The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 755

Zhao Yarou had a group of powerful subordinates, everyone knew this from the way she defeated Academy Number One. Everyone also understood that defeating Academy Number One was the equivalent of defeating a powerful country. 

If she could do it so effortlessly, that meant she could decimate other kingdoms too. While it looked like she wasn’t doing anything now, there were no guarantees she wouldn’t do it in the future. 

During this period, everyone speculated that she was preparing for future actions- or that her weapon was only sing-use. 

“I know… Actually, you shouldn’t worry. If Zhao Yarou really invades other countries, just observe the situation carefully. If the scales tip over to Zhao Yarou, you should go negotiate with her. As long as you maintain our neutrality as a trading city, you can be absorbed into her territory safely.” Ye Lang knew what Ye Chengtian and the rest were worried about but he couldn’t guarantee what he might do next. 

Ye Lang would not let the art of alchemy die off because of external factors. He was just an alchemist, he did not care about politics. 

The technology of alchemy could be passed down forever but businesses and kingdoms could not. Even if you ruled the world, one day, you would fade into history too. 

And that was why Ye Lang did not care if she could rule the world, nor did he care who became emperor. As long as this person wasn’t stupid or a bully, he did not care. 

He had already evaluated Zhao Yarou as a ruler a long time ago. She wasn’t a bad empress at all. If she ruled the world, it might not be a bad thing. 

Although it would be a disaster for some people, to the entire mainland, it could be a good thing. That was why Ye Lang would not stop her. 

Unless Zhao Yarou harmed his family and friends. Then that would be different. 

“That’s easy for you to say, but it’s not that simple. Not everyone is like you, being so nonchalant about politics,” said Ye Chengtian as he shook his head. At the same time, he admired Ye Lang’s open-mindedness. 

If you all really cannot let this go, then you need to activate the defensive mechanisms. I believe Zhao Yarou won’t waste her time here. As long as you remain neutral,” said Ye Lang casually. He had already made many necessary arrangements for all types of situations. 

“Defensive mechanism?” Ye Chengtian and the rest were confused. They did not know about this. 

“Just leave this to me!” said Third Brother. 

When Ye Chengtian was about to ask more questions, Ye Lang spoke, “You still haven’t told me if there’s a deadline?” 

“Deadline? I think they said you need to arrive within half a month,” said Ye Chengtian. 

“Half a month? Half a month since the day YOU received news, or since the day I receive news?” asked Ye Lang. 


Ye Chengtian and the rest paused. They hadn’t thought of this. They all naturally assumed that it was half a month from the day Ye Lang received the message. 

It wasn’t entirely their fault. The journey from Soaring Sky to Ye City took more than ten days. A round-trip plus several hindrances along the way would make at least twenty. It would be impossible for him to arrive within half a month of her sending the message. 

It had already been eleven days, which meant he had around three days. How could he make it to the ancient ruins in the Imperial City of Soaring Sky within three days? 

“Where’s the person who passed the message?” When Ye Lang saw that everyone had fallen silent, he knew there wasn’t a solid interpretation of the deadline given. 

“Here! It’s me!” A girl about Ye Lang’s age rushed forward. She was one of his cousins and he was familiar with her. 

“Cousin, tell me exactly what Zhao Yarou said,” said Ye Lang. 

“She said: Tell that idiot to get himself here. I don’t care if he flies, he must land here in half a month. If not, he’ll see,” imitated the cousin in her tone. 

“Ugh! This psychotic woman! She’s obviously playing me! You want me to fly? Fine, I’ll fly!” scoffed Ye Lang, annoyed. 

Everyone now understood that Zhao Yarou had really given him an extremely short time frame to rush over. 

“You still can’t arrive in such a short time span, even if you fly! She’s playing you, there’s no sincerity in this at all! You shouldn’t go, I don’t know what she’ll do to you,” said the seventh princess wistfully. She was worried for Ye Lang but also embarrassed about the situation with Zhao Yarou. 

Zhao Yarou was still her younger sister after all. No matter what, she still felt very bad for what her sister had done to the Ye family and Ye Lang. 

Ye lang shook his head. “It’ll be alright. Your little sister is so weird, she didn’t actually state what will happen if I didn’t arrive in half a month. This means she knows I’ll be late. It doesn’t matter if I don’t arrive by the deadline, just that she’ll use this against us during negotiations and might even do something to Eldest Brother and Second Sister.” 


Everyone mulled over his words. They now understood what Zhao Yarou meant but there was one more thing. 

“Ye Lang, why does it seem like you know her so well?” asked the seventh princess, confused. Everyone was staring intently, wanting to know the answer. 

“Of course I must know her well. If I don’t, she would’ve captured me a long time ago! You don’t have to know your friends well but you must know everything about your enemy. You must know them better than you know yourself,” said Ye Lang directly. 


He made sense. Not knowing your enemy well could result in disastrous consequences. 

“Alright, since she wants me to be late, I’ll be early on purpose. I shall fulfil her request and fly over there. Three days, it’s enough!” said Ye Lang. Then, he left hurriedly. 

“Have you gone mad? Three days! How could you make it in time?! Also, you should be going in that direction, why are you going back?” yelled Ye Lanyu. 

Ye Lang was rushing towards the Vast Moon Lake. Was he leaving immediately? If he was, he should rush towards Ye City to get himself a vehicle. 

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