When Chloe left the training hall, the students cast their suspicious eyes on Yul. How did this guy win without fighting every time? Why were the Flame Wolves so obedient to him?

“Pervert! What did you do to make Flame Wolves so obedient to you?”

Aegir was the first person with curiosity to dash towards Yul and confront him.

“Just now, Teacher Chloe asked me to demonstrate my Inherent Magic.”

“Inherent Magic??”

Aegir looked at the unimpressive-looking Yul in doubt. In Aegir’s understanding, Inherent Magic cannot be simply used by anyone. A person has to be a certified magic caster and undergo a decent amount of training and possess the endowment to awake his or her Inherent Magic. It seemed simple on paper but could take several years to manifest the actual ability. 

However, there are exceptions - some people can use Inherent Magic from the moment they are born, but there are exceptionally few such people. Besides that, Aegir was lacking in terms of magic aptness so she was unfamiliar with these kinds of stuff.

“What kind of Inherent Magic does Yul have??”

At this moment, a soft and gentle voice entered Yul’s ear. Yul’s eyes instantly turned into a heart shape when he saw Elsa. 


Aegir was not pleased with Yul’s behaviour and cursed him. 

“Oh, my Innate Magic is ‘Beast Trainer’ and I have the magical ability to make any Summoned Beast listen to my orders.”

Anyways, since he already started talking big, he figured that he should just stick it out.

“Ehh?? Does this magic really exist?”

Elsa widened her eyes when she heard his words and had a surprised look on her face. In contrast, Aegir was relatively calm and collected, probably because she did not know much about magic. 

“No wonder the Flame Tiger was so obedient last time…”

Aegir could not help but show an infatuated expression when she recalled the cute look of the Flame Tiger.

However, Kyle, who was at the side, could not stand to hear them anymore. 

“ ‘Beast Trainer’? If you have that kind of Inherence Magic, didn’t you just cheat your way through the actual combat lessons till now?” 

Kyle frowned his eyes slightly and pretended to look frustrated while raising a question to Yul. In fact, he was smirking secretly to himself, because he awaited this opportunity to arise. 

Evidently, his sentence resonated with other classmates. 

“Now that you mention it, it seems that it is indeed the case.”

“Yeah, why didn’t you mention earlier if you have the magical ability to control Summoned Beasts? You caused us to suffer brutal hits during the entrance examination.”

In no time, Kyle stirred up other people’s dissatisfaction towards Yul. 

“Do you know how much effort we put in just to stay in the Elite Class? The students that couldn’t bear the pressure and quit gave their best while they were here. You, on the other hand, are really something. From the start, you kept leering at Elsa while muddling your way through the classes.”

The whole class was agitated the moment Kyle finished his sentence. 

“Yeah! During the entrance examination, you must’ve purposely controlled the Flame Wolves and took the opportunity to harass Elsa!”

“Yeah! You always had a perverted look since the first day of school. You don’t deserve to be part of the class.”

“ ‘Beast Trainer’? That is a very strong Inherence Magic right? Did you enter the school through the back door? If not, how can a junk like you hold on until now?”

Many accusations were voiced at once and the audience’s sentiment was successfully controlled by Kyle.

“Enough is enough! Are you guys done with your words? I think you all are just jealous of Yul’s Inherence Magic!” 

Aegir, who was standing beside Yul, could not stand other people’s vituperation towards Yul and chastised them loudly. In the blink of an eye, Aegir overpowered the audience with her presence.  

“Everyone, please calm down a little. Even if it is Inherent Magic, a person has to undergo strict training to master it.”

Elsa was not used to speaking to the public so her voice was very soft. Fortunately, because Aegir shouted just now and made everyone quiet, the surrounding people could hear Elsa’s voice. 

However, the occasion of Elsa standing out for Yul agitated Kyle and ignited a flame of jealousy in him. 

Why would Elsa look down on someone as excellent as him to help a junk like Yul?

As a young master that was born into the upper class of society, he could never tolerate such things to happen. Thus the thought of shaming Yul kept surfacing in his mind.

“Strict training? This means he can defeat the enemies even without cheating?”

The moment Kyle’s remark surfaced, Elsa and Aegir glanced at Yul worryingly. After all, they never saw Yul use any magic from the beginning till now.

“Of course I can.”

Yul smiled and replied.

“If so, let me, Kyle Bolter, become your opponent. As long as you win me, I won’t say anything anymore. But if you can’t win me, please leave this class voluntarily and properly apologise to those who worked hard!”

Kyle extended his right hand and a small, square magic array appeared in front of Kyle. Any magic caster will be familiar with the magic array - it is a space-warping magic array that would only appear when a Summoned Beast was summoned. Just then, a breeze blew through and a strong gust appeared on top of the magic array, only to build up more and more. Following that, a long sword with a emerald hue was slowly drawn out by Kyle from the magic array.