The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 754

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And because of that, the Ye family could not do anything to Zhao Yarou because she had already released everyone else with no strings attached. She did not harm them in any way. 

Right now, everyone was most worried about Zhao Yarou’s secret weapon. A few people talked about how they could not prevent the attack from this weapon. These were Di Earthly Level masters. If they had been defeated, then ordinary people would fare worse. 

They even said that the headmaster and the rest of the Tian Level masters had also been knocked out by this weapon. 

That was the scariest part! 

That was also why none of the families had retaliated. Zhao Yarou still had hostages, plus there was the terrifying power of her weapon. 

“Ye Lang, do you know what weapon that is?” asked Ye Yi. The best person to ask was Ye Lang. If he didn’t know, then no one knew. 

“I think it should be a kind of alchemy weapon that uses sound waves. The Tiangongyue tribe invented a type of alchemy cannon that weaponised sound waves. However, I believed they used a more portable version of it, like a bomb. That cannon should not have been powerful enough to destroy the entire school!” said Ye Lang. These were only guesses, he wasn’t sure. 

However, his guess was not far from the truth. 

“Sound waves?” No one understood. The weaponisation of sound waves was a rare thing on the mainland. Other than some alchemists, other people completely hadn’t heard of it. 

“If that is the case, then we have to admit that Zhao Yarou’s subordinates are very impressive to create such a weapon in such a short time span.” Ye Lang frowned. “Looks like I seriously underestimated Zhao Yarou…” 

“Why is she still so hung up on you? She’s very peculiar.” Long Anqi furrowed her brows. She did not understand why Zhao Yarou kept targeting Ye Lang. 

“She is very peculiar, a regular person would not be able to understand it,” said Ye Lang with a grin. He seemed to be hiding something from everyone. 

But no one noticed because they were thinking about how Ye Lang could defeat Zhao Yarou. 

“Yeah, she’s not a normal person at all. But doesn’t that mean she’s more dangerous? She wants you go alone… What if she hurts you?” Long Anqi said worriedly. 

She was in a very difficult situation. While Long Anqi was worried about Ye Lang getting hurt if he went, she was equally worried about Ye Hui and Second Sister getting hurt if he didn’t. 

If her two children weren’t with Zhao Yarou, she would never let Ye Lang go. 

“I’ll be fine, I don’t think she’ll kill me. At most, she’ll lock me up for the rest of my life. I’ll have opportunities to escape!” shrugged Ye Lang. 

“How are you so sure that she won’t kill you?” Long Anqi frowned. You said she was peculiar, then how would you know if she wouldn’t kill you?

“Just a feeling!” shrugged Ye Lang. 

“...” No one could accept this as an answer. 

Long Anqi was stunned. “Just from a feeling? And what if you’re wrong?” 

Ye Lang waved her off with a chuckle. “Don’t worry, my gut is never wrong! Don’t you all call me the son of Lady Luck? The old lady won’t make me die.” 


Usually, Long Anqi would scold him for jinxing it with a laugh but this time, she was not in the mood to laugh. 

“Also, if I don’t go, Eldest Brother and Second Sister will definitely be harmed. And if I do, they’ll be alright. As for myself, we’ll have to see. In the end, we still make a profit -- one in exchange for two,” said Ye Lang. 


Everyone understood the situation, they just did not want to say it out loud. They had been forced into the corner. There must be a sacrifice. If it wasn’t Ye Lang, it would be Ye Hui and Second Sister. 

And if Ye Lang went, there could be a chance. If he didn’t, they wouldn’t stand a chance. That was why they wanted to listen to his opinion. 

Now, it was obvious that he was definitely going to go. He was willing to sacrifice himself for both of them. And from his demeanour, he seemed quite confident. It shouldn’t be a problem. 

The only thing they could do now was to trust him. Trust that he could perform a miracle, trust that Lady Luck would still smile over Ye Lang. 

But everyone still wondered why he seemed so confident…

“Why are you so sure Zhao Yarou would let your siblings go once you arrive?” asked Long Anqi, looking at him in confusion. 

“Because I believe she wouldn’t make empty promises,” said Ye lang. 

“Why would you believe that? She’s mad! Have you forgotten that she killed her father and his whole family?” said Long Anqi immediately, not understanding his explanation. 

Ye Lang looked out into the sky, then at the empty horizon. After a pause, he said mildly, “She’s mad, she’s psychotic but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t keep her words! Based on her past actions, she hasn’t broken any.” 

“I hope so then!” Long Anqi and the rest did not refute because it was true that she had not broken any promises in the past. 

“Alright, tell me. Where does she want me to go? Any time limit?” Ye Lang did not care what they thought, he just needed the details. 

“The archaeological ruins. She says you’ll know where it is. Not sure why she chose that place,” said Ye Chengtian. 

“It’s all the same. Or perhaps she needs help with the relics in the ruins,” shrugged Ye Lang. 

“I think so too. She wants your alchemy knowledge! Once she gets you, she’ll be able to defeat all her enemies! You must cheat your way out wherever you can, don’t actually do what she says!” Ye Chengtian advised solemnly, putting his hand on Ye Lang’s shoulder. 

Everyone knew that if Ye Lang went to help Zhao Yarou with her alchemy technologies, the entire world would be in her hands. 

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