The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 759

Ye Lang wasn’t afraid that his little flying boat would run out of fuel. This little flying boat might be in the air but it used up very little energy. His fuel would last a long time. 

His flying boat was a kind of airship, with something similar to a balloon above it. This was why it could float in the air. 

However, this was just a metaphor because this balloon did not exist. 

Ye Lang used alchemy to create a vacuum space above the little boat, then connected the boat to this space so it would float. 

Basically, Ye Lang made a balloon you couldn’t see nor touch that would float in the air along with the boat. With a little more energy input, the entire boat would be lifted into the sky. Increasing the energy input would cause the balloon to float while decreasing would cause it to sink. 

He had other methods of controlling the direction of travel, this was simple enough. It was a lot simpler than making the ‘balloon’ too. It did not take him much time to complete the boat. 

The ship that Ye Lang constructed also used a similar method. However, that balloon was much larger and the ship required two of them, one on each side. Of course, they were invisible and it looked like the ship was floating in the air. 

While on the boat, Ye Lang did not think about how Zhao Yarou would treat him. He mostly thought about the boat’s flying systems. 

It was a very good practical experiment for this boat after all, he would not miss this chance! 

He had tossed Zhao Yarou to the back of his mind already! 

Whatever that would happen, would happen. He couldn’t stop it… 

The area outside the Tiangongyue tribe looked like every ordinary valley. There wasn’t anything special about it. 

It had a thick blanket of lush green vegetation and beautiful scenery. Although it was an ordinary valley, it was tranquil and gorgeous. 

However, there had been very unnatural activities here recently-- signs of human activity. There were watchtowers and fortress-like structures to protect one of the caves. 

This cave entrance to the ancient ruins was one of the most important places in the Soaring Sky Empire. Naturally, large numbers of soldiers were sent to protect it, all stationed in layers outside. 

Zhao Yarou had already converted this mountainous region to a forbidden area. Hunt events weren’t going to happen again. 

At this moment, at the entrance of the cave, there was a tiny, cute girl staring off into the night sky. 

There were many guards around this girl. These guards looked like they were part of the royal kingsguard, the best of the best. 

They were protecting the girl. Now, it should be obvious who this girl is because only one person in this entire mainland would have a protection system like that… 

“Zhao Yarou, you perverted woman! Let me go!” screamed a girl, who was nearby her, weakly. 

We don’t know who this fatigued girl is yet but we do know what the tiny girl was Zhao Yarou.

There was another fatigued young man next to this girl. Two other arrogant girls stood watching. One was icy cold while the other smirked. 

The ice-cold quiet girl stared in the sky like Zhao Yarou. Her hand on the hilt of her sword told everyone that she was not one to be provoked. 

The smirking girl didn’t seem to like the two weakened people. This was an opportunity to teach them a lesson! 

“You imbecile! How dare you disrespect Her Majesty! Time to teach you some respect,” said the smirking girl. She took out a device and pressed on it. 


Pain was apparent in both their faces as the bracelet around their wrists shone like a terrible torture device. 

Yep, torture devices. One an alchemy formation was activated, these rings would trigger one’s nerves so you would feel the worst kind of pain in the world. 

A bracelet like this one was more effective than shackles and handcuffs because no one would dare run with these on if they had tasted what it could do. 

That was also the main reason why the boy and the girls were so weak now. The device had been used on them. 

However, they must be very mentally strong individuals too. They did not make a sound even under tremendous pain. This was an admirable thing. 

“Enough! Stop that, this is enough!” At this moment, the quiet girl looked at the smirking girl, stopping her. 

“What? You can’t bear to hurt them? Is it because you still like him? You think he’ll be sad if we hurt his siblings?” The other girl smirked even more. 

“Yes! We have captured them but we still cannot torture them. If he sees this, he will never forgive us…” said the quiet girl, though she seemed to have admitted to something no one would. 

“Forgive us? Hahaha, more like it’s up to me whether I want to forgive him or not! You have already fallen for him, you should not be here,” huffed the smirking girl. She questioned the loyalty of the quiet girl in front. 

At this moment, Zhao Yarou spoke. “Alright, Li Yue is right. That’s enough! I don’t like torturing prisoners. Might as well just kill them…”

“...” After hearing Zhao Yarou, the smirking girl stopped. She knew of Zhao Yarou’s temper. Going against her wishes would probably result in having to put on the bracelet herself. 

And indeed, the quiet girl was Li Yue. Right now, she was Zhao Yarou’s personal bodyguard, following her wherever she went. 

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