The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 762

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“You’re here,” said Li Yue gently when she came to his side. 

“Mm!” Ye Lang nodded. “Li Yue, this is quite disappointing of you.” 

Li Yue was stunned and shook her head in exasperation. “I have no choice, you can’t blame me!” She thought Ye Lang was talking about her position in helping Zhao Yarou deal with him. 

“What do you mean? This is up to yourself! Even if you’re busy, you must take time out to cultivate every day! Look at you, you’re about the same level as the last time we met. You haven’t improved much, you haven’t even broken through to Tian Level,” said Ye Lang as he directly pointed out her progress. 

“Ah… You’re talking about that?” Li Yue was stunned, not expecting him to talk about this. Then again, would Ye Lang blame her for helping Zhao Yarou? He was very familiar with the situation here. 

“Do you think it’s that easy to break through the Tian Level? Hmmph, I’m already cultivating every day,” said Li Yue, upset with his criticism.

Ye Lang shook his head. “Based on your progress, as long as you put effort, you should have broken through already! I advise you to settle down and cultivate for a bit or you’ll fall behind compared to my sister and the rest…” 

“Your sister and the rest? Unless…” Li Yue was surprised, understanding what he meant. 

“Yep! You’ve got to be careful, we now have quite a few more Tian Level masters in our Ye family. They will definitely come save me. Zhao Yarou, you’d better watch out!” Everyone was speechless at how honest he was. 

If he was really waiting for someone to save him, that should’ve been kept a secret to catch them off guard! 

“Don’t worry, it’s useless even if they have attained breakthrough. They can come if they want, they’ll be going to their graves,” said Zhao Yarou nonchalantly. 

Was this trust in her subordinates, or just arrogance? She was the only one who knew. 

“Then it’s better they don’t come at all… Eldest Brother, Second Sister, when you get back, tell them not to come save me. If I want to escape, I will, sooner or later.” Ye Lang reiterated that it was a difficult task to lock him up anywhere. 

“... Idiot, aren’t you afraid I’d kill you if you said that?!” huffed Zhao Yarou. 

“What is there to be afraid of? I’m a man!” refuted Ye Lang. At the same time, he unlocked Ye Lanyun and Ye Hui’s torture bracelets. 

The smirking girl on the side was stunned, she couldn’t believe he could break an alchemy item she made so effortlessly. She had been very confident that no one, including Ye Lang, could break it. 

Yet Ye Lang only took one moment to take them off! 

Her Majesty was right. If they didn’t control Ye Lang, he would definitely be a threat. He would cause Soaring Sky’s plan to fail. 

Right now, everyone was sure that invading Academy Number One or anything larger scale than that would still be worth it to catch Ye Lang. 

“Eldest Brother, Second Sister, when you start the flying boat, it’ll automatically bring you home.” said Ye Lang as he pointed at the boat. He did not seem to consider his own predicament. 

Why was he the one calling the shots? Would the other party let them leave with the boat? Definitely not. 

At least, before they were sure how this flying boat worked, they would not let it get away. 

“No way, they can’t leave yet, especially not on your boat. I want to study it!” said the smirking girl. 

“Hey hey, who are you?! Why are you talking at a moment like this? Your empress hasn’t even said no yet,” huffed Ye Lang, annoyed at the nosy girl. 

“You… you don’t recognise me?” The girl was stunned. 

“You’re familiar… Who are you?” asked Ye Lang after staring at her for a moment. 

“...” Li Yue shook her head, pitying the girl. She knew this girl was always thinking about Ye Lang. While it was more of a hostile longing, it was still unexpected that Ye Lang did not remember her at all. 

“Haha, didn’t I say this idiot without a conscience wouldn’t remember you? It actually happened.” Zhao Yarou laughed. Since it was a rare expression from her, everyone was stunned for a moment. 

“...”  The girl was speechless. 

“What, should I know her?” asked Ye Lang curiously. 

“You should, you must! Alright, let’s get to business. If you agree to give us your flying boat’s technology, I’ll let your siblings go. What do you think?” Zhao Yarou looked at him. 

The smirking girl thought Zhao Yarou was too naive. Why would Ye Lang agree? She wouldn’t, if she were in his shoes. 

This was a technology that no one else had, of course he should keep it to himself. He shouldn’t teach anyone, especially not his enemy. 

Everyone knew Zhao Yarou and Ye Lang were enemies, why would he give her his technology? 


“No problem!” Ye Lang nodded. 

“...” The smirking girl’s smirk hardened. She stared at him. She didn’t understand at all. What kind of person are you? Why would you hand over your knowledge so easily? 

Are you doing this to save the,? Or is this just an empty promise, will you mislead us later? 

The smirking girl was very suspicious but there was no time to think because everything happened too quickly. 

“You both should go. Bring a message to my older sister, tell her I’m sorry!” Zhao Yarou said flatly to Ye Lanyun and Ye Hui. No one thought she was actually apologetic. 

“I know! You should be sorry, you keep taking away her family. I hope you won’t make her suffer again,” said Ye Lanyun in a complicated tone, looking at Zhao Yarou. 

“That depends on you all. If you all don’t want to suffer, you won’t.” Zhao Yarou smiled, giving a half-answer. 

Everyone understood that they were talking about Ye Lang. Ye Lanyun hoped Zhao Yarou wouldn’t harm Ye Lang while Zhao Yarou refused to give a solid answer. 

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