him. 

Although he had no partners in research, he was not alone. 

“How did you know that Zhao Yarou would do such a thing? What is the reason?” 

“If she wants to conquer the world, she would definitely attack Academy Number One first. The heirs of the entire mainland are there. If these people are gone, then the heirs to many kingdoms on the mainland would be gone. You can guess what’ll happen next,” said Ye Lang. 


“Academy Number One’s existence created many impressive talents but to people like Zhao Yarou, it becomes a pathway of convenience. She can kill the best heirs of the mainland easily like this,” said Ye Lang mildly. 

“We thought of this too but we never guessed that she would actually do it or we wouldn’t have let them stay,” said Ye Chengtian.
Ye Chengtian and the rest had actually talked about this possibility before. There were quite many Ye family members in that school so they naturally had discussions about the safety of the place. 

However, in the end, they all concluded that Academy Number One was very safe and Zhao Yarou would not have the ability to defeat Academy Number One. 

Although it was an academy, it was almost like a little kingdom. Plus this little kingdom consisted of the most powerful masters of the mainland, the elites of every field. Even the military of the Soaring Sky Empire might not be able to defeat them. 

If Zhao Yarou invaded Academy Number One and won, it would still be barely a victory. Whatever she got in return would not cover her losses. 

That was why everyone did not think she would do it and never gave it much thought. This news came as a shock. She actually did it! 

Not just that, she did it in a clean swoop too. Almost within a night, the entire school was demolished. Soaring Sky sustained zero losses. 

Other than Soaring Sky having a very detailed and secretive plan, the most important factor was an impressive alchemy weapon that literally uprooted the entire school.

A weapon like that was legendary, not many people had seen one before. The ones who experienced it only felt sudden dizziness and they blacked out. When they awoke, they found that they were already imprisoned. 

The ones who were able to tell this story had been released by Zhao Yarou herself. She thought they were not important-- or she had other objectives. 

For example, these were the ones who brought the news to the Ye family. Everyone except Ye Hui and Second Sister had been released. 

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