Yul crossed his legs as he sat on the floor, his both hands were touching the Flame Tiger that was sleeping on his stomach. This made Yul remember the pet he reared in the Apostles Palace. Is my idiotic younger sister taking well care of it?

“Um… Can I touch it?”

When Yul was thinking about his past pets, a soft voice fluttered into his ears. He would never make a mistake on this voice, it was Elsa’s. 

“Of course! This cat doesn’t bite.”

Yul even rubbed the Flame TIger’s chin as he was saying. Elsa who was initially scared of the Flame Tiger being unhappy could not control her actions when the Flame Tiger meowed. 

“Ahh!! It’s so cute!!”

Elsa immediately stretched her hand to pet the Flame Tiger’s head and was infatuated by it. Kyle who was standing beside glared angrily at Yul who was playing the tiger with the two beautiful girls. 


Kyle looked at Yul and clenched his fist tightly. 

The afternoon went by quickly and a part of the students had completed the mission in defeating the Flame Tiger. However, they did not request Chloe to have more practices and allow them to rest, instead, they came to sniff the tiger. The situation was slightly uncontrollable and the Flame Tiger who was rubbed for a whole afternoon showed an embarrassed expression.

“Those who completed the mission and don’t want to continue practicing, go to rest now. Don’t obstruct other people here.”

Chloe walked towards the students and shouted at the students who were busy sniffing the tiger. 

The students then reluctantly scattered away due to Chloe’s authority. 

“Wu… The Flame Tiger can be this cute. I wish I could continue touching it.”

“That guy Yul is so lucky that he got to face a Flame Tiger that has a good attitude. The one I fought was so fierce.”  

The students were still discussing about the Flame Tiger after Chloe asked them to leave. A big cat like this was too attractive. 

Aegir who heard the students was dumbfounded. 

Yeah! A Summoned Beast like the Flame Tiger should be arrogant, it was so fierce when I was fighting against it, but why did it act like a cat when Yul came?

Aegir who had a confused expression turned and looked at Yul who was standing beside, surges of doubts crept up her mind. 

After the actual combat lesson, the students of the Elite class dragged their tired bodies back into their hostels. More than half of them were still needed to copy twelve pages of the textbook for a hundred times as a punishment under this condition. The students felt hopeless instantly, and it was only the first day of school.

Of course, the students were not the only ones that were tired, Chloe who was the teacher was worn out as well. She did not only need to remember the students’ names and skills, but she would also need to observe their battle tactics and actions during the actual combat. 

Aegir Izzies, good at short-range battle and loves to use heavy weapons like huge axes. She can only use basic-level support magic.


Chloe who was arranging the students’ profile, was shocked when she saw Aegir’s information.


“Izes?? This is the General’s surname, isn’t it? Why didn’t I get the notice that a member of the General’s family is studying here? Could it be a coincidence?” 

Chloe looked at Aegir’s information column and felt confused, if it was really a member of the General’s family, then it would be a troublesome matter. She wished it was just a coincidence on them having the same surnames. Chloe then turned to the next page, but this page was even more troublesome.

Yul, good at short-range weapon attack, physical ability is excellent. Can only use ordinary non-elemental magic. 

Chloe had doubts when she looked at Yul’s information.

He can only use ordinary non-elemental magic? In this era, people who do not know how to use elemental magic is equivalent to someone who does not know how to use magic. If Yul only knows how to cast non-elemental magic, then there will be no difference between him and ordinary human.

However, the Flame Wolves would never be defeated by just an ordinary human. Was it really what the principal said about him hiding his Inherent Magic?

At that moment, Chloe saw a remark under Yul’s information. 

This person was a temporarily-recruited army in the Ice Dragon battle. He passed the physical ability exam during the recruitment. The test results are as below……

Chloe could not believe her own eyes when she continued reading under the remark. This was because Yul obtained full marks for almost every test, including those tests that normal humans could not even pass. 

“Is this guy hiding his Inherent Magic? Or is it just his physical ability that is outstanding?”

Chloe sank into confusion once again as she recalled the weird acts of the Flame Tiger.

“This is giving me headaches....”

Chloe closed the information booklet heavily and rubbed her eyes. 

Even the Flame Witch could get tired after a whole day of work. 

Chloe stood up and placed her sweater that was on her shoulder to the chair’s back. She then stretched her body and walked towards her comfy bed.

But when she was in front of her bed, she stopped her steps. 

Chloe was distracted, she could be seen hesitating about something from her expression, but her eyes were as if they were looking forward to something.

She then made her decision, turned her body quickly, and cast a magic array.

A majestic Flame Tiger then appeared beside Chloe. The Flame Tiger sat on the floor and it swung its tail as if it was waiting for its summoner’s order. But Chloe did not make any command, instead, she touched the Flame Tiger’s chin using her hands and rubbed its head continually. 

“I never know the Flame Tiger can be this cute... (๑´ㅂ`๑)”

“Meow?? =w=”