The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 765

“You’re a virgin!” said Ye Lang. Most people here would have guessed it already. They had not seen her with a guy before. Other than Ye Lang, no one stayed for long by her side. 

At this moment, Zhao Yarou smiled, though as if proud of him. Very quickly, her smile faded because she wanted to kick him. He said…

“You’ll be a virgin your whole life! Who would want a psycho like you…” 

“Shut up!” Zhao Yarou’s kick was so swift and sudden he could not dodge it. 

“Hey, I’m just telling the truth!” said Ye Lang. 

“How dare you!” 

“Uh, Sha Lan, why didn’t you just explain that you were a virgin? Wouldn’t that tell everyone that you weren’t pregnant with anyone’s child?” Ye Lang changed the topic, ignoring Zhao Yarou. 

Ye Lang really wanted to ask her but always forgot. This was his chance to ask. 

“None of your business!” Sha Lan still refused to speak. 

“Just tell us, Sha Lan. I’m curious too.” Zhao Yarou pinched Ye Lang. 

“... If Your Majesty wants to know, then I shall explain! Actually, at that point, I really wanted to marry into Moya’s family and to gain their support… Forgive me, Your Majesty, it was something my family wanted,” said Sha Lan, afraid Zhao Yarou might call her a traitor. Moya’s family had been eliminated due to accusations of treason. 

“I understand, you may continue,” nodded Zhao Yarou. She did not mind Sha Lan’s past. 

“That was why I started to get to know Moya. I thought he was alright as a person. I had to accept this marriage plan. You know how it is for people of our background, we’ll always end up with the same outcome. Might as well get a partner I like,” said Sha Lan in a defeated tone. 
“After a while, Moya wanted to… do it with me. At that point, I was still very confused and did not plan to… do it… He understood, so we didn’t! But then, sometime later, one time when I was out with him, both of us drank a little… And after the alcohol…” When Sha Lan spoke, her face turned red as she trailed off. 

“People do crazy things after drinking, I understand! Continue!” Ye Lang said, gesturing for her to continue. 

“Shut up!” Sha Lan roared. “He’s the one who went crazy. He didn’t even know he had done it with another woman, he thought that woman was me! I didn’t bother to confront him about it, a misunderstanding was a misunderstanding.” 

“He mistook another woman for you? How could men not recognise their own partners?” Li Yue asked as she looked at Ye Lang. 

“Hey, hey! You can insult him all you want but don’t insult all men! Also, why are you looking at me?” said Ye Lang immediately. 

“Afterwards, I found out that he had been drugged by an aphrodisiac. Apparently he was the one who prepared it, the drug was meant for me. The drinks later got mixed up and he accidentally drank it,” said Sha Lan. Everyone now understood the progression of events and the misunderstandings. 

They still couldn’t believe Sha Lan kept quiet all this time. All to shake Moya off? 

“Ugh! Absolute scum! That’s why I say that I helped you… Thank goodness Fatty didn’t get together with him or I would’ve really wronged her.” Ye Lang patted his chest, grateful that Zhen Xiaoyan’s relationship with that monster did not progress. 

“You did help me. Initially, I didn’t mind what you did. Gossip like that spread in the aristocratic circles all the time. What I minded was that he did not believe me!” said Sha Lan. 

Sometimes, love could be weird like that. They could forgive their partner for other wrongdoings, sometimes even for cheating but not if their partner did not believe them. 

“Well, if that’s the case then this matter’s settled then! Don’t blame me for this. You’re still a virgin. Get a good man and marry him, it’ll be the same,” said Ye Lang to Sha Lan. 

Sha Lan blushed when he said she was still a virgin, glaring fiercely. 

“I can help you find one…” said Zhao Yarou with a grin. 

“You don’t have to! I already have a life purpose, we’ll talk about marriage later.” Sha Lan shook her head. 

“Your life purpose is to surpass Ye Lang and become the most famous alchemist… As for this goal, I think you should give up on that. Pursuing Ye Lang would be easier than this,” said Li Yue honestly. Everyone here knew of her life goal in relations to alchemy. 

Sha Lan’s alchemy abilities had reached a terrifying stage. She was the one who formulated the sound wave bombs within such a short time so Zhao Yarou could run through her plan. 

“Pursuing me would be an impossible life goal! I am a man with a wife!” Ye Lang implied that he would never accept Sha Lan. 

“Who would pursue you? Couldn’t you tell I was joking? You’re stupid!” Li Yue rolled her eyes. 

“Oh, so that was a joke. I was so afraid!” Ye Lang patted his chest. 


“Alright, let’s get to business!” Ye Lang suddenly turned serious. “Zhao Yarou, just tell me straight. Tell me why you wanted me here.” 

“Oh, you want to know why? Didn’t I tell you already? I wanted to see you and keep you here,” said Zhao Yarou, “forever!”

“Nonsense! Let me tell you this, even if you can keep me here, you’ll never have my heart!” said Ye Lang. Eh? Why did this sound so inappropriate?! 

“Hmmph! Even if I don’t have your heart, at least I’ll have you here!” replied Zhao Yarou. Eh? Why did I say that?!


What are you guys talking about? Why does it sound like a desperate wife begging her husband to stay? 

“That’s enough. Tell me what you like about me, I’ll change that about myself, alright?!” said Ye Lang. 

“I like that you don’t like me. Why don’t you change that?” said Zhao Yarou calmly. 


Are you two flirting now? 

“Actually, I know what you want me to do. And I understand! Let’s do it this way. We sign an agreement, I will not obstruct any of your plans and will not ruin your alchemy technologies,” said Ye Lang. 

“Hey, you’re not that dumb after all, you know why I want you here! Then you must know that I’ll never let you go unless I have conquered the world. Or you’ll have to be with me forever,” said Zhao Yarou with a smile. 

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