The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 85

“You can’t do that! I’ve surrendered already! I only said that because I was angry, I didn’t really mean to kill you…” Li Danteng explained frantically. He didn’t want to die like this. 

“Any evil person would say the same thing. Therefore, you’re an evil person and you deserve to die!” As he finished his sentence, he pulled the trigger. The alchemy bazooka began to glow…

“Stop!” The First Swordsman leapt forward and slashed the net to pieces. It demonstrated his outstanding power as the First Swordsman. In a flash, he appeared in front of Li Danteng. 

“You’re just in time!” exclaimed Ye Lang with a smile which confused others. What did he mean? Wouldn’t it be difficult to kill Li Danteng now? 

“Ice! Fire! Wind! Earth! Full blast!!” 


Four beams of light, each a different colour, appeared and connected at a point. It spun at high speed, combining into a single light beam with four colours…

If the light beams from Ye Lang’s alchemy bazooka was the size of a skinny arm, then this beam would be the size of a thigh. A very fat person’s thigh. 

The difference wasn’t negligible. Therefore, the power was…


The First Swordsman was forced to summon douqi to his sword. He released his strongest wave of douqi as he confronted the four-coloured beam head-on. If he chose to dodge it, Li Danteng would definitely die! 

Why didn’t he just carry Li Danteng and leave? It wasn’t because he was unwilling, he couldn’t. Not only did Ye Lang’s net wrap him up, but it was also equipped with mechanisms that attached themselves to the ground. It restricted any movement within. It was impossible to pry them out unless they were deactivated by Ye Lang! 

The hall was showered with rays of light. 

The First Swordsman lived up to his reputation, to be able to draw the battle to a stalemate against the four-coloured beam. 

Yep, a stalemate. The result was surprising not because of the First Swordsman’s strength but because of the magnitude of the beam. It didn’t give the First Swordsman a single chance to take any advantage. 

Everyone also knew that if it weren’t for the extraordinary circumstances, the beam wouldn’t even have hit him- at least not when they were face-to-face in battle! 

However, it it was an ambush, perhaps it could be very dangerous…

As the shower of light faded, the First Swordsman appeared in front of everyone. Everyone grew more surprised at Ye Lang’s weapons when they saw the state he was in. 


The First Swordsman was tired. He felt weak, so he could only stare at Ye Lang without a word. There was a long pause…

“Hmm. You blocked it. That’s great. Let’s try Space Power mode…” 

Ye Lang’s words and actions almost caused everyone’s eyes to pop out. 

Not again?! 

At this point, many people believed Ye Lang’s next launch would cost the First Swordsman his life. It would be the strangest and most unjustifiable death of a Swordsman. 

He would be the most pitiful Swordsman! 

Ye Lang, on the other hand, would be popular. However, if the First Swordsman passed away just like that, wouldn’t it be too wasteful?

Anyway, it seemed to fit Ye Lang’s hobby--being prodigal!!

Wasn’t it? If the First Swordsman lost his life in such a manner, wasn’t it a waste? 

From a certain perspective, it was a prodigal action. Yet, it wasn’t a home affair, it was a national affair!

Stop! This must be stopped!

Many people began to ask Ye Lang to stop, including the emperor but their warnings seemed to be a futile attempt until--

“You little brat, you better stop!!” yelled Long Anqi.


“Sigh, what a pity…” Ye Lang picked up everything from the alchemy bazooka to the net on Li Danteng. He knew that was all for today.

If someone would ask what he was regretting, that would be not seizing Li Danteng’s life. In fact, he didn’t even view Li Danteng as an opponent as he just wanted to test the capability of the First Swordsman. He wanted to know if his alchemy bazooka was capable enough to cost the First Swordsman a life.

When he had mentioned that he wanted to kill Li Danteng, his true motive was to lure the First Swordsman out. Therefore, he had spoken and waited, or else he would have just shot Li Danteng.

So, he regretted now that it was over before he finished testing his weapons. Yet, he achieved his goal. From the four shooting attempts previously, he managed to calculate the corresponding equations!

That meant, he already knew all the ratios except for the last function.

“Ye Lang!!” roared Li Danteng at Ye Lang after the net was retrieved.

“Why? You want to buy me a meal? I’m busy,” Ye Lang clapped his hands and walked down the stage.

“I want to have a fair fight with you, you can’t use such strange things,” said Li Danteng, unwilling to admit defeat.

“Let me tell you again. I’m an alchemist so I only use alchemy formations. If you refuse to admit defeat, then wait for the day I become a martial practitioner!” replied Ye Lang casually as he continued to walk.

The day you become a martial practitioner? Will you be one? You’re just trash with no attributes, there’s no hope!


This trash with no attributes could be so skilful in alchemy. This was rather unexpected!

However, only alchemy masters in the hall had such thoughts whereas others believed that Ye Lang’s alchemy weapons were made out of money. If it hadn’t been money, he would not have achieved anything!

Exactly. Without money, Ye Lang’s alchemy weapons wouldn’t be so powerful and he wouldn’t possess so many powerful weapons. Yet, money was only the foundation. They couldn’t be forged without a certain level of alchemy knowledge.

And because of this, in the following days, alchemy masters often visited Ye Lang and examined some of Ye Lang’s alchemy items. Their recognition of Ye Lang’s talent in alchemy increased day by day!

Everyone seemed to finally realize that Ye Lang won a fight!

“Wow, the thirteenth prince really won!”

“I didn’t expect it at all!”

“Thank god I bet on the thirteenth prince or I’ll be losing money!”

“Yeah, I also supported the thirteenth prince. I have earned a lot of money, I will treat everyone a meal!”

“Yeah, I bet on the thirteenth prince too! I earned so much, I’ll treat everyone to a meal!” 

“Everyone? But are you as generous as the thirteenth prince? He could treat all of us as once! I mean tens of thousands of us!” 



There was celebration everywhere, many people rejoiced when they knew they’d won money. Of course, they were also celebrating Ye Lang’s victory and the fact that he wasn’t trash!

Although his physical body did not have any attributes, he had enough pride in him to fight against the First Swordsman. 

While the circumstances of this was a little sketchy, no one cared. 

This was the first time Ye Lang exhibited his strength too. Even trash wasn’t easy to defeat! 

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