The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 774

That’s right, Tigress had returned from the City of Beast Gods. She brought with her a very interesting title and status, surprising the entire beastman race-even the entire world. 

Her title was now the Princess of the Beast Gods! 

This princess wasn’t the daughter of the gods but just a title. Tigress seemed to be the only one with such a title in a long, long time. 

It was a title that had many stringent requirements. Every time the City of Beast Gods opened, everyone was actually also competing for this title. The people of the city had waited for a long time for this person to appear. 

As long as this person appeared, the entire City of Beast Gods would reappear in civilisation. No one knew about this, not even the beastmen who participated in the event. They would only announce this to the entire race when such a person emerged. 

It was also a coincidence that Tigress received this title. Other than her own capabilities, it was also because of Ye Lang. 

Some conditions were fulfilled because she had seen Ye Lang solving similar problems; some conditions were fulfilled because of Little Xin next to her. Ye Lang’s Little Xin really was a magical being. 

Many people had thought of this. If Little Xin had been with Ye Lang, perhaps he wouldn’t have been trapped ten years inside!

But that was just a theory. Reality had already happened and they could do nothing to change it! 

No matter what, Tigress had overcome all obstacles to become Princess of the Beast Gods. She was now the rightful ruler of the entire beast race! 

The beast race had always lived apart in their own tribes. Every tribe was equal, no tribe ruled over the rest. That was why they never had a ruler. 

However, they worshipped the Beast Gods so technically, they could count the City of Beast Gods as their king- or highest council. 

It wasn’t because of the city’s mystery but because every generation of protectors and administrators of the city were the elders of many tribes. The beastmen placed the utmost importance on respecting their elders, plus these elders were also extremely powerful. 

Hence, this place was very influential! 

When the City of Beast Gods announced Tigress as the Princess of the Beast Gods, the messenger of the gods, no one questioned it. Everyone accepted it as truth and revered her as the princess. 

Tigress was initially quite uncomfortable with this treatment. It took her a long time to get accustomed to this title and status! 

When the City of Beast Gods emerged from hiding to appear before the entire world, it was the same as them announcing their power. And it was undoubtedly a terrifying force. 

They didn’t just have extremely powerful masters in there, they also had peculiar technology on par with alchemy on the mainland. 

These were passed down from ancient times, a crystallisation of the knowledge of beastmen. This technology was similar to alchemy but a portion of it required only the special nature of a beastmen to wield. 

Once the city emerged, the beastmen race started to fully retaliate against Soaring Sky, no longer oppressed under their thumbs. At that point, the Soaring Sky airforce realised the beastmen had changed, seemingly much more aggressive than before. 

Then, everyone realised that the fierce beastmen on the battlefield had literally changed. Their capabilities and physique showed major changes. 

They had become much larger in size!

These warriors had skin as strong as steel and immense strength, as if they had been injected with some stimulant. They become undefeatable on the battlefield. Even Soaring Sky’s advanced alchemy weapons were defeated and they were forced to retreat. 

After that, everyone found out that this was a temporary evolution of the beastmen. Some of the tribes had this natural characteristic that required a certain type of medicine for activation. After this evolution, they would be weak for a while. 

Other than that, strange powers emerged in every tribe. The eagle race could fly a lot faster, no one could really see them because they flew too fast. They could fly into enemy trenches without anyone seeing them. 

These were natural abilities that the beastmen had since ancient times, they just required medicine to display their full strengths! 

In Ye Lang’s words, it was a kind of biotechnology, also classified as alchemy. Regular humans would not be able to withstand such a medicine so it was uniquely adapted only for beastmen. 

And because of this, the beastmen reclaimed the lands taken by Soaring Sky, even swallowing a portion of Soaring Sky’s northern territory. 

Due to their sudden activation of power, the entire chessboard was different now. Instead of Soaring Sky attacking and expanding in two directions, it now felt like it was defending itself on both ends. 

A portion of resources was sent to defend against the beastmen so there was less left to attack Ai La. The Vermilion Bird- Ai La alliance now had the upper hand and slowly pulled the scales back to a balance. 

The ceasefire agreement from five years ago had already been breached three years ago. That was just a private discussion anyway. There was no formal public announcement so their words did not bear much weight. 

No matter what, at least the people of the mainland had two years of peace. 

However, three years ago, the war erupted once more. It was because of something small, no one could remember what happened. It was just an excuse anyway. 

At that point, Soaring Sky had already prepared a fresh batch of military resources. Once again, they attacked in each direction. Although everyone had already anticipated this, and were prepared, they still struggled and remained at a disadvantage. 

That was because Soaring Sky had the technology and know-how, while they did not. The knowledge Ye Lang left behind still required a lot of research to put into application. 

Two years of preparation was still not enough! 

However, although they were at a disadvantage, they weren’t as helpless as before. There were still wins and losses on both sides…

Soaring Sky was thrown off-balance the moment Tigress appeared. This happened a year ago when Tigress led evolved beastmen on an aggressive siege. 

