The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 87

It was dawn at the Ye family’s ‘Little Lang’s Den’- also Ye Lang’s yard. Since when did the kid give his yard such a ridiculous name?!

Many wondered about its meaning. Ye Lang merely said it was just a name- it wasn’t anything special.

Ye Lang was daydreaming, staring straight ahead in the yard. He seemed to see Tigress dancing…

He wondered how she was doing. Was she the same? She should’ve grown up a lot. Everyone had been doing a lot of growing up in the past few years. They were adolescents. 

Perhaps her small dumplings also became huge buns...

“Brother, what are you laughing at? You’re so weird!” exclaimed Ye Lanyu as she entered when she saw Ye Lang’s lewd expression.

“Nothing! But if it’s your case, I don’t think it’ll become a big bun,” commented Ye Lang while shaking his head. He looked at Ye Lanyu’s breast- not small, but not big either.

“?? What bun?” Ye Lanyu was confused. If she knew what Ye Lang was thinking right now, she would kick his ass.

“Big bun, the food!” stated Ye Lang seriously. “Sis, I’m not going to the academy today- didn’t I tell you yesterday?“

“I know you’re trying to hide from them, but they’re already here- at the gate. Do you want to meet them?” asked Ye Lanyu, smiling.

“Nope! Tell them I don’t have anything for them- I’ve given them enough, tell them to do their research!” frowned Ye Lang, shaking his head.

“I know, so I chased them away,” said Ye Lanyu, still smiling. She knew Ye Lang. Of course he didn’t want to meet them. She didn’t want them to trouble her brother too.

“Then why did you come?” asked Ye Lang simply.

“I just came to see you, or am I not allowed to?” smiled Ye Lanyu, pinching Ye Lang’s face.

She came to see Ye Lang- she wouldn’t give up a single chance to be with Ye Lang. She loved him too much; but to put it simply, she was just spoiling him!

“Come to…”

“You can’t say no!” said Ye Lanyu, smiling while pinching Ye Lang’s nose.

“I didn’t say no, just that- nope, I’m not against it,” said Ye Lang, covering his nose with a blank expression.

“That’s a lot better!” smiled Ye Lanyu.

“Even if I have a problem with it, I have no choice until you have a boyfriend. Ah, I don’t even know if you’ll get married- if you don’t, it’d be very troublesome for me!” complained Ye Lang, staring at the sky.

He didn’t notice her face change...


Ye Lanyu smacked and scolded him, “The fact that I don’t have a boyfriend is all thanks to you, hmmph! You chased everyone away!!”

Ye Lanyu was still young, gorgeous and had awesome abilities- with a powerful family background. A girl like her would have many admirers after her- then she would eventually meet someone fitting.

It was just that whoever Ye Lanyu liked, Ye Lang would have a lot of opinions on that person- even making a scene just to separate them.

Long Anqi and Ye Lanyu had a headache because of him- but they couldn’t bear to scold him either.

Then again, if it were up to Ye Lanyu to choose between her love and Ye Lang, she would definitely choose Ye Lang over her love.

She would give her partner up even if it was the love of her life- so let’s not even talk about the guys she only ‘liked’. 

“I did? I don’t recall,” Ye Lang seemed to not remember a single thing- he wasn’t acting, he really didn’t think it was worth remembering.

“Forget it- I don’t want to argue. If I can’t get married in the future, then it’s your fault! Then we’ll see how you deal with that! Hmph!!” retorted Ye Lanyu. Before leaving for school, she still habitually kissed Ye Lang on the cheek. Ye Lang’s adorable face was still like a child’s in her eyes.

“If you can’t get married- so be it- I’ll take care of you for the rest of your life. I’ll never let anyone bully you and never let you cry,” said Ye Lang blankly. He didn’t realise that he was being very selfish. Ye Lanyu might never meet the love of her life like this.

Or maybe this was just what he felt at the moment- he didn’t want his sister to leave him, he still wanted to rely on his sister; or deep down in his heart, he just wanted to have all of  Ye Lanyu for himself and didn’t want her to marry someone else…

Ye Lang seemed to be talking to himself because Ye Lanyu was leaving. However, unexpectedly...

