The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 760

It was true that Zhao Yarou did not function on regular logic. One would not keep Li Yue as a bodyguard if they knew they were going to hurt Ye Lang. Or at least not on the day they were going to deal with him. 

However, Zhao Yarou could care less. She still brought Li Yue around close to her. 

“Just kill us! Or I’ll never let you get away!” threatened the weak young man fiercely, glaring at her. 

Any outsider would definitely think that he was an idiot. Why are you trying to act like a brave hero now? Daring Zhao Yarou like that would just end up with disaster, and you’re at her mercy! 

However, Zhao Yarou smiled. “You’re his Eldest Brother and Second Sister, how could I bear to kill you? If I killed you, he’ll hate me to death. Plus I’ve done so much just to get him here. If I kill you now, all my work would be for nothing, no?” 

“You madwoman, what do you want my brother for? What are you going to do to him?” asked the weak girl. 

You must already know who these two people are- Ye Lang’s eldest brother, Ye Hui and his second sister, Ye Lanyun. 

“For what? Too much. We have many matters to settle between us. The list would go on forever if I start now! But my most important goal is for him to be by my side forever,” said Zhao Yarou with a gentle smile. 

“What do you want him by your side for? Do you like him? You want to marry him? Let me tell you this, my family would never agree to it! They will never want a psycho like you as his wife,” said Ye Lanyun coldly, mocking her. 

Everyone knew that a relationship between Ye Lang and Zhao Yarou would be impossible. This would never happen. However, Zhao Yarou had never been in a relationship with another person either. That was why Ye Lanyun used this to mock her. 

“That’s not a bad idea at all. So, I will marry him and he shall stay by my side forever. As for whether your family agrees or not… What has that got to do with me? I will never let you all meet him ever again unless you all bend the knee to me,” said Zhao Yarou smilingly, not taking this seriously at all. She even told them her honest plans. 

Ye Lanyun did not know that Zhao Yarou had spoken of marrying Ye Lang to many people before. Of course, everyone treated it as a joke. 

However, at this point, no one would be surprised if she actually did it because Zhao Yarou was capable of just anything. 

Furthermore, her marrying Ye Lang wasn’t exactly a bad choice either. On this mainland, the only person who could be her partner and not get killed was probably Ye Lang. 

‘Feelings’ between them was at the bottom of the list of considerations. The relationship between an empress and her consort was usually neglected. 

Have romantic feelings ever been considered in a political marriage? 

“You… You’re completely inside…” uttered Ye Lanyun. 

“Thank you for the compliment, your brother says that about me too…” Zhao Yarou smiled. 

“I wonder when he’ll arrive. There’s only a day left till the half-month deadline I gave him. I wonder if he’ll actually fly here?” Zhao Yarou looked up at the sky, hoping to see him fly here. 

“Your Majesty, don’t you think the deadline was a little too short?” Li Yue couldn’t help but ask. 

“No, it’s enough! I just gave a deadline, it’s his business if he can arrive on time. If he can’t get here on time, I’ll just punish him!” smiled Zhao Yarou. 

“... You did that on purpose?” asked Li Yue, stunned. 

“Yep! Then I will have an advantage over him! Although that idiot probably won’t think about these things, I do feel better,” said Zhao Yarou. 


What kind of person are you? Setting a deadline that was impossible! 

However, it made sense. Naming a date was a simple thing, who wouldn’t put a shorter deadline to put themselves in a more advantageous position? 

“Hmmph! I hope he flies here now! I hope you’re scared!” said Ye Lanyun to provoke Zhao Yarou. She didn’t think he would arrive now. 

“...” Ye Hui looked at his younger sister. 

“What? Brother, you don’t know how peculiar our little brother can be, he really can do anything,” said Ye Lanyun when Ye Hui looked at her. She sounded defiant, at least she knew this was true. 

“Well, I really don’t! I’ve only met him when he was very little. I’ve been out here travelling ever since he grew up. Now to think of it, I don’t even know what he looks like now,” said Ye Hui exasperatedly. 

He felt like he had failed as the eldest brother of the family. He had not met Ye Lang once all these years, he probably wouldn’t even recognise Ye Lang if they met. And now, he had been caught and held hostage, needing his own little brother to save him. 

It was humiliating to him. He was a complete failure as the eldest brother of the family. 

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what he looks like. You’ll know when you see him, he gives off a great feeling,” said Ye Lanyun. “Also, don’t take it to heart. Our enemy here is that psychotic woman, who would’ve thought she’d be crazy enough to destroy our school?” 

“Yeah, I still can’t believe that happened…” Ye Hui was traumatised by the incident, for he had witnessed with his own eyes how Zhao Yarou destroyed the school. 

Within Academy Number One, Ye Hui was considered a high-level member, sometimes even a teacher. He was very familiar with the capabilities of this school. Even the Soaring Sky Empire in the past would not be able to touch them. 

Right now, their school was defeated so effortlessly. No one really knew what happened in the end, that was how terrifying that weapon was. 

“You all should feel privileged, for that was the first time we used a weapon like that. And for you, I used up all we had in our stores!” said Zhao Yarou at this point. She did not seem to mind if they knew that she had used up that weapon. 

“You’ve run out but you can make more, right?!” spat Ye Lanyun. 

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