The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 756

“Of course I’m going back, I’ve got to fly over… Right everyone, follow me. I might not be back for a long time so I need to make the necessary arrangements. Also, I’m sure you all need to talk to me. Let’s go together,” said Ye Lang. 

Indeed, there was much to talk about. They walked as they spoke, and at the same Ye Lang gave out many instructions. 

For example, he instructed Little Zero to continue building the boat, put Seventh Brother in charge of Vast Moon Lake, talked to Long Anqi about the little princess…

Ye Lang went through everyone methodically. The conversations about the little princess and Seventh Brother were short but the most inconvenient one was about the boat. 

Well actually, it was just relatively inconvenient. He just gave Little Zero the final instructions and blueprints. Little Zero was completely alright. 

Once the boat was done, the person in charge of it would be the seventh princess…

“Why is Little Seven in charge? Why can’t I be in charge of the boat?” Ye Lanyu had much to say about it. 

“Why else? Little Seven is my wife, it is important I leave something for her. You’ll have to marry someone in the future, your husband will care for you,” huffed Ye Lang. 

“You…” Ye Lanyu was so furious she couldn’t speak but she could not refute. 

“Little Seven, I’ve written all the functions of this boat in here. Remember, do not let anyone read this, including the people here,” said Ye Lang quite clearly, ignoring the feelings of everyone there. 

“Hey kid, what’s in there that I can’t know about?” Even Long Anqi was offended. 

“There are certain things I absolutely do not want anyone to know about. Little SEven is just sharing my burden, it’s not a lucky matter. Don’t be jealous. She’s my wife, I’ve got to let her be in charge in case anything happens,” said Ye Lang. 

However, everyone felt as if he sounded like he was going to die on this trip. As if he wasn’t coming back again. 

As if he was splitting his assets! 

“Ye Lang, are you not telling me something?” asked the seventh princess worriedly. She sensed something different from Ye Lang. 

“Yes! But not too many things though. Just let me have my little secret!” Ye Lang smiled. “Also, since everyone’s here… When the time comes, you all can come here and enter the boat I’ve been talking about. That’s if the day comes…”


Enter the boat? What did he mean? 

“Brother, are you joking? I’m already very confused that you’re building this boat. This lake doesn’t connect anywhere. How would it leave? And you want us to go inside?” said Ye Lanyu. 

That boat seemed very odd to Ye Lanyu as she stared at it. 

“Sis, my boat can fly!” said Ye Lang solemnly. 

“...” Everyone fell silent. 

“Shut up!” She kicked him, scarcely believing him. 

“AAAH!” Ye Lang dodged her kick. “Sis, I’m serious! My boat can really fly!” 

“Why don’t you just say that YOU can fly?” said Ye Lanyu. 

“Given the right conditions, I can!” said Ye Lang. 


Ye Lanyu really thought he was kidding. Although the boat parked on the lake looked weird, they did not see any structures to help it fly. 

Plus they had never heard of a flying boat. 

“You’ll believe me later!” waved Ye Lang as he brought them to the area where his house was. 

Everyone was mesmerised by the scenery when they entered. At this moment, they started to envy the bunch because they got to stay here. 

“Wait, this wasn’t where we toured before this. Thirteen, what the heck are you doing again?” Seventh Brother realised something after being stunned for a while. 

He was sure Ye Lang did not bring him here during their last visit. Only very observant people would notice. Others might not sense anything wrong. 

Everyone now knew that the previous place from the stories was not this, upon hearing Seventh Brother. They wondered how both places compared.

They would get their answers soon. 

“This is our private living space, the other one’s just for show, meant for outsiders,” said Ye Lang. 

“I see, so that’s why this place is so much better than the previous. That place doesn’t count for much after seeing this one,” sighed Seventh Brother as he looked around. 

“Dad, you must really want to know why Sis and the rest could break through to the Tian Level. I used special methods to activate their potentials! If you want, you could do it too but I cannot guarantee the outcome. The final breakthrough still depends on your own ability. However, if you stay here for a period, I believe you can do it,” said Ye Lang to Ye Chengtian, changing the topic. 

Ye Lang seemed to want to make the entire Ye family stronger. It was true for Ye Lanyu and the two other girls. He wanted to create more masters in the future but he still had to be careful. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to, they couldn’t afford to create so many. 

This powerful process naturally required a huge amount of resources. The three girls had already used up a majority of his materials. If this continued, they could not create many more masters. 

At least Ye Lang had another method-- they could slowly activate their potentials by staying in this place. Ye Lang had placed a very powerful soul-accumulating formation. The effects here were far more powerful than Ye City. 

Perhaps that was also why the little princess could improve so quickly! 

“Are you sure?” Ye Chengtian stared at Ye Lang emotionally. He had dreamed of breaking through to the Tian Level for years, he had been stuck at the edge for too long. 

“My sister is proof! If you have any questions, you can ask her… Don’t be too embarrassed about it, she’s stronger than you now so it’s not embarrassing at all if you have to ask her… It’s always good to consult someone better than you…” said Ye Lang very solemnly, though the corners of his lips were curved upwards. He really wanted to laugh. 

Ye Lang didn’t think a daughter teaching her father was a problem- however, Ye Chengtian was a different case because of his alpha-male personality. This was going to be hilarious.