The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 767

With the current progress, Ye Lang believed that his estimates were wrong. The time span was going to be much shorter than what he imagined, mainly because of Sha Lan. 

Initially, Ye Lang estimated based on the Soaring Sky alchemists’ abilities, perhaps a little higher. However, Sha Lan’s abilities far exceeded these people. 

One Sha Lan was enough to flip the script. If there were others, it could be worse. 

Perhaps in just three to seven years, Soaring Sky would be able to manufacture alchemy weapons on a large scale. The sound wave weapon was just a taste of what’s to come. 

Ye Lang had also forgotten that Zhao Yarou was also a mad alchemist, albeit a hidden one. 

“Thirteenth master…”

“Ah, it’s him! It’s the thirteenth master!” 

“Where? Where?” 

When Ye Lang entered the ancient ruins, someone spotted him out of the corner of his eye. And just like that, the situation turned chaotic. 

Many people dropped their work at hand and rushed towards him. 

“??” Ye Lang was stunned for a moment but realised he might’ve seen these people before. They were the royal alchemists of Soaring Sky. 

Ye Lang was well-respected amongst these alchemists. His arrival naturally attracted a lot of attention as everyone crowded around him. 

These people wanted to ask him many questions. They were sure that Ye Lang could help them solve their problems. 

“Hello everyone, it’s been a while!” 

Ye Lang bowed and greeted them. This was one of the reasons why everyone loved him. He was polite to most people, which made them feel closer to him. 

Even to Zhao Yarou, he could be considered as polite. He did not truly insult her. He only insulted people he really hated. 

“Thirteenth master, when did you arrive?” asked someone. 

“I just did, your empress invited me over here…” Ye Lang said with a smile, looking at Zhao Yarou. Zhao Yarou turned away as if she did not know anything. 

“Thank you so much, Your Majesty. We’re having a headache now because there are so many problems we can’t solve.” These alchemists looked gratefully at Zhao Yarou, they did not realise anything. 

They did not think about how Zhao Yarou got Ye Lang here. All they knew was that they could finally learn from Ye Lang. 

Although Sha Lan was a lot better than them, she couldn’t teach nor solve their problems. This was the main difference between her and Ye Lang. 

Ye Lang was unbelievably knowledgeable about everything, including obscure subjects. That was why he could answer most questions. If he did not know something, then almost no one else would. 

“You don’t have to thank me. But I want to thank you all for your hard work, for your contributions to the empire!” said Zhao Yarou. 

“It is only our duty!” said the alchemists immediately, quite surprised by the compliment. 

Ye Lang thought she looked like a leader patrolling the people. Then again, she was the leader of the country. 

“About these questions…” Ye Lang stopped himself. “I cannot answer you for the moment!” 

“Everyone, Ye Lang has just arrived and is quite tired. You can ask him tomorrow. Back to work, please!” said Zhao Yarou with a smile, dragging Ye Lang away. She did not want him to say she was the one who captured him and he refused to answer any questions. 

However, from what just happened, she could tell that Ye Lang was actually quite interested in the things here. She believed that if she kept him here for a while, he would not be able to help himself and start to research. At that point, he would tell them everything he knew. 

That was why Zhao Yarou wasn’t worried about that. She knew that he was a politically neutral alchemist. He did not lean towards anyone, merely caring about his research. 

If Ye Lang knew what she thought, he would be depressed at how well this madwoman knew himself. 

It was true. Ye Lang thought that it was a crime to suppress alchemy research just for politics. This would slow down the advancement of civilisation as a whole. As an alchemist, he would not want that. 

The balance of science and politics was a frequently debated topic on Earth too. Scientists would opt for scientific research to continue. 

“Zhao Yarou, are you really that bored? Why aren’t you at the palace, what are you doing here?” said Ye Lang. 

“I am working here, it’s the same as being in the palace,” said Zhao Yarou. Documents that required her attention could always be sent here. It was the same thing. 

As for council meetings, she let the palace officials settle those among themselves and then inform her of their final decisions for her approval. 

“Are you really going to stay here?” said Ye Lang. 

“What’s the problem with that? We were here together for more than ten days before this, what are you afraid of?” said Zhao Yarou. 

“Nothing, I’m just asking. I can’t ask questions now?” said Ye Lang. 

“You can, of course you can!” Zhao Yarou held his hand. “Brother-in-law, let’s go back to the place from last time.” 

“What did you just call me?” said Ye Lang, stunned. 

“Brother-in-law! Am I wrong?” she asked curiously. 

“You’re not wrong…” Ye Lang just nodded. “I’m just not used to it.” 

“Actually, I think it’s more exciting like this, sister and brother-in-law together…” 



And just like that, she pulled him away…

“What did I just witness? Why is Her Majesty so intimate with Thirteenth master? And she laughed!” asked an alchemist, not knowing the rumours between them. 

He had only seen her being cold and terrifying. He didn’t know she had a side like that. 

“It’s very normal. Her Majesty treats him quite differently, I heard they have some sort of secret relationship between them.” 

“What relationship?” 

“Not the normal brother and sister-in-law kind, of course.” 


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