The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 84

Ye Lang tossed his alchemy bazooka aside as Li Danteng approached.

Such a powerful weapon, thrown away as if it was nothing! 


This sudden action stunned both the audience and Li Danteng. 

Very soon, it was obvious what his plan was. Ye Lang had more than one weapon with him! 

“Watch out! Bombs away!” Ye Lang hurled a few small objects resembling stars at Li Danteng. 

“Bombs?!” exclaimed Li Danteng as he dodged them at top speed. He’d heard of alchemy bombs. After seeing how powerful the alchemy bazooka was, acting as an energy sponge, he instinctively believed that these tiny bombs shouldn’t be underestimated either. 




The prodigal kid didn’t let the crowd down. Every weapon was extravagant. Their explosions were absolutely terrifying. 

Li Danteng bore the brunt of the attacks. He was trembling, as he avoided every potentially fatal projectile. There were too many close shaves- his clothes were torn, charred in various places. 

No one could tell if only his clothes were damaged or if his body was also wounded. 

On the other hand, Ye Lang was spacing out on the other side of the arena. No one knew if he was thinking of his next move or he was just admiring his achievements. 

“Aargh! I’ll kill you!” Assuming Ye Lang was ‘rejoicing at his misfortune’, the humiliated Li Danteng was furious. He had lost his sanity by now, long forgotten that he should control himself or he’d risk the Ye family coming to seek revenge. 

“Oh? Since you’re out to kill, then I’ll have to kill you!” declared Ye Lang calmly as he produced yet another small bazooka. It was similar to the previous one, but it was a lot smaller- about the size of a rifle. 


Ah, shit. This kid must have a lot of stuff with him. He was bringing out weapon after weapon! 

The smaller one was a lot more convenient to use. While the magnitude of damage might be smaller, the range of movement was a lot higher. It was still a terrifying weapon even if it was less powerful! 

What other advantages did this one have though? 


Li Danteng had decided to use the same moves to manage these attacks but soon discovered, to his surprise, that this smaller bazooka didn’t emit any rays of light. There weren’t any alchemy formations on it. 

A dark object flew out of the black bazooka. It wasn’t a ray of magical power! Never mind what it was, he decided to dodge it too as it must be something powerful. Unfortunately, it was already too late. 

The object dispatched a net mid-air, which fell on Li Danteng as it continued to unfold and expand as wide as the sky. 

Li Danteng couldn’t escape. He had to use his sword to slash the net. 

However, he found Ye Lang’s net to be impossible to cut. Li Danteng’s Douqi sword did not leave any cuts or even a scratch on the net. 

As soon as the net touched Li Danteng, it started to wrap and tighten itself around Li Danteng. His struggles were futile, only making the net coil tighter. 

Magic. Douqi.

Nothing could break the net. 

Ye Lang made the net himself. Not just Li Danteng, even his grandfather wouldn’t be able to escape from it. If the materials used to make this net were revealed, Ye Lang would’ve been criticised to be too prodigal in his spendings…

The materials were extremely rare and precious. The net was made of silks produced by a spider-like monster during specific seasons. It could withstand magic and douqi and was highly malleable. It was the best weapon to use to rob and kill -cough- to trap enemies. 

This material was extremely rare. Even an entire empire might have lesser silk than what was used to make Ye Lang’s net. This net was something beyond imagination! 

Ye Lang’s small contained many things and nets with different functions but this net was the only one of its kind. He’d once thought of making a few more but there was no more left. He’d only gotten this batch at an auction by chance. 

Now, he could confidently tell Ye Lanyu and the rest that his daily visits to the auction house weren’t for nothing! All these prodigal acts were not futile! 

Of course, the net wasn’t purely made of this silk. There were also other materials added and also custom-made mechanisms. It could expand to a huge size instantly and contract once it captured someone. It was used to restrict movement. 

Anyone caught in this net would be a prisoner. They’d, of course, have to be caught first. 

“Don’t struggle, it’s useless. If you have any last words, tell me now!” 

Li Danteng was absolutely humiliated. He hadn’t expected to be defeated so thoroughly. 

He wanted to cuss Ye Lang out for playing dirty but immediately shut his mouth once he took a look at Ye Lang. He was afraid he might lose his life if he aggravated Ye Lang. 

Why would Ye Lang make him feel that way? Nonsense! You’d feel the same too if you saw someone aiming a bazooka at you! 

Ye Lang was holding the initial alchemy bazooka he’d tossed aside before. He was about to shoot Li Danteng! 

“I surrender!” Li Danteng was adaptable enough to surrender immediately. 

Why wouldn’t he? The next option was to be blasted into dust! 

However, Ye Lang didn’t seem to be listening. He was adjusting something on the bazooka. 

“Ye Lang! He surrendered! You may stop now!” yelled the First Swordsman quite anxiously. 

“Why should I? He wanted to kill me just now, so I want to kill him now!” said Ye Lang foolishly. Everyone thought he must have some short-circuit in his brain. 

This was the most worrying part for the First Swordsman. Ye Lang had always been perceived as slow and dumb. If he killed Li Danteng, people would just say he was being dumb again and forgive his action. 

Yet, Li Danteng would be dead. And that was not good news for his family and friends! 

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