After a short lunch break, a half-day long actual combat training session awaited. 

Thousands of beasts rested within the Empire’s territory, so it was imperative to run a battle drill to simulate fights against beasts. Moreover, the Elite Class was the top class in the academy, which held its actual combat training session in a very high esteem.  

At this time, the students assembled at the hall which hosted their entrance examination yesterday. Actual combat training sessions and entrance examinations were conducted here because the hall was surrounded by a barrier spanning from inside to outside at all corners, which served as a safeguard against all kinds of spells and harm. It was cast 200 years ago by the expert magician of the Empire, Asemans. No magic could make their way through the barrier, so the hall would become a temporary shelter if the people face danger. So far, no such occurrences had taken place. 

“Today marks your first day of combat training session. Did you guys pay attention to today morning’s strategic theory class?” 

Chloe was standing at the centre of the hall with a stern look while projecting an aura of dignity and power. The Elite Magician’s elegance radiated in full light. Her cheeks were really cute too, and the contrast almost caught Yul off guard. Sadly, only Yul was drawn into Chloe’s adorableness; the other students deeply understood the terrifying side of the blazing witch.

All of a sudden, the entire hall went silent. If they responded that they paid attention in class, and could not answer questions imposed later on, it was equivalent to seeking death. If they had replied that they did not listen during class, they would only die faster. No one wanted to become the black sheep so silence is their best friend. 

“Since no one wanted to answer, I am going to take at face value that you all paid attention. If so, your opponent in today’s lesson is it.”

When Chloe reached out her hands, a magic array of a diameter slightly lesser than two metres unfolded beside her and a creature leapt out of the magic array. Its fur was red; the tip of its tail burned with a flame - a tiger had appeared in front of their eyes.

The tiger had a number of vertical black stripes as well. Its look was particularly overpowering, as seen through the projection of its stripe patterns collocating with its red fur. The two razor-sharp fangs protruding from its mouth sent shivers in people’s spines. The most menacing of all was the blazing flame emerging from the side of its mouth every time it took a breath.

“A Flame Tiger?” 

A bespectacled student immediately shouted the creature’s name.

“Seems like you all have some sensibility after all. This is a Flame Tiger - a very common species among the creatures with fire attributes. It is also the opponent you would have to defeat today.”

The Flame Tiger sitting beside Chloe swept its eyes across the room to observe every student with an imposing look. Although its size and strength cannot compare to the high-level Flame Wolf summoned previously, a Flame Tiger was still powerful in existence among common creatures. 

“31 of us against one Flame Tiger? Isn’t this underestimating our ability too much?”

The person speaking, Kyle, had excluded Yul from the Elite Class. Kyle was a little afraid of Chloe but he still dared to ridicule Chloe due to his influential family background. 

“Since when did I say that all of you are going to face them at once?”


Everyone heightened their senses immediately after they heard the sentence, because what followed was 15 similar magic arrays appearing behind Chloe. The beasts appearing from the radiating light of magic arrays were none other than Flame Tigers. 

“This afternoon’s actual combat lesson will involve two students teaming up to fight against a Flame Tiger. Any students that fail to do so are required to copy all the textbook contents taught this morning 100 times.”

The moment Chloe finished her words, all students were dumbfounded. The strategic theory covered this morning spans across 12 pages in the textbook! A student would surely die in the dormitory while copying the contents word by word.

“Um… Miss Chloe, I don’t recall learning how to defeat a Flame Tiger during this morning’s lesson.”

A student raised his hand nervously and asked Chloe. 

“Learning is about drawing inference from analogy. Aren’t there many people that are adventurers here? You should have plenty of experience facing a beast of a similar level.”

Chloe knew many were adventurers amongst the 32 students; some were even recruited as impromptu soldiers to fight against the Ice Dragon. However, she understood the actual situation and did not emphasize the matter about the Ice Dragon.

Nonetheless, the majority of the students only belong in the lower tier in the Adventurer’s Club. Often when facing a beast of a similar level to Flame Tiger, there would be an experienced adventurer alongside to help them. Unfortunately, there were no such adventurers among the 32 people present.