Chloe divided all 32 students into 16 groups by drawing numbers, the groups then scattered out to fight their own Flame Tiger. 

Yul held the number in his hand. The first thing he did was to look towards Elsa, but the number in Elsa’s hand was 1, and the number in his hand was 7. 

“Are you joking with me!”

Yul looked at the number in his hand and rubbed the paper immediately, wanting to rub away the horizontal stroke of number 7.

“Hey! You’re holding number 7 right?”

At that moment, an unfriendly female voice echoed into Yul’s ear. 

“Yes, but I’m trying to make it into number 1.”

Yul said as he used his thumb to rub the stroke on number 7.

“Are you crazy? It is impossible to rub it off. Come over here quickly, I’m number 7 as well.”

Yul raised his head and looked at the girl who was talking fiercely. 

She was not tall, her golden, wheat-colored skin on her perfect body seemed attractive, and her short black hair was in a pigtail. Although the pair of eyes under her fringe was not big, it was bright and fierce. If her attitude was better,  there would be more guys chasing after her. Unfortunately, this person looked just like a violent girl.

As Yul thought of this, his vision turned dull, as if he was a salted fish who had lost his dream. 


Yul held onto the number in his hand, his shoulder sank as he sighed and walked towards the girl. 

“What are you sighing for!? It’s me who’s unlucky to be in a group with you who’s always thinking about girls!”

The girl turned mad when she saw how Yul behaved. 

“I thought I would be with someone cute if it’s not Elsa, but why I’m with a violent…”

Before Yul finished talking, a huge axe slid down from a centimeter from his nose and smashed strongly against the ground. 

“Excuse me, my hand was slippery.”

The girl smiled friendly towards Yul.

“Miss Chloe!! I want to change group, I feel like my life is threatened with this girl as my teammate!” 

Yul immediately raised his hand and shouted towards Chloe. 

“I wanna change as well, this trash who’s always thinking about girls will definitely drag me down.” 

Everyone knew Yul molested Elsa during the entrance examination when everything was in a mess. Adding up to the fact that he had the perverted look, the girls would definitely dislike him.

“Your requests are invalid. It’s also a challenge to carry out a mission with people that you’re unable to get along with. If you guys continue to say all those nonsense, then you’ll be punished by copying something.”

Chloe rejected their requests mercilessly. She turned and walked towards one side of the hall, silently looking at the students. 

“Fuck!! Think about girls more you pervert! I, Aegir can defeat the Flame Tiger alone. You better don’t cause any trouble for me.”

As Ageir was talking, she raised up her giant axe and stood in an attack position towards the Flame Tiger. A green magic air current appeared under her legs, it was called the “Breathe of Wind”, a basic-level wind magic that could allow the caster to move faster. 

The Flame Tiger who was relaxing immediately became alert when it saw Aegir. In the next second, Aegir raised up her axe and rushed towards the Flame Tiger at a fast speed. 

While Yul was standing at one side unhappily, he started to look for Elsa in the hall that was filled with magic and roarings. 

When Aegir and the Flame Tiger was fighting, Elsa and Kyle were divided into the same group coincidentally. This made Kyle who had ill-intentions happy. 

“Beautiful Miss Elsa, I’m honored to be in the same group as you.”

Kyle placed his right hand on his chest and bowed towards Elsa, showing his royal etiquette. 


However, Elsa did not answer anything. She had a shy personality and was not good at getting along with guys. She heard of Kyle’s family as well, she then got scared facing a guy who disguised his inner beast with a gentleman image.

But in Kyle’s eyes, Elsa looked like she did not dare to say anything because she was shy. 

Kyle felt complacent when he saw Elsa’s expression. He then thought: So what? Even if Elsa is close with that guy Yul, she immediately felt aroused when she saw me.

Kyle felt proud instantly. He gathered all his magic powers together, preparing to impress Elsa.