At that point, she didn’t just rely on their insane powers but also strategy. Both Tigress and Athena’s war strategies were so intricate no one in this mainland could defeat them.

That was why the beastmen’s retaliation was so swift and efficient. They finally took their land back in a short period of time! 

Soaring Sky had their own military geniuses too. They also had terrifying generals who were the reason why they could still hold so much power. If they only had weapons and nothing else, with Princess Longji’s abilities, her side would have fared much better. 

With talents in Soaring Sky better than Princess Longji, Vermilion Bird and Ai La were dead! 

During the beastmen’s retaliation, Soaring Sky had severely underestimated their abilities, thinking they were just brave savages who did not know battle strategy. That was why not many military geniuses were assigned for this task.

When they finally realised they had underestimated the beastmen, it was too late. The beastmen had taken back their land and swallowed part of the north. They were now a gigantic threat. 

Soaring Sky finally straightened up to focus but they still could not take back the upper hand. The number of talents who could defeat Princess Longji was too small, and they had their hands full against her. How could they still have time to deal with Tigress and Athena? 

Soaring Sky fully regretted attacking both sides at the same time. It was too energy-consuming! 

Why did Tigress appear so early? Well, she had been in there for ten years already. Remember that her ten years in seclusion was one year earlier than Ye Lang’s ten years. 

At that point, she had been very excited to meet Ye Lang, to tell him about her being the princess. She wanted to share her ups and downs with him, to tell him how much she’d miss him. 

But when she was out, she was shocked to realise that Ye Lang and Zhao Yarou had disappeared, and the beastmen were under attack from Soaring Sky. Both factors enraged her, and since both the causes were Soaring Sky, she vented her anger on their military. 

Tigress’ reputation as a fearsome warrior spread across the mainland, and she became a name that Soaring Sky’s soldiers feared. They did not want to meet her. 

At this moment, Tigress was glaring at the leader of Soaring Sky coldly as he spoke. 

“Don’t think we won’t take any action just because we’re in Soaring Sky. Would you believe me if I told you we can kill you all now?!” 

Tigress’ words deeply provoked the people of Soaring Sky. They knew it was no empty threat. She definitely had the capabilities to carry out such threats. 

One must not underestimate the alliance and beastmen just because there were many girls in leadership positions. They were all very powerful and held terrifying power. If they decided to rage here, no one would be able to stop them. 

Based on their previous battles, it was clear that this group of girls was also the reason why the war escalated into a complicated mess. 

They were all Tian Heavenly Level warriors, plus they had attained this level ten years ago. This meant that they were even stronger now, ten years later. 

That was why this group of people from all backgrounds dared to venture so deep into Soaring Sky. With so many Tian level warriors together, not many would be able to stop them. 

Although they could not affect large-scale wars much, they still had the ability to walk the entire mainland without anyone stopping them. 

Of course, Soaring Sky’s side also had powerful girls. For example, Li Yue here. However, if they started to fight, no one was sure which side Li Yue would help. They weren’t sure if she’d help the Ye family. 

There were two girls here who weren’t Tian Level warriors. One was Sha Lan, but although she wasn’t a warrior, from another perspective, her abilities could be said to be more terrifying than these girls. 

Let’s not forget that the technology contributing to this war came from Sha Lan leading her team of researchers- although there was a period when she hadn’t really focused on her job and lived in Ye City. 

There was another girl, the one who was the most ordinary (but also strangest) among everyone here! 

Perhaps the ordinary part of her was strange! 

This girl was Zhen Xiaoyan. She was the only ordinary girl who wasn’t a mage or a warrior. She just knew a little alchemy, though she wasn’t very good at it. Her strength was in the culinary arts but in the current situation, this skill was negligible. 

“Tai Ya, calm down. We’ve waited for ten years, a little longer wouldn’t hurt,” said Ye Lanyu mildly. 

“??” Everyone looked at Ye Lanyu, for it was not something she would say. Usually, she would’ve threatened to blow up the whole place. 

“Hey, Ye Lanyu, do you have a fever today?” asked the seventh princess. 

“No, I’m fine!” Ye Lanyu shook her head. 

“Why are you talking like that? Before you came here, you were talking about blowing up the place!” 

“Yep! Once my brother gets out of there, this place will be a place of the past. You all should appreciate your time here, run for your lives if you can. Anyone who intends to die may say,” said Ye Lanyu coldly. 


Now this sounded right! 

She wasn’t suddenly calm, she was just hiding her anger. She was afraid of causing too much destruction here. How would Ye Lang return then?

“Alright, don’t be rude. They’re all still older than you both, they’re your elders,” said Ye Chengtian. He’d arrived with Long Anqi and the rest. 

There were many people from the Ye family because they had come straight from Ye City on Ye Lang’s flying boat. 

This boat was controlled by Little Zero, it was also an escape route. If anything happened, they could retreat immediately and use the weapons installed on the boat. 

