The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 86

“Chengtian, your son is always full of surprises!” said the emperor, smiling. Although he said he was surprised, the emperor seemed to have already gotten used to it and thought it was no big deal.

After all, Ye Lang only used his alchemy weapons and won unexpectedly- anyone could do that.

Li Danteng felt more and more humiliated as the cheering grew deafening- he never thought he would lose, let alone be disarmed this easily!

He wasn’t going to admit defeat this easily!

“Ye Lang! You stop right there!!” Li Danteng sprinted towards Ye Lang when the First Swordsman wasn’t paying attention to him. He released the strongest douqi he ever did in his life with absolute fury.

This was something that he would be despised for. He would never have the guts to lift his head up high again, not in front of anybody- because he ambushed Ye Lang! 

Ye Lang was walking in front and didn’t seem to notice the wave of douqi approaching…

Everyone wanted to stop Li Danteng. They didn’t want him to hurt Ye Lang- the very person everyone wanted to protect!

The First Swordsman, who was standing closest to him, also wanted to stop Danteng- not because of Ye Lang but because he didn’t want his grandson to get into big trouble and ruin his whole life!

He was distracted a few moments ago, but he rushed over as soon as possible. He wasn’t sure if he could make it. He was dashing the fastest he could, praying he could make it. 

The rest?

Even the First Swordsman was in such a situation, so you can only imagine the rest- they could only stand by and watch, shouting…

“Brother, careful!”

“Ye Lang...”

Ye Lanyu, the seventh princess and the others were all shouting, trying to warn Ye Lang. They all leapt and rushed towards Ye Lang- although they knew they couldn’t catch up in time, how could they bear doing nothing?

“What- what are they yelling…” wondered Ye Lang, scratching his head. He turned around only to see a powerful douqi hurling in his direction. He seemed to be daydreaming- he wasn’t doing anything.

Stupid! Idiot! Can’t you duck?! 

Ye Lanyu and the rest cursed silently- but they knew that even if Ye Lang dodged the direct attack, it wasn’t guaranteed he could escape the impact radius. Ye Lang standing on the spot made them even more worried!

No- nope, he wasn’t stationary- suddenly everyone realised Ye Lang was drawing something quickly mid-air and left a trace of confusing markings…

“An alchemy formation!”

The master alchemists’ eyes lit up. They were the first to recognise what Ye Lang drew in mid-air- it must be a kind of alchemy formation. But they weren’t sure about the formation’s function.

No one could identify an incomplete alchemy formation. Two alchemy formations often had minor differences- and they could make two similar formations become completely different!

The master alchemists were all very excited at the moment. They finally got to see a real battle using alchemy skills- directly using one’s own alchemy abilities. This was harder and less powerful compared to alchemy weapons, but the most useful advantage was--


Everyone made out Ye Lang’s alchemy formation in a split second. They all knew what formation this was. It was crystal clear.

As the douqi attack drew closer to Ye Lang, a circular alchemy formation appeared in front of him. The formation glittered with magnificent colours…

The douqi stopped when it reached the formation. It couldn’t come an inch closer to Ye Lang- the douqi attack was blocked outside the formation!

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they saw this. They weren’t sure if Ye Lang could completely hold against the douqi attack, but at least the delay was enough for someone to save him.

Almost immediately, everyone realised Ye Lang’s formation wasn't just blocking the attack. After the wave was blocked, it turned around and hurled back towards where it came from!

“Moon Mirror?!”

How was this possible? How could he use such an advanced formation? Also, how could a moon mirror be this small?

The only alchemy formation that could reflect a douqi blade was the Moon Mirror. However, a moon mirror usually required the strength of many men at a time- there wasn’t a single person who could wield it alone- with bare hands too!

The diameter of the smallest moon mirror would be at least ten metres- but Ye Lang’s was barely 2 metres!

This wasn’t because it wasn’t possible to create such a small size. It was just too difficult to fit such a complex alchemy formation into such a small space- well, no one could until now.

Ye Lang didn’t spend much time on it either! Did he really do that himself? 

No one was sure. Ye Lang’s mini version of moon mirror had materialised with all the right features!

“?!” Li Danteng was stunned to find out that his douqi attack was reflected back at him. He stood, stunned, as his own douqi came hurtling towards his face. 



Li Danteng was hit and thrown backwards by his own attack. He coughed up blood from the sheer impact. 

A person who put in all his strength into an attack wouldn’t have any defence. Li Danteng was just hit by his strongest attack- without any form of defense. 

Upon witnessing such a scene, everyone knew...

Even if he wasn’t dead, he would be disabled!!

“You look awful… But you don’t deserve the pity!!” said Ye Lang calmly. He didn’t forget to do a good deed--

“Doctors, please help him- don’t let him die. It’s better to let him live than to die so easily... he doesn’t deserve a peaceful death.”


I hope he can’t walk... But Ye Lang didn’t say this. He thought this would hurt Danteng. He was a good man, he wouldn’t say something as hurtful as this…

Cough. No matter what, Li Danteng deserved this. If he didn’t provoke Ye Lang; if he didn’t insist; if he didn’t sneak behind Ye Lang just now- he wouldn’t end up like this!

But if things didn’t turn out like this, no one would’ve realised that the dumbass Ye Lang was actually an amazingly talented alchemy genius- a dumbass genius!

After getting to know about the mini-moon mirror, everyone was sure about one fact- that Ye Lang somehow made some modifications to be able to produce such a small moon mirror. It was only specifically for certain attacks.  It wasn’t like the original version, which could reflect any sort of attacks, so most of the alchemy formations involved in its formation were omitted. 

And the most amazing thing was that Ye Lang could create different versions of the moon mirror according to different situations. The specificity of this was extremely high- even skilled master alchemists wouldn’t be able to achieve this. 

This wasn’t only about skills- it demanded observation, reflexes, speed and accuracy…

The Ye thirteenth prince was incredible indeed!

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