The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 76

“Fuck! Ye Lang, how shameless can you be? Using your own sister as a weapon? How are you even going to use her?” a crowd objected to Ye Lang’s unethical measures.

“My sister is the greatest weapon for me! What would I use if not her?” replied Ye Lang with a smile. 

“Who said a weapon has to be a non-living thing? Sis, they’re trying to bully me, give them hell!” commanded Ye Lang.

“All right, just you wait. You’re all done for!” Ye Lanyu clenched her firsts, happy that she had a reason to attack them.

“Hey hey, you can’t do that... Shit! Run!” The bullies ran the moment they saw Ye Lanyu. Nothing they said would’ve made her stop.

The situation escalated quickly, and right now, the only thing Ye Lanyu wanted to do was beat them up.

These two siblings should never be dealt with logic…

When those people were turned to ice sculptures, everyone in the arena took what happened as a warning, to never mess with the siblings.

Now everyone understood. When Ye Lang agreed to the match, he never intended to deal with them himself. He had planned for his sister to deal with them right from the start.

Only Ye Lang could’ve thought of something this insane. 

“Sis, let’s go home!”

Ye Lang stood up and left the room with his head held high, ignoring the stares. This had always been Ye Lang’s style. No matter what happened, his reaction would always stay the same, as if nothing unusual had happened.

“None of you are to help them, otherwise… hehehe!” said Ye Lanyu before leaving the room, threatening the people who wanted to help.


One should never offend either of the siblings, for one of them is an idiot while the other is a psycho, definitely the most dangerous team in the world!

“Wait for me, I…” the seventh princess shook her head and chased after them. Before she could finish her sentence, something unexpected happened.

“Ye Lang, princess, the emperor invites you to the palace!” a familiar royal guard appeared, blocking their way.

Ye Lang reacted without thinking, “I’m busy today… hey! Why are you hitting me?”

“Stupid, if our father wishes to see us, we should go even if we are busy!” nagged the seventh princess angrily to his ear.

“You must go even if you don’t want to. He isn’t just our father, he is also the emperor. Understand? Come, let’s go together,” the seventh princess softly told him, pulling Ye Lang away.

“Oh alright, fine!” Ye Lang finally subdued and followed the seventh princess.

While Ye Lanyu may be psychotic at times, she was still a great person. Even if the seventh princess didn’t say anything, she still would’ve made Ye Lang go.

Of course, no matter what, she’d stay by Ye Lang’s side. Even if the emperor didn’t let her tag along, she’d still have followed him!

What she didn’t understand, however, was what kind of situation required Ye Lang and the seventh princess to return to the palace together. Back then, only Ye Lang was needed, with the Ye Family accompanying him. This was the first time both Ye Lang and the seventh princess was summoned together.

This was why the entire situation was slightly weird. However, the three people didn’t notice anything off at the time. The palace was like a second home to them, seeing the emperor was the same as seeing a family member.

When Ye Lang and the two girls arrived, they were immediately brought to the grand palace. By then, they felt something was wrong.

Almost every prince and princess in the kingdom were at the grand palace, a few kings and ministers even. If someone were to destroy this place, the whole kingdom was sure to fall apart.

When they entered, all eyes were on them, some with admiration, some with looks of disgust. 

Ye Lang ignored all of that and asked the emperor as he normally would -

“Your Majesty, is there a reason for summoning us?”

His Majesty was extremely annoyed seeing Ye Lang react this way. 

“You’re a brat, aren’t you? I sometimes want to punish the kid for being so rude… I’m just kidding-- you two little girls shouldn’t be glaring at your emperor like that!” At that moment, both Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess were staring down at the emperor.

“Alright, we’ll get down to business. Ye Lang, the reason I summoned you here today is that I want you to come up with a question for them!” by the end of that sentence, the emperor was evidently angry.

“Excuse me, what?” Ye Lang didn’t understand what the emperor was talking about. What kind of question did he want?

“You should still remember helping your seventh brother’s situation. I think you remember that clearly,” when the emperor looked at Ye Lang’s emotion, he knew that Ye Lang didn’t understand a thing he said.

“Yes, what about it?” nodded Ye Lang.

“Then you should also remember, you even helped your wife solve her question,” continued the emperor.

“Yes, is that wrong?” replied Ye Lang confused.

“There’s nothing wrong with that. There should be nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is that you have been solving everyone’s tough problems!” replied the emperor with impatience.

First, there was Ye Lang’s future brother-in-law’s problem, then there was the seventh princess. Every time someone in the kingdom had a problem, they all looked to Ye Lang for a solution, and Ye Lang had solved every one of them!

All those who looked to Ye Lang for a solution weren’t serious. They only hoped that Ye Lang could solve their problems. They didn’t expect Ye Lang to solve every one of their problems.

Ye Lang’s way of solving problems was unique and unthought of by anyone else, leading to people wondering how he solves all these problems!

Everyone knew of Ye Lang’s alchemy performance. In their eyes, Ye Lang was a genius.

“Isn’t this much better?” asked Ye Lang, still puzzled.

“Smack!” the emperor smacked Ye Lang.

“What do you mean better? My questions were practically as useless as trash because of you! And now I can’t make the decisions I need to make! ” yelled the emperor.

“I see. If that is so, then you can think of new questions! This time, I won’t help in anything!” said Ye Lang, embarrassed.

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