The news about the Empire’s elite magician “Flame Witch” defeating the scourge-level magic beast, Ice Dragon, spread quickly on the continent like a wild, uncontrolled horse.  

The city located on the snowfield at the Northside of the Empire was having their celebrations. Praises for the Flame Witch could be heard everywhere.

When everyone was enjoying and raising their glasses, there was one person sitting in the corner of the Adventurers’ Club in melancholy. He has black hair and looked like a guy in his twenties. He was wearing outdated clothes and was prepped with simple weapons. 

Nobody would know that he was the strongest Apostle, “Yulman”, who single-handedly killed the Ice Dragon. Since he needed to mix himself into human society, he created a simple human name for himself, Yul.

I went overboard! If I’m exposed, then that’s the end of it!

No matter who the girls were, the little sisters with beautiful buttocks in bars or the salesgirl with big boobs, anyone who knew that he was an Apostle would only have two reactions, one was to escape crazily, and the second one was to kneel down and pray immediately. 

A long time ago, Yulman actually sneaked out before, but he did not know how to seal his power and because of that, it caused quite a stir. Anyone who saw him would kneel down, although he could get what he wanted, it was not fun at all. He did not want the girls to kneel down on the floor because of fear. What Yul wanted was cute and innocent girls that would turn red due to shyness, girls that would be angry because of jealousy, girls that would salivate due to delicious food, and then eventually, he could develop his relationship with the girls, holding hands, kissing, and falling in love with each other in a romantic night. Finally, they could start a new and happy life as a pair of newly-weds. 

“I think it’s better to temporarily leave from here!”

Yulman said as he picked up his bag and walked towards the exit of the Adventurers’ Club. Even though it was announced that the Flame Witch killed the Ice Dragon but, since the “Hell Flame” that Yulman used was not something that humans could own, they would eventually know that it was the Apostles' doing once they did some investigation.

“Bye~~ Cute salesgirl~~ Bye~~ Beautiful bar ladies, although you guys did not even accept my dates, I’ll still remember you guys. Now I’m going to other cities for new encounters, or maybe I could go to the Elven Forest which is far away from human cities.”

Yulman turned his head and looked at the girls who were working. Then he turned back towards the door as he had decided earlier. But suddenly, a group of people wearing the Empire army’s uniform barged into the boisterous Adventurers’ Club. 

“Who’s Yul here??”

A guy who looked like an officer yelled loudly. 

The boisterous atmosphere immediately turned cold and everyone’s vision was stuck onto Yul, while Yul looked blank with his sweaty face. 

Impossible! They must not have found my identity, if they did, they would not talk to me in this manner.

Yul hinted himself heavily in his heart. 

“Are you Yul?”

The officer who was wearing a formal uniform came to Yul under everyone’s vision and even looked at Yul solemnly. 

“Ye… yes, I’m Yul.”

Yul could not even deny that. The others called themselves his brothers all this time, but it was so natural for them to betray him at this crucial moment. 

Since my true identity was not revealed, then is it for the rewards? 

Yul was worried that his identity would be found out so he did not dare to receive the rewards.

“We’ve finally found you! You’re the last one, quickly pack your bags and come with us.”

As the officer finished his words, he patted Yul’s shoulder and turned towards the exit. 

“Eh? Where? I thought you were going to hand me the money?”

Yul had even stretched his hand out, but the officer did not have the slightest intention to hand him the money. 

“Money? Do you mean the three thousand gold? We’ll definitely give you that, and we are also bringing you to the Empire Royal Academy to further their studies!”   

The officer’s words created a commotion in the Adventurers’ Club. 

“The Empire Royal Academy?? Isn’t that an academy that specializes in training the army?”

“Even if one is not trained as an officer, he/she would be a genius that everyone will want. Wasn’t Yul the new guy who just came recently? Oh my God, how can it be him?”

“Why Yul!? Is it a misunderstanding? It must be a misunderstanding.”

Numerous comments and complaints suddenly echoed in the club.

“Shut up! Let me explain. Yul was a temporary recruit who fought the Ice Dragon. Now the Ice Dragon is dead, the 24 survivors in the mission would be sent to the Empire Royal Academy to further their studies. This is to thank their efforts for the nation and also to train them to become outstanding soldiers. Now, you guys should not have any complaints!”

The officer’s words made everyone quiet. Their visions which were originally filled with jealousy and hatred had turned into admiration. The official announcement was completely different from the truth. It was said that there were only 24 soldiers left from the initial 5000 soldiers because of the Ice Dragon which had overpowered them. Lastly, under the lead of the Flame Witch, the 24 youngsters who were barely alive fought against the Ice Dragon until the very end. 

“Alright! If you don’t have any doubts, please come with me. This is a golden opportunity for you.”

There was no way to reject the officer’s dignified words. 

“Wait! Please answer my question first, then I’ll decide whether to go with you or not.” 

However, Yulman was not like the others, he had his own principles. He would not do anything he hated, just like being an Apostle. 


The officer had a slight surprise in his angry expression because he did not expect that this guy would talk to him in such a manner.

“Um… Are there many beautiful girls in the academy?”

The officer did not know what expression should he show while answering Yul. The other soldiers around him tried hard to resist their laughter. 


The officer hesitated for a while, and finally squeezed out one word with an incomprehensible expression.