Flashback to ten minutes ago…

Aegir was picking up her huge axe and flinging it towards the Flame Tiger. Yet, under the acceleration magic, Breath of Wind, Aegir was still lacking in speed compared to the Flame Tiger as she wielded her axe. 

The Flame Tiger ingeniously evaded her attack, then made use of rebound force of jump to pounce towards Aegir. Seeing as there was no chance to escape, Aegir held on to her huge axe and used the long iron axe’s handle to block the attack by the Flame Tiger. However, Flame Tiger was a fire-attributed Summoned Beast so a mere axe handle could not stop it. A flame of high heat was seen to build up as soon as the Flame Tiger sank its teeth on the axe handle, and the bitten part instantly melted into reddish molten iron.


Aegir was as pale as a sheet. The weapon that she was most proficient at, and most proud of, was easily snapped into two pieces by the Flame Tiger to her surprise. What followed next could be easily guessed by anyone - as Aegir did not have much magic talent, she was like a fish out of water when she lost her weapon and got trampled on by the Flame Tiger. 

Aegir ducked and wanted to counterattack with her fist, but her landing punch had no effect on the Flame Tiger. It turned around and lunged on Aegir to bite her. Looking at the bloody mouth of the tiger, Aegir closed her eyes as she did not have time to react to it. 

However, nothing happened as time passed. The pain that Aegir thought she would suffer after the Flame Tiger bit her did not happen. 

Aegir was puzzled. She slowly opened her eyes, but only saw the back of a black-haired teenager standing in front of her. 

“This… this is??”

She did not know how Yul managed to stop the tiger’s attack. Judging from the tiger’s cautionary eyes, she could guess that the tiger suffered a huge loss.

But Aegir would never figure out that the Flame TIger gave up on attacking just when Yul merely appeared in front of it. As a Summoned Beast, the Flame Tiger instinctively sensed danger when Yul showed up so it thought that immediately giving up its intent to attack, and using the fastest speed to draw a distance between itself and the threat in front of it, will be the best choice.

“I don’t wanna be penalised to copy lines, it will take away my time to see the girl.”

Yul spoke while glancing at the Flame Tiger. At the same time, Yul released an immediate coercive force rapidly towards the Flame Tiger. This force does not require any magic, and is very hard to be detected by humans in an extremely short period of time.  But it was different for the Flame Tiger as a Summoned Beast. Even though it was instantaneous, it could feel its soul suppressed.

In a flash, the Flame Tiger made the most correct decision in its life as a tiger.


 ̄ω ̄=

The Flame Tiger that could normally self-proclaimed as a king among Summoned Beasts, was currently laying down on the floor and turning its white belly towards Yul, while making a cute purr sound. 

“Seems like you are sensible after all!”

Yul laughed at ease as he saw the Flame Tiger’s movement, and approached it excitedly to rub its belly. 

Actually, Yul was worried a moment ago - what to do if the tiger was impervious to the situation and started fighting? He just garnered the ability to seal his power. If they actually fought, he was afraid that he would accidentally raise Chloe’s suspicion.

“Good boy~~~!!!”

Yul touched the Flame Tiger’s chin while rubbing its fur at the same time. After all, it belonged to the cat species even though it was a tiger. Seeing a big cat that was acting cute and kept asking for petting, Aegir could not contain her excitement. 

“Erm… erm… can I pet it as well??”

The usually wild and fierce Aegir was like a puppy now, hiding behind Yul timidly. She originally extended her hand to touch the Flame Tiger’s head, but immediately got frightened and retreated her hand when the tiger moved its ears.

“Don’t worry, it will definitely not bite you, right??”

Yul uttered while rubbing its head.


The Flame Tiger squinted its eyes and meowed cutely at Aegir. This time Aegir cannot hold herself back anymore. She quickly rushed forward to hug its belly and rub its neck and head. Yet, the Flame Tiger did not fight back and continued acting cute by licking Aegir’s face.

“What are you two doing…”

Chloe realised there was something wrong with the situation and immediately went up to Yul and Aegir.

“Sniff… cat-sniffing…”

Yul and Aegir instantly stood up when they saw Chloe, but the Flame Tiger was still tipping its tail and rubbing its body around them. 


Chloe was absolutely flabbergasted with the scene in front of her.

A Flame Tiger! Even though it is not a high-level Summoned Beast, it is still one of the strongest species among the ordinary Summoned Beasts. A Flame Tiger is arrogant and eccentric, it will never flatter any human other than its master, and there were no exceptions to this rule. 

 But it was now actually happening in front of her eyes.

“Teacher Chloe, does this count as us beating the Flame Tiger?”

Aegir looked at Chloe nervously, but her hands behind could not help itself and started patting the Flame Tiger’s head, which placed Chloe in an awkward situation. The original plan was to let them both defeat the tiger. She did not expect that they were able to discipline it to behave like a cat. There was no precedent for this situation. 

“Consider it a yes… luck is also part of strength. Both of you are lucky to meet a Flame Tiger that fancies you. But you may not be so lucky tomorrow.”

Although Chloe did not want to acknowledge, she could not do anything about it at this moment.

“Yess!!! What a surprise that a pervert like you has a card up your sleeve!”

Aegir smiled while smacking Yul’s shoulder. Her dislike towards Yul had suddenly been swept away.

“Don’t call me a pervert, you violent girl!!

It was concerning to be addressed as a pervert by a cute lady.

“Alright! Alright! I won’t.”

Aegir was still all smiles.

“Alright! Since you two completed the lesson, it is your free time. If you want to rest or continue training, it is up to you.”

Chloe extended her right hand and started condensing her magic power. It seemed that she was ready to withdraw the Flame Tiger back.

“Um… Teacher Chloe…”

Aegir suddenly stopped Chloe with a begging expression.

“Say, what problem do you have?”

Chloe stopped casting her magic array and looked at Aegir.

“Can you let the Flame Tiger stay and accompany us for a while?”

Chloe glimpsed the Flame TIger that gave up its dignity and laid on the floor, while waiting for people to rub its belly that was facing upwards. 

“Haih… do whatever you want.”

Chloe stood aside and held her head to withstand a headache. In the twinkling of an eye, Aegir and Yul began excitedly patting the Flame Tiger.