It must be an illusion, it must be the effect of losing too much mental strength. How could someone defeat the scourge-level magic beast in a second with only one hand when an army of us couldn’t do it?! Everything is an illusion, I must wake up quickly, I must give all that I can to stop the Ice Dragon… I must wake up to stop it...

“I must stop it!! I must stop it!!”

Chloe screamed as she opened her eyes, but what came into her vision was not the icy snow field, instead, it was a clean and organized room with a white blanket that covered her. 

Chloe stretched out her hands to feel the sunlight shining onto her, it was warm and gentle. 

“You’re finally awake?”

Searching towards the source of the sound, an old man with gray hair and a goatee was sitting beside Chole’s bed. When she saw the old man, she instantly sat up nervously. 

“Teacher Asemans… I…”

“It’s okay, lie down and rest well.”

The teacher who was addressed by the Flame Witch was Asemans. He was the principal of the Empire’s Royal Academy, and also the chief magician of the empire. 

“Since I’m alive, this means that the Ice Dragon is dead, right?”

Chloe squeezed her soft cheeks, trying to confirm that she was not dreaming. 

“Yes, the Magic of Esthesia could not find the Ice Dragon anymore.”

Teacher Asemans replied calmly.

“That’s good then…”

Chloe felt relieved as she smiled gratefully.

“But Chloe, who is the person you said you must stop earlier?”

Suddenly, Asemans’ voice became serious. This made Chloe nervous once again. 

“It’s the Ice Dragon, of course. If we don’t stop the Ice Dragon, the Empire will definitely be in chaos.”

Chloe looked at Asemans with her eyes filled with sincerity. Although Asemans did not use the Magic of Mind Reading, he who has lived in an age older than any ordinary human could judge if a person was lying or not through one’s expression without the magic. 


Asemans did not say anything and only looked at Chloe, who was confused. Chloe did not dare to answer Asemans either before he said anything.

“Do you know how the Ice Dragon died in the end?”

After a moment of silence, Asemans asked. 


This time, it was Chloe’s turn to be silent, 

Because, she did not know, to be precise, she was not sure if she knew it or not. No matter what, it was impossible that one would know how to cast powerful magic with one hand and defeat the scourge-level Ice Dragon easily. So Chloe still thought that it was only an illusion before she fainted. 

“It’s okay since you were unconscious when we found you. But I want to show you something.”

As he was saying this, he brought out a small glass bottle from his pocket. There was a red-purple flame in the bottle. The color of the flame was identical to the one in Chloe’s memory before she fainted. 

“This… this is?”

Chloe was shocked when she saw the flame that was still burning in the bottle. If this flame existed, this meant that the memory she wanted to deny earlier was real, and the person who killed the Ice Dragon single-handedly in only one second existed as well. 

“This is “Hell Flame”, a flame that couldn’t be controlled by humans forever.”

After Asemans explained, she was even more shocked that her mouth was unable to close anymore.

“The flame that couldn’t be controlled by humans forever? Is this…”

“Yes, this is the Apostle’s magic. Although I think the Apostles will not enter the human world, there must still be something that we don’t know. Who knows, maybe the Ice Dragon was released by the Apostles.”

When Chloe heard his words, she clenched her fist tightly.

“Apostle” was such a frightening word, no matter which Apostle it was, their existence was feared by humans. However, Chloe was not afraid, she was determined to accomplish and impossible aim in her heart. 

And that was to “eliminate all twelve Apostles that are a threat to the humankind”.

“Okay, I’ll not disturb you anymore. I thought I could hear some useful information from you, but it seems like there’s no hope.”

As Asemans said this, he kept the bottle with the flame into his shirt’s pocket. He then stood up and walked towards the door.

“Oh ya, there’s another thing that I want to tell you.”

Asemans stopped moving when he reached the door, he gradually turned his body and looked at Chloe who was still in shock. 

“The death of the Ice Dragon was credited to you. Since anything involving the Apostles will create unnecessary fear, just accept those rewards.”

As he finished his sentence, he left the room while smiling. Chloe, who sat on the bed, was still stunned by what happened.