The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 763

“You both should go now or this psychotic woman might change her mind. She’s quite unpredictable,” reminded Ye Lang. 

“Yeah, I am very unpredictable! That’s why you shouldn’t annoy me,” said Zhao Yarou with a smile. She did not even look at Ye Lanyun and Ye Hui. They were no longer important. 

“Let’s go!” Ye Lanyun and Ye Hui got on the little flying boat and stood inside. 

Of course, they still couldn’t leave because they didn’t know how to start it. 

“Second Sister, press the big red button!” added Ye Lang, who realised the problem! 

“Alright, you be careful!” Ye Lanyun pressed on a very obvious red button and the entire flying boat started to lift off. 

Other than Ye Lang and Zhao Yarou, everyone stared at this peculiar sight. 

“Zhao Yarou, do not hurt him, he is not a threat to you!” Ye Lanyun couldn’t help but yell as the boat lifted off into the sky. 

“Don’t worry, I couldn’t bear to!” said Zhao Yarou with a romantic smile, though no one thought it was romantic at all. 

“Eldest Brother!” yelled Ye Lang suddenly. 

“What is it?” Ye Hui looked down at Ye Lang, his expression grave. He felt so useless exchanging his freedom for Ye Lang’s. 

“Why are you so handsome?” yelled Ye Lang. 

“...” Ye Hui almost fell off when he heard this. He didn’t understand why Ye Lang said this. 

“Elder Sister said you’re much uglier than I am, with a big head…” yelled Ye Lang in explanation. 

“...” Everyone almost fainted. 

“That freaking Lanyu, how dare she ruin my reputation as the Eldest Brother. I’ll teach her a lesson when I get back!” roared Ye Hui. 

Poor Ye Lanyu, getting thrown under the bus by Ye Lang once again. 


“A-choo…” Ye Lanyu sneezed. “Who’s thinking of me? Is it Ye Lang? Probably not, he must be talking bad about me behind my back!” 

They were definitely brother and sister. 


“Sigh, little brother…” sighed Ye Hui privately after they left. He knew Ye Lang just wanted him to lighten up and not worry too much. 

“He’s too nice to us. We’re so lucky to have a little brother like that,” said Ye Lanyun mildly. 

“Yeah, we’re lucky but he isn’t. He’s unlucky to have us as a burden.” Ye Hui shook his head dejectedly. He really wanted to vent all the frustration in his heart now. 

“Actually, we really should have gone back a long time ago. Ye Lang had already reminded me about it, but I ignored him!” Ye Lanyun hung her head low. 

“You don’t have to blame yourself, no one expected this. Who would’ve thought Zhao Yarou would do this?” comforted Ye Hui. Although he was very frustrated, he still comforted his younger sister. 

“Zhao Yarou… I hope she won’t go crazy…” prayed Ye Lanyun. 

“They’re gone, you don’t have to look anymore!” said Zhao Yarou gently, standing by his side. They seemed very intimate and close, one might mistake them as very good friends instead of enemies. 

“What else can I do? Zhao Yarou, tell me now, why did you want me to come?” said Ye Lang flatly, still looking up at the sky. 

“I missed you!” Zhao Yarou leaned on his shoulder and whispered. 

They… look like a pair of lovers… Have we mistaken? Do they both have a relationship we don’t know about? 

Not just the rest, even Li Yue grew suspicious. Did Ye Lang and Zhao Yarou share a secret between them? 

It was possible. Although they were both enemies, they hadn’t had many conflicts between them. Ye Lang had even helped her before. Without Ye Lang, Zhao Yarou would never have the ancient ruins and advanced weaponry in her hands. 

Also, without Ye Lang, she wouldn’t have conquered the North within such a short time span. She even took advantage of these regions and started to conquer small kingdoms to the north of the empire. 

Although the population was sparse in the north, it was rich in ore. Soaring Sky had been mining fervently recently, keeping huge stores of military resources as if they were preparing for something. 

That was why their being lovers wasn’t an impossible thing. 

Of course, these were just dramatic speculations. 

“But I don’t miss you!” said Ye Lang directly. 

“You’re so mean, no wonder you forgot her. She’s been thinking about you every day,” said Zhao Yarou, straightening her posture. It seemed she was joking. 

Zhao Yarou seemed to joke more with Ye Lang, this was hugely different from her behaviour around other people. 

“Oh, right. You haven’t told me. Who’s that woman?” Ye Lang pointed at the smirking girl. The girl’s eyes widened so much it looked like she was about to bite him. 

“What, you want to bite me? Come, I have a piece of meat here…” Ye Lang took out a bone with a log of mean around it. 

“...Are you implying that I’m a dog?” The smirking girl could not stand it anymore. She took out her alchemy weapons in preparation to bomb him. 

“Stop it!” Li Yue blocked the girl. 

“Li Yue, let me go! I’ll kill him today!” roared the girl. 

“Calm down! Her Majesty is right there! Are you going to kill Her Majesty too?” Li Yue grabbed her hand worriedly. 

Why did Ye Lang have to be like this, going around provoking people? 

“Did I call you a dog? This meat’s delicious, I love it.” Ye Lang bit into the meat nonchalantly. 


“Alright, that’s enough! Ye Lang, you must remember why you helped Zhen Xiaoyan years ago.” Zhao Yarou knocked his head as if they were very close friends. 

“I… I think I remember she and someone were fighting over a guy. As her good friend, of course I had to help her,” said Ye Lang. That seemed to be all he remembered. 

“Good friends? More like you did all that just to get the fat girl’s food,” spat the girl. 

“Mm, you’re right. That too.” Ye Lang nodded. 

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