The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 83

“I won’t hold back!” said Ye Lang, who then made several hand gestures…

What’s this? Was he creating some kind of alchemy formation? But it looked unfamiliar. Whatever Ye Lang was doing, it didn’t look like any sort of alchemy formation. The royal Grandmasters of Alchemy were puzzled.

However, they quickly realised that Ye Lang’s hand gestures were merely a distraction, which lacked any real meaning. Whatever came next, was the real deal…

Ye Lang retracted his hands into his pockets and pulled out a very long object, which was only seemed to be the frontal part of it. From the looks of it, it seemed longer than a human!

Eventually, the rest of the object emerged from Ye Lang’s sleeves. It consisted of various cuboids arranged together.

If one were to look closely, the long object was actually a cylinder. And from the looks of it, the insides of the cylinder looked hollow.

The outer surface of the cylinder was covered in various carvings of mysterious symbols and characters. Those symbols were in fact, alchemy formations, and any alchemist in the crowd could easily confirm that.

This cylinder was an alchemy object, and its design resembled that of a small, portable bazooka. Said bazooka was in Ye Lang’s hand, and it even had a trigger.

It was at this moment, Ye Lang gripped the handle of the mini bazooka, placed a finger on the trigger, and aimed it towards Li Danteng…

The top of the bazooka lit up, followed by a bright light shining from the barrel of the bazooka...

“Damn it! Quick, set up the barriers!” snapped the arena personnel, who quickly did so. They didn’t care what Ye Lang was trying to do, but they sensed a possible danger.

“This…” the Grandmasters of Alchemy muttered in awe. Their eyes gleamed, as if they’ve just witnessed something very precious.

Suddenly, Ye Lang’s ‘portable bazooka' shot a bright ray of light towards Li Danteng.

“What?!” Li Danteng was stunned. He didn’t know what Ye Lang was up to. But thanks to his skills as a swordsman, he dodged Ye Lang’s attack.

“Boom!” the ray of light made contact with the barrier and burst it open. The strong impact caused dust and rubble to fly about and the arena to shake. The echo of the explosion was so loud, it could be heard miles outside of the arena.

Based on the volume of the explosion, the amount of rubble, and the damage to the barrier, everyone in the crowd came to the same conclusion…

The weapon in Ye Lang’s hand was an extremely terrifying one!

“Woah…” everyone’s jaw dropped, in awe of Ye Lang’s attack.

This kid really was something special! How could he come to possess such a powerful weapon, without the knowledge of others?

Li Danteng was in shock. Had he not dodge the attack, would he still be alive?

However, Ye Lang simply muttered, “Looks like the power level is still rather low, let’s ramp it up!”

Damn it, you could increase its power level?

In the crowd, everyone’s eyes and jaws widened further...

After all, it was obvious, the rest of the alchemy formations on the bazooka had yet to be activated. If the energy of all the alchemy formations were fully released, surely the power level would increase!

Furthermore, Ye Lang was excited to show the crowd the full capabilities of his new toy. Unknown to others, by releasing different combinations of the alchemy formations, the bazooka could produce different kinds of attacks.


Without saying another word, Ye Lang launched another attack. The intensity of the attack had definitely increased. Fortunately, the barrier’s size prevented any casualties or further damage.

“How dare you!” yelled Li Danteng, who just barely dodged the second attack.

“Why should I stop? You’re not dead yet,” replied Ye Lang, who prepared for another attack.

“You’re being dishonourable and shameless! This is a duel, you’re not supposed to use weapons!” Li Danteng ranted angrily.

“Oh really?” Ye Lang paused and looked at the weapon in his hand.

“Of course not! It’s against the rules! Do you see any other participant entering a duel with some alchemy-based weapon?!” Li Danteng continued.

“But I’m an alchemist, what else would I use if I don’t use weapons like these? Hey, heads up!” Ye Lang replied, finger already on the trigger...

After all, there was some truth in his words. To ban an alchemist from using such weapons and objects, would be the equivalent to stopping a martial artist from using his Douqi, and also the equivalent to disallowing a magician from using spells.

But this time, Li Danteng wasn’t so careful. After Ye Lang’s reply, Li Danteng had assumed he would stop with his attacks. He didn’t expect Ye Lang to proceed with the fight.

In that moment, Li Danteng could not dodge in time. As the attack made contact with him…


Li Danteng was thrown backwards with great force. With some difficulty, he steadied himself, pressing against the ground to support himself. With fury in his eyes, he glared at Ye Lang, as if his injuries weren’t severe at all!

In fact, it really wasn’t a severe injury, as the attack only made a slight contact with his body. Furthermore, right before the attack made contact, Li Danteng managed to gather Douqi to his defense and block the attack from fully damaging him.

Li Danteng’s Douqi obviously wasn’t strong enough to hold his ground against Ye Lang’s attack, but because he had allowed himself to flow with the impact, hence his injuries were not as severe.

Li Danteng’s hands and arms were shaking from the impact. While he stared Ye Lang down, he was trying to recover and calm his nerves.

“Don’t look at me like that, you’ll scare me. And if I’m scared, I might accidentally pull the trigger…” said Ye Lang as the bazooka in his hand lit up again. Although Li Danteng was on the ground shaking and gasping, Ye Lang had no intention to allow his opponent to recover.

“Goddamn it!”

Li Danteng barely managed a weak roll to his side as he saw the ray of light forming. Although it was a rather feeble and weak act coming from Li Danteng, in dangerous moments like these, it was still a rather effective defense.

Li Danteng dodged the oncoming attack and immediately got to his feet. He sprinted directly towards Ye Lang. In a matter of seconds, he had already halved the distance between them!

It was no wonder that he was the First Swordsman’s grandson. Sprinting at such a speed, he understood that the weapon in Ye Lang’s hand was a long-range weapon. No matter how intense and powerful its attacks were, it was useless in close-range combat.

Every time Ye Lang fired a shot, the weapon needed a cooldown period before it was ready for the next shot. At the same time, if the target was moving at a high speed, the shooter would have a hard time aiming.

With all the flaws combined, all Li Danteng had to do was to reach Ye Lang in time before he could fire his next shot. In such close range, the weapon was useless!

By then, everyone else in the crowd could foresee the flaw in Ye Lang’s weapon, but what they did not expect was...

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