The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 761

“Do you think it’s that simple to make the weapons? If that were the case we wouldn’t have to catch you nor lure that idiot Ye Lang here,” said the smirking girl coldly. 

“You mean… You all aren’t able to make anymore? That’s awesome,” said Ye Lanyun happily. It greatly offended the smirking girl. 

You aren’t afraid of death at all, are you? Or are you looking for death so you won’t burden him? 

“To you all, it is definitely good news. We can, at most, only make a bit more of that weapon because its materials are too rare. Unless Ye Lang can help us,” said Zhao Yarou. “Only he can think of a replacement.”

“He will never help you, do you take him for an idiot? He knows you’re a madwoman, he would never,” said Ye Lanyun. She sounded sure but secretly, she wasn’t confident at all.


“He has ALWAYS been an idiot! And that’s why I’ll trick him into helping me, it’s the easiest to trick him,” said Zhao Yarou with a smile. 


Most people would agree. Ye Lang was the easiest person to trick- though at times, also the most difficult. 

“Alright, that’s enough of staring at the sky for today, time for you both to go back inside,” said Zhao Yarou to Ye Lanyun and Ye Hui. Every day, she would let them out to look at the sky instead of keeping them inside the entire time. 

It seemed to be an act of kindness for her. No one knew why she did this. 

“I’ve been wanting to go back inside. I can’t stand another minute with a psycho like you. I feel uncomfortable EVERYWHERE.” Ye Lanyun did not forget to pepper in another insult, wishing Zhao Yarou would kill her now. 

Then she wouldn’t be a burden to her brother anymore! 

Actually, when both of them saw the situation in this place, they were very sure that Zhao Yarou would never let Ye Lang go the moment he arrived. Ye Lang would not meet a good ending here. 

That was why they did not even want him to come. They did not want him to sacrifice himself for two useless older siblings. 

“Am I that powerful? Hehe… Eh, is that…” When Zhao Yarou was about to laugh at herself, she stared curiously at the sky. 

“...That’s…” Li Yue was also staring up in shock. 

“What?” The smirking girl looked up. “No way, did he actually fly here?” 

“What?!” Ye Lanyun and Ye Hui were shocked. There was only one thing that could make them all react this way. 

Both of them looked up at the sky… 

There was something in the sky. It obviously wasn’t an animal because there was a reflective, metallic shine. It was something floating mid-air. 

Although they couldn’t see the person controlling it, they were sure that this was Ye Lang. 

Who other than Ye Lang would drive a vehicle like that? Who else could make a vehicle fly like that? 

“I can’t believe he actually flew here, he made it one day before the deadline too. My plan is ruined!” said Zhao Yarou mildly, though instead of disappointment, she was quite excited. 

Everyone stared, waiting for it to land and for Ye Lang to walk out. 

The person who was most excited was the smirking girl. She wanted to study his flying vehicle. 

But something very stupid happened. 

They watched as the object zoomed past them in the sky. It didn’t stop at all, travelling ahead at full speed! 

Unless that wasn’t Ye Lang? 

No, that’s impossible. It must be…

“Signal flare! Make that idiot come down this instant!” ordered Zhao Yarou. Someone immediately took out a flare. The flare shot up and exploded in the sky. 

After firing the flare, the flying object stopped travelling forward, reversed and slowly landed. 

“Indeed it is…” Zhao Yarou and the rest were sure that it was that idiot now. He must’ve accidentally passed his destination without himself knowing. 

Thank goodness they saw him first or he would’ve gone someplace else. It was a rare thing he took the correct route this time, if that happened it would’ve been a waste. 

When the flying object landed, everyone could see its structure clearly. It was a round and shiny boat, a vehicle that didn’t look like it was meant to fly at all. 

They must study it carefully! 

“Hehe, my apologies! I accidentally overshot this place!” 

After he landed, Ye Lang appeared before everyone when he leapt out of the boat and apologised. They had already guessed what happened. 

“This is great, you actually flew here,” said Zhao Yarou with a smile, looking at Ye Lang. 

“If I didn’t fly, how would I have made it on time? Every second that I’m not here would result in more suffering for Eldest Brother and Second Sister. The outcome is going to be the same, of course I’ve got to come as soon as I can,” said Ye La

Then, Ye Lang said directly, “Release them first. If you have anything else to discuss, talk to me.” 

This was of course not allowed. How could they let them go so easily? The smirking girl looked at him, feeling as if he did not understand the rules at all. At this point, they would have to negotiate the conditions before releasing the hostages. 

That was the normal way. Even Ye Hui and Ye Lanyun thought so. 

However, something unexpected happened…

“Alright!” Zhao Yarou nodded. “Release them!” 

“What?” Everyone stared at her in surprise. They had spent so much effort to catch the two, how could they be released so easily. Although Ye Lang was here already, they should still negotiate the conditions. 

“I said, release them!” said Zhao Yarou mildly. Her tone implied that there was no room for discussion. 

“Eldest Brother, Second Sister, poor you…” said Ye Lang without a hint of conscience. 

“...” How could you say that? You don’t know how much we’ve suffered. Ye Lanyun rolled her eyes. 

As Ye Lang went over, Li Yue also came to his side as if to watch him but also as if to protect him. Other people also came to surround him. 

They were here to capture Ye Lang, they must not let him escape now. 

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