“Remember what you said- don’t you dare forget!!” said Ye Lanyu, who peeked back through the door with an adorable smile.

When she first heard what Ye Lang said, she was stunned outside the door. That was when she turned around. Ye Lang paused before saying, “Why are you like Tigress- you all have such sharp ears!!”

“Of course! Our ears are very sharp, so you better don’t badmouth me behind my back- you can only say something nice- like praising my beauty…” giggled Ye Lanyu.

“Oh please!” said Ye Lang straight-forwardly.

“...You! You’ll get it when I’m back!!” growled Ye Lanyu. Her expression darkened and she left. Her words didn’t seem to have any effect though.

After a while…


Someone called out affectionately- was it Ye Lanyu again? Nope, of course not- you could tell from Ye Lang’s expression.

“Damn it! I’m not here!” shouted Ye Lang, giving a clumsy denial. He sprinted into the house and slammed the door shut. 

“...He’s such an idiot- if he’s not here then who’s answering me.” A young lady appeared in Ye Lang’s yard and came straight for his door. She kicked his door open…

“You bitch, I dare you to pretend you’re not here-and  this time, if you still refuse to agree to my requests, I’ll show you why the flowers are so red!!”

“Why?” asked Ye Lang curiously. His head popped out and he immediately realised that he shouldn’t be here- he should be hiding.

“Gotcha!” She wasn’t about to let this opportunity go- mmediately she caught Ye Lang and dragged him out.

He was really a little dumbass- he still asked why!

She didn’t understand Ye Lang at all. You could say he’s stupid, but he had all these amazing talents… You could say he’s clever, but he was always so confused! 

“Let go!  Let go! I can’t agree to your requests...You should go home while it’s still early,.” said Ye Lang. He slapped on her hands, trying to free himself.

“It isn’t that hard- why can’t you just agree?!” said the young lady unhappily. She let go of Ye Lang.

“Not that hard?! Oh please! Sister, you wanted me to transform you into some perfect figure! Let’s not even talk about whether I want to do it or not, the fact that you want me to do it at your house was enough for me to reject you! And this project cannot be finished within a year!” sulked Ye Lang. 

Sister? Yep, this young lady was Ye Lang’s cousin. Not his paternal cousin, so she wasn’t one of the Ye family’s girls.

And she wasn’t related to Ye family- not related to Ye Chengtian. She was from Long Anqi’s family.

This cousin didn’t appear out of anywhere- she often came to visit Long Anqi. She often hung out with Ye Lang and Ye Lanyu too- Ye Lang was also very dear to her!

And this time, when she heard Ye Lang transformed Zhen Xiaoyan into a perfect girl in a short period of time, she immediately dropped everything to visit Ye Lang. 

She questioned why couldn’t he help her too- of course she also wanted Ye Lang to transform her body into a perfect figure with perfect qualities.

It was just that Ye Lang wasn’t a single bit interested- he took no notice of his cousin!

Why did he have to- she was already a breathtaking beauty, she exuded class and elegance. How would other people feel if they knew she wasn’t satisfied with what she had? Ye Lang was firm in his decision.

There was one thing though. She had a long scar on her forehead which she used her hair to cover. She felt like it would ruin her looks. 

Speaking of this scar, it had something to do with Ye Lang too. They were still children then, and Ye Lang was always wandering around restlessly. One time, he almost got hit by a carriage and he wasn’t paying enough attention to dodge it. Luckily his cousin was there to save him, but instead, she got a scar…

Ah, in short, the past was unbearable!

And Ye Lang seemed to have forgotten this incident entirely!

This scar should’ve been easy to remove. Magic or alchemy should make the scar disappear entirely. However, her physique was special that these didn’t work on her. 

Everyone found out about her body’s strange quality through this- unless her body healed naturally, all these ways wouldn’t work on her.

After that, she took extreme care of her wounds after any injuries- she was scared she would have another permanent scar!

Maybe this scar also made her remember her relationship with Ye Lang- even if the scar disappeared, she would still keep that scar in mind and remember their relationship!

This could never be erased!

Had Ye Lang forgotten? 

Perhaps he had...

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