The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 758

“What? Well, I’ve said what I wanted to say. Take care! Little Seven, if I don’t come back, find another person to marry!” replied Ye Lang mid-air. 

“Shut up! You’re abandoning me again! Let me tell you this- I need you to protect me for the rest of my life, don’t even think of abandoning me!” screamed the seventh princess. 

“Hehe, then just wait! I definitely won’t die!” replied Ye Lang with a grin. What he didn’t know was that this was the exact sentence that became the pillar of confidence for the seventh princess and everyone else. No matter what happened, they all still believed that Ye Lang was alive. 

“If you dare die on me, I’ll drag you back here even if I need to go to hell to do it!” yelled the seventh princess. 

“Farewell…” said Ye Lang at last, his flying ship flying quickly in the direction of the Soaring Sky Empire. Just like that, he left. No one knew that this farewell was going to last for a long, long time. Ye Lang seemed to have some expectations of the outcome, hence why he had to give so many instructions before he left. 

Would Zhao Yarou really not kill Ye Lang? 

To be honest, Ye lang did not know. She was crazy, capable of doing literally anything. The past could not be an indicator of what she would do in the future. 

Ye Lang did not tell anyone this because he did not want them to worry. 

If he told them Zhao Yarou could likely harm him, would they let him go this easily? Of course not. 

However, if he didn’t leave, what would happen to Ye Hui and Second Sister? 

That was why he must go. He kept the farewell short so no one would be too sad. 

Ye Lang believed the people beneath would quickly figure everything out. They were no stupid people, all extremely intelligent. They probably realised it by now. 

“Zhao Yarou… What the heck do you want from me…” 

“Oh no! The kid tricked us! He kept talking as we walked, we weren’t thinking! What does Zhao Yarou even want him for?” someone shouted soon after he left. 

This was Third Brother. Everyone looked at him. Even the ones who weren't sure who spoke. 

He said solemnly, “If my guesses are right, Thirteen will not return after today!” 

“What?! What are you talking about, don’t you ever say that!” Ye Lanyu glared at him, not wanting to even think of it. 

“Three, what do you mean by this?” asked Ye Yi. 

“Think about it. Why did Zhao Yarou spend so much effort to defeat Academy Number One? It won’t benefit her that much. She seemed to have done all this just to catch the two siblings. Her final goal has always been Thirteen!” said Third Brother slowly. “She spent so much effort on this, it’s impossible that she would only keep him there for a short time!” 


Everyone was silent. They had thought of this but Ye Lang had convinced them to look on the optimistic side so they didn’t have time to overthink. 

“Tell me why the heck she’s doing this! My brother has never gotten in her way, why does she need to spend so much effort to catch him?” asked Ye Lanyu. She hoped Third Brother could say something to bring her comfort. 

“Thirteen doesn’t get in her way but he is a real threat to her! If she wanted to use the technology from the ancient ruins to conquer the entire mainland, then the first person to kill would be Thirteen because he is the most likely to defeat the alchemy weapons she spent so much resources on,” said Third Brother. 

Third Brother was the best at military matters. If he were in Zhao Yarou’s position and wanted to conquer the world, then he would first remove Ye Lang, who was an indirect obstacle. 

Ye Lang wasn’t exactly an obstacle because he wouldn’t really stop her but his existence would definitely help other people resist her efforts. This would ruin her plans. 

“Also, even if Thirteen did not destroy her weapons, he could invent his own things that were equally powerful. For every day she lets him live, he would pose a little more threat to her,” said Third Brother. 

“These reasons are already enough to make that madwoman Zhao Yarou lock Thirteen up and stop him from leaving her place. If necessary, she will kill him.” 

Everyone fell silent, feeling absolutely awful. 

“Thirteen probably knows this, that’s why he spoke to us as if he was preparing for death. He had to give us instructions and make sure we will do well after he’s gone! If he didn’t think he was going to die, he would’ve just continued his projects when he returned…” 


At this moment, no one in the Ye family spoke. Worry filled the eyes of the few girls. At the same time, there was determination in them. 

If that Zhao Yarou dares touch Ye Lang, I will chop her body into a million pieces myself! 

This was what they swore. If anything happened to Ye Lang, they would never forgive her. Even if she became empress of the entire mainland, they would kill her. 

To be the enemy of these three girls was a terrible thing. They were three Tian Heavenly Level masters. One was an alchemy expert, one was a powerful magician while the third was a rapid-progressing swordswoman. Even if Zhao Yarou conquered the world, she wouldn’t be able to sleep soundly at night. 

She must know the consequences of killing Ye Lang. However, no one could be sure she wouldn’t. Zhao Yarou was capable of doing anything. 

The Ye family couldn’t take direct action now. Going over would result in Zhao Yarou blocking them outside too. This would even give her an excuse to hurt Ye Lang and his two siblings. Right now, they could only send people in secret to listen for information. 

Over the next few days, the hidden powers of the Ye family and the antennae of the Coldblood Group were all focused on the mountainous region within Soaring Sky, just beyond the Imperial Capital. 

However, their people did not arrive as quickly as Ye Lang did. Not many knew of this but by the time these people arrived, whatever that happened would’ve happened already. All they received in return was silence. 

Bringing the story back to the current -- when Ye Lang was in the sky, he never stopped. Even while he slept, the little flying boat continued zooming on without fail. 

There were no obstacles in the sky, so naturally, he slept peacefully while he flew in his boat.