This boat wasn’t just nimble, it had massive firepower and defensive mechanisms too. His ship was still more superior than the ones developed later. 

This flying boat had been used in battle before too. At the time, it was the king of the skies, no one could touch it at all. 

The Ye family members here included Ye Lang’s parents, grandparents, three siblings (Third and Seventh Brother could not leave the city) as well as his cousin Ye Zhiqing. 

Ye Zhiqing was also a figure that invoked the most fear in Soaring Sky. She had already attained Tian Level and whenever she raged and went mad in battle, she became very violent. The people here were no match for her at all. She could be said as a peerless fighter. 

Most people stayed far away when they saw Ye Zhiqing. One Ye Zhiqing was enough to kill everyone. 

Why were all the girls related to Ye Lang so crazy and powerful? Was it because birds of the same feather flock together? Or just solely because of Ye Lang? 

No one ever understood this! 

“Elders? I guess he counts as an elder. I thought he was dead, I even grieved over his death. Now I wish he was actually dead,” said Ye Lanyu very directly. 

“...” The seventh princess was silent. 

“Little Seven, I didn’t mean to say that…” When she saw the seventh princess’ reaction, she realised that this ‘elder’ was her…

“Yazhu, are you really not coming home?” asked the leader of Soaring Sky. 

“No, I’m not. I haven’t been the princess of Soaring Sky since the day we left. I’m no longer a member of the royal family, I’m just Ye Lang’s fiancee,” said the seventh princess mildly, shaking her head. 

“But you’re my daughter! I’m your father!” 

Father? Wasn’t her father the former emperor of Soaring Sky? Wasn’t he supposed to be dead? Unless there were secrets no one knew…

Nope, she really was the Soaring Sky Emperor’s daughter. The man before everyone was the previously dead emperor. 

“Father?” the seventh princess said mildly. “My father is dead. My sister personally killed him that day.” 

“No, that was a body double! A person who looked like me. That was that crazy Yarou’s doing. We were all tricked!” said the Soaring Sky Emperor. 

“You were tricked, or you’re here to trick us?” The seventh princess’ brows were furrowed. She did not want to talk about this. 

“We are not tricking you. She locked us up for many years and we never found an opportunity to escape. Just like Ye Lang said, she is insane and committed unimaginable crimes just for her own goals,” said Soaring Sky. He implied that Zhao Yarou didn’t actually kill him that day, nor the rest. 

It was true, though everyone could hardly believe it. That day, Zhao Yarou had used a smart trick to lock the Soaring Sky Emperor and the rest up, then put on a whole show afterwards so everyone thought the Soaring Sky Emperor was dead. 

Of course, the people who died remained dead, they just weren’t the emperor and his family. 

Simply put, the head that Ye Lang saw was a real head but not the emperor’s. That was from a body double, plus an alchemy trick to make the head very real. Even Ye Lang could not tell it was not him. 

And it was for a very short moment. No matter how observant Ye Lang was, he would not be able to tell because a human head would obviously undergo changes after separation from the body. Zhao Yarou had also put in a lot of effort to pull off her flawless plan. 

Other than the emperor, she also prepared body doubles for her siblings so everyone died in front of the rest of the guests. The whole act became very believable. 

Plus some of the princes and princesses were never very kind to Zhao Yarou anyway. They had also committed harmful sins when they fought over the emperor’s seat. That was why Zhao Yarou killing them all just made people believe this more. 

None of them knew or expected her to do this at all. In the years following the massacre, they had been locked up in one of the sections of the palace. 

That was where the emperor and the rest of them used to live. When she gave an order to seal the area and forbade entry, naturally no one dared approach this place and it became the safest hiding spot. 

It wasn’t a simple physical house arrest. She also used extremely sophisticated alchemy formations so they would be completely separated from the rest of the world. 

Other than Zhao Yarou, no one could control it! 

Then why did he appear after her disappearance? That wasn’t because someone had broken her formation. In this world, the only person who could do that was Ye Lang and he was locked in there with her. 

So how did he leave? 

It was simple. Zhao Yarou’s formation was different from others. Her formation did not require shutting off but activation. 

This meant that if Zhao Yarou did not activate it at every time interval, the formation would shut down automatically and the people inside would be able to get out. 

This also showed that she wasn’t the kind who could kill her own parents and siblings. She was worried something would happen to herself and she wouldn’t be able to come back. She didn’t want anything to happen to the people stuck inside just because of her. 

“She went crazy and locked you all up but at least she didn’t kill you all. That’s a good thing for me. At least I don’t have to think about how I need to deal with her!” said the seventh princess, as if none of this was her business. 

“But I never thought I would instead have to deal with you now! Even if Zhao Yarou was the one who tricked all of us, can you really say you never tricked us? You’ve been the master behind the scenes, controlling Soaring Sky for many years now. Why haven’t you shown your face all this time? Is it because you actually plan to conquer the world, and you’re just borrowing Yarou’s name for it?” The seventh princess cut into the core of the problem, sharp as a knife. 

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