“Apostle”-- this was the general term for the twelve extraordinary living things that could not be fully understood by humans in this world. Each “Apostle” was powerful. It was said that the “Apostles” could use their own ability to alter the landscape of their surroundings. Hence, the existence of the Apostles was highly dangerous  to humans. 

Among the twelve Apostles, the most powerful one was Yulman, who had the title, “Unlimited”. This morning, when Yulman’s younger sister, Norjess opened his room’s door, she only found a note on the table 

Fuck Apostle! I don’t wanna do it anymore! I wanna find a girl to be my wife!!


Until today, a legendary scourge-level magic beast appeared on a snowfield at the North of the empire. The scourge-level magic beast was the most dangerous kind among the known magic beasts. The places where the scourge-level magic beast passed by would definitely plunge into chaos and destruction. 

Although the magic beast was still far from the city, for the safety of the citizens, the empire must still send an army to encircle and suppress the scourge-level magic beast, the “Ice Dragon”, that only appears once in a thousand years.  

Amongst the army that the empire sent, the empire’s elite magician, who once turned the tables in a battlefield alone, was there as well. She was recognized as the “Flame Witch” and her name was Chloe Charlotte. 

Everyone on the snowfield was nervously standing by, waiting to launch an attack at the Ice Dragon. In the troop of anxious soldiers who were sweating, there was a not-so-tall guy standing alone at the other side of the snowfield. Under the army’s specialized helmet, a lascivious laugh was heard. Even though no one would believe it, this guy was the most powerful Apostle, “Yulman”.

Hehehe, I really want to squeeze the soft cheeks of the salesgirl in the club!

The others were nervously sweating, whereas Yulman was laughing lasciviously and wiping off the saliva that was leaking out. Fortunately, the helmet covered his face, or else he could be kicked out due to poor army morale. 

But why was the most powerful Apostle in the human army of the empire? Wasn’t it because of his financial problem!? 

In today's society, no matter how powerful an Apostle was, it was impossible to have a wife without money. Putting aside the fact that whether the females would accept him or not, having a meal needed gold as well. In addition, buying other goods needed money too, a normal human’s one-month salary can then be spent on a date. 

However, when Yulman noticed that money was not money anymore in the human world, only a small amount of gold he brought was left of him. 

When he was worrying over it, he saw an army recruitment notice on the city wall and their aim was to kill the snowfield’s Ice Dragon. Due to the fact that the location was in the snowfield, the main army of the empire was not able to get there in time, so they started to recruit soldiers temporarily. If one passed the medical check-up and the exam, then one was allowed to join the army. Although the rewards were not that huge at first, they lacked people, so the rewards rose up to three thousand gold per person. Additionally, they would have the chance to join the official army. 

But I didn't really expect that a lousy dragon can be this worthy in the human world. Should I try to date the salesgirl after getting the money? Maybe ~~~ Hehe ~~(¯﹃¯)

As Yulman was still in his fantasy, the land that was initially covered by white snow turned into red. A lava-covered humongous flame ball was cast directly towards the large-sized Ice Dragon on the snowfield. In an instant, the heat of the flame melted the thick snow on the land, even the sky was dyed red at that moment. 

“This is Lord Chloe’s attack signal! Launch attack!” 

Everyone in the army was energized at once. They brought out their weapons and advanced towards the Ice Dragon with the ball of flame. 

The original plan was to attack the injured Ice Dragon continually once the flame ball hit it. However, no one expected that the flame ball which dyed everything into red instantly turned into a cloud of white smoke once it touched the Ice Dragon.  

“This is impossible!” 

The soldiers were stunned at this scene, most of the soldiers that were recruited temporarily immediately turned anxious. They knew that attack earlier was one of the highest levels of fire magic, “Lava Bombs”.

But the Ice Dragon would not be merciful on them. Before the soldiers realized anything, it spat out chills that could freeze the land. The weather changed suddenly, the calm snowfield turned windy and a blizzard started. The soldiers near the Ice Dragon were then frozen into ice. Next, the dragon swept its tail, smashing those ice into pieces. 

“Is… is this the power of a scourge-level magic beast…”

“It’s impossible to defeat! Even the Flame Witch, it is impossible for her to defeat the legendary Ice Dragon! Let’s run!”

The soldiers who survived did not hesitate to throw their weapons down and escape since they're faced with an opponent that was so much stronger than them.

Even though that was the case, Chloe, who was addressed as the Flame Witch, was still fighting courageously against the Ice Dragon at the frontline. 

Chloe’s petite body and the Ice Dragon’s hill-sized figure showed an obvious comparison. But the most surprising thing was that Chloe’s momentum was definitely not undermined by the Ice Dragon. Her flame-like red hair was as if it was going to burn everything with her magic’s help. The heroic aura from her eyebrows was just like the legendary War Goddess. 

