As a Summoned Beast that could sense magic, the Flame Tiger could feel the increasing magic power on Kyle. The Flame Tiger glared at Kyle carefully, changing its step slowly and showed an attack position. 

“Do you plan to fight the Flame Tiger alone?”

Elsa who remained silent finally said something, but it was better if she did not say anything, Kyle thought Elsa was worried about him as she asked and he felt more complacent.

“Don’t worry about it, just look at me!”

Kyle turned his head towards Elsa and smiled to leave a handsome impression for Elsa. 

However at that moment, the Flame Tiger caught him off guard by plunging towards him. Fortunately, Kyle’s reaction was quick enough. He stretched out his palm and cast a basic-level wind magic attack, “Wind Blade” towards the Flame Tiger. But this basic-level magic had a power that was close to intermediate magic.    

“Shell Breaker”

It was an Inherent Magic that Kyle inherited as the eldest son of the Duke’s family. Any magic that was used by Kyle could breakthrough to its next level. It might not be anything shocking for a basic-level magic, but if one day Kyle predominated high-level magic, it would then turn into a god-level magic. This was also the reason why Kyle’s family was intimidated by others.

A strong gust of wind was guffed towards the Flame Tiger, where the wind went was where the blade went, lacerations could be seen on the tough skins of the Flame Tiger under the Wind Blade. However, the Flame Tiger was not an easy opponent, it jumped sideways out of the Wind Blade’s attack range. A burning flame was seen in the Flame Tiger’s mouth, and in the next second, the cloud of flame smashed towards Kyle like a cannonball.

“Hmph! Small Tricks!”

Kyle raised his right hand and used the power of his wind magic to compress the air around his palm. Then, he turned the compressed air into balls and cast towards the flame bullets shot by the Flame Tiger. 

When the Air Bullet and the flame clashed with each other, rays of light shot brightly to the surroundings, the hall was then enveloped by the light of the explosion. At that moment, Chloe was also looking at Kyle and nodding her head. When everyone was frightened by the light of the explosion, the Flame Tiger penetrated out from nowhere and pounced onto Kyle. The Flame Bombs were only baits but the real aim of the Flame Tiger was to blind Kyle by using the light of the explosion and pounced onto him.

Elsa rushed to help when she saw the scene, but her speed was too slow compared to the Flame Tiger. 

The flaming mouth of the tiger was once again faced towards Kyle but the distance was really close now. Kyle was pressed hardly by the Flame Tiger on the floor, but he did not give up.

When the flame was ready to be spouted by the Flame Tiger, he quickly used support magic to strengthen his own defense. The flame was spitted towards Kyle, engulfing him instantly. 

Elsa just came and saw the scene covered up her mouth. Everyone would have thought that Kyle was severely burnt. But after the fire scattered away, something shocking happened. Although Kyle’s face was charcoal-black and some of his clothes were burnt, he was still intactly lying on the floor. 

The Flame Tiger kept the flame in its mouth once again when it saw what happened, but Kyle had made preparations this time and quickly shoved out his hand and compressed the air by using his magic. At the moment when the Flame Tiger was ready to spit out the flame, Kyle used his Air Bullet and hit its jaw. This sudden attack caused the Flame Tiger to swallow its own flame. 

The Flame Tiger’s level was not really high among the Summoned Beasts, their flame were produced by the fire bag in their throats, so their organs did not have any defense function. The attack by Kyle caused internal damage to the Flame Tiger. 

Kyle who was proud of himself pushed the Flame Tiger that was almost dead and stood up. He then walked towards Elsa proudly as everyone was looking at him shockingly. 

“How’s it? It’s relaxing to be in the same group as me right?”

Kyle had finally grasped the opportunity to show his ability by killing the Flame Tiger so quickly, so he thought that there were no others who could do it as well. Elsa must be crazily fascinated by me now.


It looked like what Kyle had thought by looking at Elsa’s shy expression. But what Chloe said afterward made Kyle’s face painful as if someone slapped him. 

“Kyle and Elsa, you’re the second group that hit the target. It’s your free time now, you can continue training or go for a rest.” 

“What!? Second?? Did you count wrongly?? It’s only been a while!!”

Kyle as the eldest son of the Duke’s family had rich and proper training experiences since young, and he possessed an Inherent Magic “Shell Breaker” which was nearly a cheat, so he should be the undeniable powerhouse of the Elite Class. It was impossible to have someone who had the same age as him to overpower him, even if they were the adventurers. 

“I did not count wrongly, you guys are the second group that had completed the target.”

Chloe pointed at the other side of the hall, a Flame Tiger was rolling on the floor and acting like a cute and spoiled kid. While the people who were sniffing the cat*, no, the people who were sniffing the tiger were Yul and Aegir who were infatuated by the tiger. (T/N: sniffing a cat is a Chinese phrase used online and it means when a person does something to a cat to show their love, for example, kissing, sniffing or hugging the cat.)