The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 764

“Ye Lang, she’s Sha Lan. You both can be counted as good friends too, you’ve been classmates since you were young. But…” Li Yue finally gave the answer because she knew Ye Lang might not recall anything even if this conversation continued. 

“Huh, Sha Lan? You’re THAT Sha Lan? Where’s your child?” Ye Lang suddenly asked when he looked at her. 

“How dare you! I’ll kill you!” roared Sha Lan. “Li Yue, let me go. I must kill him.” 

“Ye Lang, I really don’t know what to say! Have you forgotten that her ‘child’ was actually a rumour YOU spread?” said Zhao Yarou with a headache. 

“Oh, yeah I think I did. Right, Sha Lan, I met Moya in the north once. Did he visit you?” Ye Lang spoke as if they were catching up, not realising that he had already triggered her. He spoke like they were at a classmate reunion. 

“Why would he visit me? He did not even believe me, I would never date him. I have already kicked him out, we’re never getting back together again,” said Sha Lan. 

“I hear you! He didn’t trust you at all, men like this should be kicked out!” nodded Ye Lang, supporting her decision. 

“...” Everyone was stunned to watch how both of them seemed to be in agreement with each other now. 

“Hmmph!” went Sha Lan when she realised this problem. 

But Ye Lang did not. “See? Now you know that I was actually helping you get to know this man’s true intentions.” 

“You mean I should be thanking you?” said Sha Lan coldly. 

“Yep! You should!” nodded Ye Lang. Everyone wondered if he had no fear of death at all. How could he ask for a thank you so shamelessly? 

His face was too thick. Sha Lan was furious. 

“You’re… shameless!” roared Sha Lan, preparing to toss her weapon aside and pounce on him.

“Hey, I care about my dignity, you’re the one who doesn’t!” said Ye Lang, completely nonchalant that he was adding oil to the fire. 

“What do you mean?! It’s all your fault, how dare you insult me!” roared Sha Lan. 

“You’re shameless, this whole thing has always been your fault,” said Ye Lang solemnly. 

Sha Lan stared at him. “Tell me then, what have I done for this to be my fault?” 

Ye Lang paused for a moment. “First, you forced Fatty into fighting you. That was wrong of you. Then, Fatty won and you were a sore loser. You even spread rumours about you. Are you sure you did nothing wrong?” 

“I did nothing wrong! I was protecting myself! How could I not retaliate when I saw another girl stealing my man?” said Sha Lan. 

“If you retaliating isn’t wrong, then me helping Fatty retaliate isn’t wrong either! You’re also responsible because why did you mislead everyone? Aren’t you shameless for that?” said Ye Lang, staring at her. 

“What do you mean? Did I do that?” Sha Lan’s expression suddenly changed. She was no longer arrogant. 

“You know what I mean. I planned it well so that you could explain yourself. I didn’t expect that in the end, you didn’t even step out to defend yourself. You were willing to suffer by staying silent!” Ye Lang stared at her. “I really don’t know what you were thinking.” 

“It’s none of your business!” Sha Lan glared at him, though there was no more hatred in her eyes. 

“What? What are you both talking about?” Zhao Yarou was quite confused. She didn’t know Sha Lan well, all she cared about was Sha Lan’s abilities although she was her royal alchemist. 

“Sha Lan was actually a virgin, it was impossible for her to be pregnant…” Ye Lang blurted out something extremely shocking. No one knew this, not even Sha Lan’s closest friends. 

At the time, everyone thought Sha Lan did not defend herself because she couldn’t, because they had already done it. And based on Moya’s reaction, they probably did. 

At the time, there were also people who criticised her for it. They never would’ve expected her to be a virgin. 

“What?!” Zhao Yarou and the rest were shocked, stunned by the new information. 

If this spread, it would become a shocking piece of gossip within the Imperial City of Soaring Sky! 

“How is that possible? If she was, why didn’t she explain herself?” asked Li Yue in disbelief. 

“You’ll have to ask her! I spread that rumour just to create some small friction between them. I was going to help clear the air afterwards but I think I forgot,” said Ye Lang. 

“You didn’t have to clear the air. If what you said is true, then it’s not up to you to clear the air if she didn’t step forward herself.” Zhao Yarou shook her head, feeling like it was mostly to do with Sha Lan. It was something easily explained. 

Zhao Yarou was very confused. She was just an innocent girl, why would she be willing to bear such a hit to her reputation when it wasn’t true? 

“Ye Lang, how do you know she’s a virgin anyway? Unless you…” Li Yue was more curious about this, she didn’t really think Sha Lan’s matter was important. 

“Of course I do, one can easily tell who’s a virgin. Don’t forget, I’m a genius doctor,” said Ye Lang nonchalantly. Traditional Chinese medicine was a peculiar thing, giving doctors certain information about their patients. 

“...You mean you also know about us?” asked Li Yue after some silence. 

“Yep! Humans are all the same, not much difference,” nodded Ye Lang. The human body was similar, it wasn’t like he could read one person and not the other. 

“Ahh! You pervert!” Li Yue punched his face. 

“Hey! What has that got to do with being a pervert or not! It’s just basic medicine!” said Ye Lang. “I just know if you’re virgins, it’s not like I’m staring at your body.” 

“Shut up!” yelled Li Yue, embarrassed. 

“Ye Lang…” Zhao Yarou suddenly looked at him curiously. 

Everyone thought she was going to teach him a lesson but instead… “Then can you tell, am I a virgin?” asked Zhao Yarou expectantly. 

“...” There was silence. No one expected this but they wanted to know the answer. 

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