“The flame that burnt through sky and earth, please become the sword in my hand! Flaming Crimson Sword!”

After chanting, the scorching flame once again dyed the white snowfield into red. A sword that was burning fiercely was struck towards the head of the Ice Dragon. However, the Ice Dragon that was created by numerous ice accepted the damage without any injury, while the magic sword that was burning slowly turned into white smoke and disappeared in the air. 

The sweat on Chloe’s fair face gradually became frozen. Her red hair was then covered with frost. 

She was not willing to accept defeat, but the difference in their power was too vast. Even casting transcended-class magic, “Flaming Crimson Sword” was not able to deal any damage to the Ice Dragon. 

Chloe did not panic at the situation, instead, she quickly made the most efficient plan in her heart.

We can only slow down the Ice Dragon and let everyone escape, in this way we can at least notify the citizens in the city to evacuate.

As she thought of this, she immediately ordered them loudly, 

 “Everyone listen clearly! I’ll cover this, you guys evacuate now!!!”

However, only the howling wind and the roar of the Ice Dragon replied to her in this blizzard. 

Five thousand soldiers can not be seen anymore, a lot of them were turned into ice and only numerous soldiers could escape due to fear. 

“You guys escape without my order? Then I’ll just slow this down to give you guys more time……”

Chloe then closed her eyes and gathered all the magic power into her body. The outer part of her body started burning wildly, her body temperature kept on rising as well. This is unique to an elite magician, gathering the extraordinary magic power and making their surroundings explode. This is not enough for her to kill the Ice Dragon, but at least she could slow it down, the citizens would have more time to evacuate. 

However, this kind of magic was dangerous, if it was not done well, the magician herself would explode into pieces. Chloe hesitated, she hesitated at the last second, even if she was determined, she did not want to die yet. She still had so many unfulfilled dreams. 

“You’re so cute, why do you take things so seriously?” 

At that moment, Chloe heard a voice that was not supposed to be there. She instantly opened her eyes in panic and saw a guy who was wearing the armor of the empire’s army standing between her and the Ice Dragon. 

“Why is there still someone here?”

Chloe looked at the male teen in a cold manner, she tried her best to give them more time to escape and he did not appreciate it. 

“Me? I was planning to get the 3, 000 gold and have a date with beautiful girls. But, I was so engrossed in thinking which girl has the highest possibility in accepting my date, when I finally came back to my realization, everyone’s gone.”

“Are you an idiot!? Aren’t you thinking about how to survive now!!”

Chloe turned angry as she heard his frivolous words. And because of that, the magic power that she finally gathered dispersed away. 

As the magic power dispersed, the Ice Dragon that was initially in a defending position spat out chills that could freeze her flame. 

Chloe, who spent too much mental strength on gathering magic power, began to lose consciousness. She could only close her eyes and wait for her death in the dark helplessly. 


Nothing happened.   

When Chloe forcefully opened her sapphire eyes, something humanly impossible appeared in front of her eyes.  

The idiot who talked about finding girls to date earlier was pressing the Ice Dragon’s upper jaw strongly. The enormous Ice Dragon was pressed onto the floor as it continued to struggle, the intimidating chill earlier was as if it was swallowed back into the Ice Dragon’s stomach. 

“Is this a dream…?”

Chloe looked at the Ice Dragon which was struggling desperately and could not differentiate if it was the reality or only her dream. The most powerful transcended-class magic she used was not efficient at all, the five thousand soldiers were easily defeated, she was ready to give up her life to slow down the dragon… 


Why! Why!! 

Why could this guy suppress the scourge-level magic beast with just one hand? Why was a powerful Ice Dragon acting like a lizard and being played by the guy now?! 

“I saved your life, why not think about having a date with me??”

The guy in front of her was pressing the Ice Dragon which was still struggling and then smilingly looked at Chloe who's nearly unconscious. 

Why is there only this kind of thing in this person’s mind……

Chloe collapsed onto the thick snow due to the lack of energy, and the last scene she saw was the sophisticated red magic array which was created under the hand of the guy that was pressing the dragon. Chloe has never seen this kind of magic array before and its complexity was not only one level higher than any high-class magic. The words engraved on the array was something unknown to Chloe. 

From the last part of her memory, a red-purple flame burst out from the magic array which covered the Ice Dragon in less than a second. The Ice Dragon, which originally could freeze the flame, surprisingly struggled in the red-purple flame. Its body which could not be split open by the Flaming Crimson Sword was melting slowly. In a blink of an eye, the Ice Dragon burnt and only a gleaming crystal was left.