The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 79

Ye Lang didn’t set those questions to be so hard just to make fun of everyone. He did in fact think the heir to the throne shouldn’t be an average person. 

But that didn’t mean an abnormal person could be a good emperor either!

Most people here were more or less psychologically abnormal and there were even many insanely psychologically abnormal people. This was obvious because many answered five questions correctly- and there were also people who answered ten questions right.

However, Ye Lang didn’t expect anyone to be able to answer ALL the questions- especially when it was a pretty girl who looked like an angel!


Alright, so an out-of-ordinary person would be suitable to be a ruler- but to a certain extent. Once you’re THIS abnormal, you’re no longer suitable! Someone THIS psychotic would turn the country to hell. 

That was why Ye Lang excluded her from potential heirs!

Then why didn’t Ye Lang say these were all reverse psychology questions? It wasn’t because he didn’t want to say- even he did , no one would understand or believe him.

“As for these questions, for normal people, it would be advisable for them to answer as few of them correctly as possible- but you lot should answer as many as you can. But answering all of them correctly...never mind, I don’t know at this point… We’ve never encountered something like this before. Alright, you all should just settle things on your own- it’s inexplicable, seriously.” said Ye Lang gravely, shaking his head as he walked out of the grand hall... As if he was a very serious man...

“...” Silence.

“Brother, we’ve already gotten so far- why are you still faking it?” said Ye Lanyu to Ye Lang, knocking him hard.

“Ah! Right...Come on, let’s go. I don’t want them coming over to ask questions again.” Ye Lang was really faking to be deep in thought- he wanted to avoid trouble.

“If I knew things would turn out like this, I wouldn’t have set these questions- I can’t believe there’s such a scary woman out there…”

“Brother, what were you testing for?” asked Ye Lanyu curiously.

“Human psychology…”


“Even if I told you, you wouldn’t understand- you’re stupid!”



“I think you must be real itchy here, aren’t you? How could you say I’m stupid!”

“You really are…” Ye Lang wanted to continue, but when he saw Ye Lanyu’s small fists hurling against him- he stopped immediately.


“You see, if we don’t get rid of that woman, there’s going to be a big disaster in the palace- I hope we won’t get involved.”

He wasn’t very much concerned about it although he’d just made such grave predictions. This was something the palace had to deal with on their own- whoever that was going to be the emperor didn’t matter much to him and the Ye family.

Zhao Yarou was young and the king was still strong and healthy enough- even if there was going to be a disaster, it’d be at least ten years before it could unfold. So why worry so much about things that would only happen after so long?

But would it really be that late? Maybe…

It didn’t matter though.  The disruption ignited by the test soon settled. Everyone went back to their own duties- though uncertainties, deep thoughts and resentment still linger among them…

“Ye Lang!!”

“What? Go away- I’m not interested in a fight!!”

After that fight, everyone seemed to be looking for Ye Lang to battle with him. But this time everyone was smart enough to not let Ye Lang find someone to replace him and set the rules of not using people as weapons.

Why didn’t anyone use to challenge Ye Lang? Why did they pester him so much recently? Other than because of that one time he agreed to battle, there was still a very important reason.

Everyone seemed to think highly of Ye Lang- especially when the king liked him so much he was qualified to test the princes and the princesses. Those who didn’t take him seriously started to become aware of him.

And the admirers of the seventh princess who used to take Ye Lang lightly started to look for reasons to start trouble. They thought of many ways to force Ye Lang to cancel his marriage with the seventh princess.

Obviously, Ye Lang wasn’t kind enough to give them what they wanted. Although the marriage didn’t matter much to him, it still wasn’t right to call off the marriage. He respected the seventh princess’ opinions on their marriage too and he’d never call off the marriage just because he wanted to.

The seventh princess also mentioned a lot of times that she wanted Ye Lang to chase these boring admirers away- Ye Lang was willing to do so too as he was childhood friends with her.

“You don’t even have the courage to battle, what do you have to protect the seventh princess- and even marry her?”

“What’s the matter? As long as she likes me- and do I really need to tell you what I’m capable of? She’s my fiancee- you better stop this right now!” Ye Lang didn’t feel a single bit guilty towards these doubts- no one knew whether he was thick-skinned or just being reckless.

Of course, everyone would assume he was the former!

And just like that, Ye Lang chased away a portion of the admirers…

“We won’t let someone like you marry seventh princess- if you insist to marry her, you’ll have to get past us!!”

“Are you kidding? Who are you anyway? I can’t believe you have the guts to say such a thing!  Screw off or else! It’s not like I’m the thirteenth prince for nothing!!” growled Ye Lang.

Some backed off…

“Ye’s thirteenth prince, people may be scared of you, but I’m not!!” said a young man. He stood proudly- yes, he indeed had the background and abilities not to be scared. Everyone knew about this- he was also part of those who weren’t scared of Ye Lang.

“...Who are you?” said Ye Lang mercilessly. He was the only one at the scene to not know this young man’s identity.

“Ye Lang, he’s the grandson of the First Swordsman- Li Danteng!” introduced Zhen Xiaoyan.

Swordsmen and knifemen were of unique existence at that time. They were honoured no matter where they were, not to mention that this was the Soaring Sky Empire’s First Swordsman. And his family members were all very proud of this especially when the First Swordsman was still alive as they were all riding on his success.

Of course, this meant when the First Swordsman was still alive. When he was dead and the family didn’t inherit his talent...Their status would immediately crash into the ground.

“What an honour…” said Ye Lang in a serious manner. He suddenly showed his acknowledgement.

Was he showing respect to the First Swordsman? This was rather unlikely. Those who knew Ye Lang well wouldn’t believe that he would change his opinion just because this was the First Swordsman’s family. He wouldn’t even do that to the First Swordsman, not to mention to the swordsman’s grandson.

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