The students finally had a short lunch break after ending the tedious History lesson. The Elite class was a special class in the academy, so they had benefits that normal students did not have, and one of them was that they could order food for free. 

Although there was no difference for Yul to have a meal or not, it was as if Yul had changed a stomach since he came to the human society. The reason for this change was because the food made by humans were too delicious. 

“Hey! Look at that guy, he’s just like a country bumpkin.”

“I know right, he knew the food was free so he ordered so much. I really don’t know how he places all the food in his stomach.”

The students who sat beside were looking scornfully at Yul who was gobbling up the food. 

“I really don’t know why this guy is in the Elite class with us.”

“Didn’t Miss Chloe said before, he’s brave. Look at the nonsense he said this morning, it even made old man Gale confused.”

“Gale must be muddled, the answer must be made up simply by that guy and he just guessed it correctly.”

Kyle who was sitting beside suddenly turned his body towards the students that were gossiping. 

“He could guess it right for the first time, but it doesn’t mean he could get it right for the second time. I will definitely kick him out of the school in no time.”

He was not gossiping or talking bad behind people’s back, instead, he sounded like he was threatening or intimidating Yul. The students that were gossiping earlier were ready to watch the drama. This was because Kyle had an outstanding ability and family background. If he wanted to cause some trouble for Yul, it could be done in a blink of an eye. And now he just wanted to show his severity in front of Yul also to let him know who was the boss here.

However, when Kyle wanted to turn his body to look at Yul’s horrified expression, he was infuriated as green veins were seen on his forehead. Because Yul was not even listening to Kyle, and he was definitely not acting as Yul was eating with everyone’s goddess, Elsa.  

Yul looked at Elsa who sat in front of him. He was holding the cutlery in his hands and thinking if it was better to continue eating or to chat with Elsa. 

Oh no! I didn’t think that I can eat with Elsa so soon, what should I do?

Although it was not a date, being able to have a meal with the girl he admired was something excited enough. Just like what was said in humans’ books, “Almost every relationship was started from the dining table, and those relationships that were not started on the dining table would be sublimed on the dining table.” 

But for Yul who was inexperienced, he did not know what to do or say next. Yul kept recalling what happened in humans’ novels and was planning to have a conversation based on the novels. So Yul did not have the thoughts to listen to Kyle who was acting like a poser. 

“Um… Did I make you feel distressed by sitting here?”

Elsa looked at Yul’s troubled expression started to think that she had disturbed Yul from enjoying his meal. 


Wtf! What did I say just now! I was busy thinking about what to do, so I just said “mm” without listening!”

“I’ll just change my place then.”

As Elsa finished her words, she took her plate up as she felt disappointed, preparing to leave.  

But at that moment, Yul called out Elsa. 

“Wait!! If you don’t sit here I‘ll feel more distressed.”

Elsa was astonished for a second, the edges of her lips then curved up slightly. 

“You’re so weird, you’re distressed if I sit here, you’ll also be distressed if I don’t sit here. Why is it so?” 

“This is … because I’m happy when I see you, but I don’t know how to make you happy, that’s why I’ll feel distressed.”

Elsa laughed when she heard his words, her attractive smile and pinkish-white skin would definitely conquer any guy who saw it. 

But there were not many guys who were looking at beautiful Elsa, because they were uniformly looking at Yul with envy and hatred.

Kyle’s vision filled with anger was the most obvious one among them. This was the first time he felt this angry as the eldest child from the Empire Duke’s family, Yul did not only ignore what he said, but was also chatting happily with the girl he liked. 

“Shit… I’ll definitely make this guy who knows nothing to beg and kneel in front of me.”

As the eldest son of the Duke and as an educated gentleman, Kyle could not just walk to Yul and beat him up as he had his own reputation. So he could only bear with it as he gritted his teeth.