Yul frowned deeply, he started recalling as hard as he could about what happened three hundred years ago as he did not want to stay far away from Elsa. 

“The battle between humans and the seventh Apostle?? I remember there’s something like that…”

Although his memory was blurry, Yul remembered faintly about the scene when the seventh Apostle, Celia ran towards him and complained to him. 


“Humans are getting more and more arrogant! They went to the extent of stealing my ring, and they even used the ring to threaten me!! Hey! Yulman are you listening to me! How dare they use the ring to threaten me!! Can’t you help me with this matter!!” 

“Isn’t it just a ring? What’s shocking about that, you’re not even injured. If there’s nothing else then go away, don’t disturb me in researching literature.”


The seventh Apostle, Celia’s angry expression appeared in Yul’s mind. Yul was so engrossed in reading humans’ novels at that time, so he did not have the mood to listen to her. 

“Ah… I remember there was someone who took away Celia’s ring.”

Everyone was shocked as he finished his words. 

There were two reasons for it, one was he directly called the seventh Apostle’s name at his own will. Normally, it was forbidden to say out the seventh Apostle’s name so simply. It was said that the cause of that battle against the seventh Apostle was because someone called her name in front of her. 

The second reason was that Yul’s answer was outrageous. The key reason to turn the table was that humans stealing the Apostle’s ring? This was not even found in their textbooks. Hence, every student thought that Yul just wanted to give up his bright future deliberately. 

However, when the students turned their heads to look at Professor Gale, they noticed Gale’s expression was the same as theirs.

Gale’s initial answer was because of humans’ great inventor, Esther invented a device that could produce magic power in a large-scale, this then made the seventh Apostle be aware of how rigorous the matter was, so she decided to talk over it. 

This was also supposed to be the answer by normal students. Although the question was tricky, if one studied well, one could think of the answer. 

But it was different for Yul, the answer he gave was more accurate than the initial answer. It could be said that his answer made the reason for the war’s victory clearer than ever. The reason for the device to produce a large amount of energy was all because of the Apostle’s ring that was filled with magic power. If it was not for Esther to steal the ring, it was impossible to invent that threatening weapon. 

After a moment of silence, Gale finally opened his mouth.

“What’s your name?”

Professor Gale walked towards Yul and looked at him who was wearing a normal uniform with admiration. 

“One word, Yul.”

“Very good, student Yul, you can sit down now, we’ll continue our lesson.”

Professor Gale’s words made the whole class surprised. 

“Professor Gale! Why didn’t you kick him out of the class?!”

It was the blonde-haired guy who people thought that he saved Elsa that asked the question for everyone. 

He thought that he was the one who saved Elsa, and a beautiful girl like Elsa should throw herself into his arms. But he did not expect that Elsa would be groped by that guy in front of him and she even got closer with him. 

Any guy would not be able to accept this. 

Therefore, the blonde-haired boy was the one who wanted to see Yul being kicked out of the class the most. 

“If I didn’t remember wrongly, you’re Kyle, right? A top student in this Elite class. Chloe mentioned about you to me before. But I hope you can read more books about the history, this would provide you a big help in understanding the Apostles and also understanding magic.”

Gale turned his body and looked at Kyle who was confused, while Kyle was dumbfounded by Gale’s words. 

“Maybe you guys do not really understand what this student Yul talked about. This is not to be blamed since normal textbooks won’t record such details. Only those who stayed in libraries and those who research history seriously will give out this answer. This is also the most accurate answer. I’ll tell you about the details later. But before this, I wish everyone is brave enough to call out the Apostle’s name directly. We should not be afraid of them, instead, we should understand and even defeat them! Humans can then only improve continually like that.”


Yul immediately showed an awkward expression when he thought of his own stance and aim.

However, Gale felt pleased as he walked to the podium, then, he started telling the story that was rarely mentioned in history books.