The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 9

"Uh…..excuse me?! Your son was at the brothel for three days?! He's five. He shouldn't be growing up that quickly," blurted the emperor. The emperor was astonished.

Even the ruler of a country reacted this way, so you could imagine the rest. At this point, the entire empire was aware of the outstanding achievement of the thirteenth prince. Entering the brothel at the age of five! This was definitely a first.

This became the topic of conversation from the capital to the entire empire. They gossiped about how the thirteenth prince drank wine with female entertainers at Romantic Floor, how he competed with others in bidding for a little slave girl.


After this incident, there was one more little girl accompanying the thirteenth prince, which was the little tiger girl he bought. Long Anqi had initially wanted a servant about his age to accompany him anyway, so she didn't mind. He needed a playmate and a caretaker. 

This little tiger girl also seemed to be quite thoughtful. She realised her being free of humiliation was all because of this somewhat stupid thirteenth prince. Even though she knew that the thirteenth prince did not help her out of sincerity, the truth was that he’d helped her. He did rescue her out of a living hell.

As a member of the tiger race, it was customary to be grateful and seek repayment. Even tiny favours would be repaid. Of course, when someone offended them, revenge was served cold. 

Although the little tiger girl loved taking care of the thirteenth prince, she showed no affection towards other humans, as she was caught by humans.

Since then, the Ye family had another little tiger servant, while the thirteenth prince had a caretaker/playmate.

Long Anqi would continuously brag about how wise the decision to keep her was many years after this incident.

However, at the time, the thirteenth prince didn’t agree at all. He’d insisted on sending the little tiger girl home, for only that could be considered as truly prodigal. Long Anqi smacked him. 

It wasn’t that Long Anqi was unwilling to spend 50,000 gold coins, this was nothing to her. It was the thirteenth prince’s pocket money after all. She just felt that this little tiger girl was destined to accompany her son.

The thirteenth prince didn’t comment on this afterwards. He’d always been a clueless kid and he didn’t have any opinions on it anyway. At the same time, he had a new playmate to play with, so he was happy either way.

Right, we forgot to introduce the little tiger girl’s name. She was known as Tai Ya, but as for which clan her family belonged to, she hadn’t mentioned and no one cared enough to investigate.

Even after she’d told them her name, it was still the same for the thirteenth prince, because he had only one name for her---Tigress.

In addition, Tigress was about one year older than the thirteenth prince. She was petite though, so she looked around the age of the thirteenth prince. When she matured, she would be a lot smaller than the thirteenth prince.

Do not assume that everyone from the tiger race had a large stature. Among the female members of the tiger race, there were also a few mini-sized ones. Of course, they were extremely rare and Tigress was one of them.


”Little brother, is Romantic Floor really that interesting? Let’s go next time,” whispered Little Lanyu excitedly.

“It is! We can’t though, mom said no,” The thirteenth prince nodded, then shook his head.

”We can! Just don’t tell mom,” whispered Little Lanyu.

”?? We can? Let me ask her.” Confused, the thirteenth prince ran to ask Long Anqi, while little Lanyu, faced with such a situation and unable to stop him, was about to escape immediately.

”Ye Lanyu! Stay where you are!” Long Anqi’s roar echoed across the universe.

 “Mom, I was kidding. Ye Lang, you jerk, I’m not bringing you anywhere.”


In the following few months, the thirteenth prince still remained prodigal every now and then. He’d, of course, ask for pocket money from Long Anqi in advance, and while she’d say ‘this is the last time’, she still gave him some money to spend each time.

The thirteenth prince was initially grounded, but later Long Anqi agreed to let him go out, no longer grounding him. It wasn’t that she was convinced, it was that she had no choice.

Officially, the thirteenth prince was grounded after this first disappearance. The entire Ye Residence was vigilant of the recurrence of such incident, so it was practically impossible for him to leave the house again.

However, strange things began to happen. The thirteenth prince still went missing a few times, especially when everyone KNEW he’d go missing. He’d leave the house in some interesting ways.

These methods were all overlooked by ordinary people. Perhaps they could only be thought from his perspective. Long Anqi had been shocked speechless whenever he told her how.

Long Anqi was no longer surprised after a while, only curious how he could think of so many ways. It was impossible to have so many ideas, even if he were a wise man. Ye Lang here was a child with defects, so how could he come up with so many ideas?

Not only did this baffle Long Anqi, but the entire Ye family too. They even suspected the thirteenth prince playing the fool, but that was impossible.

He’d been like this since young. If it were just an act, then he’d have to start since he was very young. Was it possible? Did he really need to do all of this?

Moreover, there were still quirks that could not be faked. Perhaps it’d be possible one time. Even if he had exceptional acting skills and astute, it couldn’t be so flawless it’d go unnoticed by his own parents.

The only explanation: this thirteenth prince had only mental defects in certain areas, but surpassed other kids in others. If he could mature as a normal person, then he would be like someone from the folk tales. A true child of the heavens, a legend.

Yet, this frustrated the Ye Residence guards. They started to resent the thirteenth prince because he caused them to be reprimanded every now and then.

At the same time, this trained them into a secret elite task force. This job had increased their vigilance to unprecedented heights. Later, the security of the Ye Residence would be beyond imagination, even better than the palace.

There was once a secret agent, a legendary spy, a spy who roamed among countries freely. His footprints were never spotted, entering the palace of the three major kingdoms was as easy as returning home. He could be recognised as a legend among the spies.

However, he fell into the hands of the Ye family in the end. While spying on the Ye Residence, he was arrested by a guard. He thought that guard must be an elite among the elites, or how could the guard capture him? He was crestfallen when he got an answer, for that guard was a very ordinary guard at the Ye Residence.

What made him more depressed was when he questioned the guard how he was noticed, the guard answered: “The thirteenth prince used your trick when he was a child. This is nothing!”

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