The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 757

“Yeah, Dad, if you have any questions you come to me!” Ye Lanyu wrapped her arm around her father’s shoulder while she clarified. Her actions paired with her words made it far more amusing for everyone watching. 

“Go go, stop bothering me. You little brats, don’t think you’ve gotten ahead of me!” Ye Chengtian appeared slightly infuriated. Yet despite how he acted he was not actually upset, he was instead rather proud. 

Even if that compromised his pride a little as a father to his children, seemingly giving in to their needs. Regardless, from a different perspective it was pride, the greatest pride there was as a father, to have his children exceed his achievements. 

For your children to be greater than yourself, and everyone else!

Long Anqi at that moment rushed over in an attempt to halt their plans. “Stop it you two! If he needs answers he should talk to Zhiqing, she’s a pure, genuine martial artist. You’re a magician!”

“Honey, are you even helping me here?” Ye Chengtian glanced over at his wife, baffled.

“Yes I am, what else do you think I’m doing? You’re a martial artist, aren’t you?”

“Fine, I’ll keep my mouth shut!”

“Haha...” Ye Yi bursted into laughter. He seemed rather satisfied to see his successors forging their place among Tian level practitioners. 

“You can all stay here, the place is pretty good. Grandpa, this place suits old folks like you perfectly!” Ye Lang chuckled. He wanted them all to all stay here, for it was safe in there. It was where he carefully set up a multitude of defense mechanisms throughout its radius. 

“Alright, we will stay in here! After all, there isn’t much for me to do back at Ye Residence anyway, I can live out my life right here!” Ye Yi was rather pleased with his offer. 

When he said he was devoid of much Ye family matters, it was because he handed it all over to Ye Chengtian to handle. 

“I’ll stay here too, is there enough room for us in here?” Long Anqi requested. 

“Hey hey, Anqi. If you stay in here, what about me?” Ye Chengtian pouted. He disdained the idea of separation from his wife, however marginal the distance was. 

“Well of course you can stay in here with me. I wouldn’t risk letting you stay in Ye City on your own. Well wouldn’t you like that!” 

“But, I have matters at hand awaiting my presence in the city,” Ye Chengtian replied.

“There are many rooms here in the houses. If there’s business you can work on them here. I have communication devices paired with Ye City,” Ye Lang explained. 

“Communication devices?”

“In here, you can be in a conversation with the outside world, or even fax a pictured paper.” Ye Lang laid out his mastercrafted inventions. 

Knowing that the parties listening probably were not familiar with the concept of a fax, he quickly took to explain.

Everyone was left dumbfounded from his description. It all sounded like magic and witchcraft to the common folk!

“When did you build that? Why have you never mentioned it?” 

Ye Lang began a round of clarifications after his antics were once again questioned. 

If Long Anqi knew of an invention of the sort, she would never miss a chance to call in everyday!

“I forgot to tell you about it. Also, I don’t need unnecessary interruptions,” Ye Lang solemnly explained. He knew full well of his mother’s personality. 

“What, are you getting tired of me?” 

“Less about that but more on...” Ye Lang earnestly replied.

Whack! Long Anqismacked Ye Lang on the back!

Usually, with such an impact he would be whining by now. But right now, Ye Lang seemed to have enjoyed the process of being punished. 

Long Anqi from thereon would recall this very day, where Ye Lang was acting far different than usual, yet she was too blunt to realise then. 

“Alright, enough talk before I forget what I was about to do. You guys watch after one another alright, I’m leaving. Bye.” Ye Lang chuckled as his sharing session came to an abrupt end. 

“Where are you going?”

The crowd was left with immense curiosity of where the exit was in a place like that. 

What came next left everyone stupefied!

Ye Lang strode towards the little boat in the middle of the lake!

How do you get out from there?

“Brother, what are you doing? Are you getting on the ship?” Ye Lanyu gave chase as she questioned. 

“No, that one can’t fly just yet. I don’t have time for that!” Ye Lang denied. He had no intention of steering the boat. If he did, he wouldn’t have taken the time to brief the seventh princess on its specifications anyway. 

“You’re using the little one?”

“Spot on! Truth is, this boat isn’t just to send us over to the mothership, this is also an experiment of the engine system. What I’m implying is, this boat can also fly!” Ye Lang added with a bright smile. 

“Still playing aren’t you?! To hell with that!” Ye Lanyu vented.

“Actions speak louder than words anyway. Activate.” Ye Lang held his hands out for a single clap, and in a flash, elements of magic spiralled from within his palms! 

He then promptly pressed both hands on his little boat.

Everyone watched in scepticism as the magic spiral began rotating around it before it gradually expanded to encompass the entire boat! At that point, its effects were clearly visible to all in attendance!

The structure of the boat resembled more of the modern yacht, yet larger in width, comfortably fitting a few people at a time with ease.

At that moment, inexplicable occurrences began to happen to the little boat. The swirling circle of blinding light began streaming towards the air directly above, slowly forming an irregular oval shape, resembling a hot air balloon over its basket.

Just that the “hot air balloon” was invisible to the common eye once it had taken shape. If it were not for the preceding process, no one would know it was there.

Since activation, it seemingly vanished from sight!

That moment, nobody bothered to research if there was indeed something above the boat, for they would be stunned on their spots to witness what came after!

“And lift off!”

Ye Lang shouted as the little boat under his feet began propelling into the air, off the water surface and towards the sky!


Ye Lanyu was in awe with her jaw wide open. She would never have expected that it would ‘fly’ in the sense of the word!

If this could fly, doesn’t that imply that everything he said before was true, that the mothership could actually fly?!

If that could fly I want to be on board too. I wanna fly!

Ye Lanyu unsurprisingly was not the only one with such intentions. The seventh princess and Ye Zhiqing were eyeing a spot on the boat to fly ten thousand feet above the ground. After all, who wouldn’t crave for complete freedom up in the air!

Naturally they only gave it a moment of thought, for in the next they would be screaming and taunting!

“You little jerk, how dare you just leave like that?!”

“Ye Lang, get down! We’re not done talking!”


Even though they were all fully aware that Ye Lang was about to leave, his abrupt departure still left everyone in a daze.