Yul straightened up his body and walked swaggeringly by the school’s corridor. He touched the packed pouch by his waist as his face showed a happy expression.

Who said that one might not find happiness if one was rich, they must have not experienced being poor.

Yul started to tear in his heart as he recalled the period of time that he was not willing to eat, wear and did not even have the money to have a date.

Not now he could finally say goodbye to all of them!

Chloe had long white legs, she was cute and rich too, don’t mention her being his master, he would be extremely satisfied if she was to become his wife. 

Wait!? If this is the case, won’t I become a gigolo???

Yul turned blank when he thought of this.

Forget about it! It’s all about gender equality now. Who says females can’t spend money on him? Moreover, she’s my master nominally, she also needs me to help her in something. So this should be an equivalent exchange. I can help her with all I can, but in exchange, she needs to be responsible for my daily expenses.

As Yul thought of this, he became happier.

And about the contract mark could burn his magic route, Yul did not take it as something serious. Even if the Elemental Spirits were daring to take an action on Yul, they were not able to burn his magic route as well, since Yul’s magic setup was completely different from normal humans’. And if the Elemental King knew this happened to him, he would need to kowtow towards Yul from the Elemental World. 

Yul turned happier as he continued imagining, he even started galloping excited steps.

What was the first thing to do after receiving the money? Of course it was inviting Elsa out for a meal~ He almost did it this morning, next, he would only need to make some effort and create a beautiful love story with Elsa. 

When Yul thought until this, he quickened his pace. It was lunch break, so Yul ran towards the canteen directly. When he reached the canteen’s entrance, he could see Elsa and Aegir eating at the corner from faraway. However, Elsa’s expression was gloomy.

“Is she unhappy because she was worried about me since she did not see me this morning?”

Yul became excited suddenly and quickly walked towards Elsa.

-------------- Separation Line -----------------

A few minutes ago, Elsa and Aegir went to the canteen together to have a meal. 

However, both of them were chit-chatting happily like yesterday while they were shopping, instead, their faces showed how worried they were.

And the reason was Yul.

He caused troubles yesterday and was not seen this whole morning. It was not easy to apply for the Elite Class’ leave permit, so anyone would think that something had happened to Yul.

At the same time, the students surrounding Elsa started discussing about Yul:

“Hey, did Yul get expelled? I didn’t see him at all today.”

“Yeah! I think so too. Since yesterday…”

The student instantly stopped talking and quickly lifted up his head to look around.

“Don’t say it, I know, I know.”

The student sitting opposite of him nodded his head understandingly. Since what happened yesterday has been prohibited to be mentioned.

“Kyle is not an easy character either. He has one hundred ways to make Yul leave.”

“Yeah! Yul was also unaware of his situation and ‘touched the tiger’s butt’, I think nothing good is going to happen to him.”

“Who is the tiger’s butt you guys are talking about??”

Kyle’s voice was suddenly heard from behind them.

“Yee! Big Brother Kyle!! I don’t mean it that way… I…”

The two students’ faces immediately turned pale, although Kyle acted as a gentleman superficially, he was definitely a narrow-minded guy personally.

“It’s alright! Keep talking~ I’m not that narrow-minded.”

Kyle smiled as he sat between both of them, frightening them as if they nearly peed.

“Does that guy Yul worth your time discussing about him? He was just a bit lucky yesterday. And now, he’s being kicked out of the school without me requesting.”

Kyle smiled as he winked towards Elsa sitting at the next table, but she did not care about him and continued eating without any expression.

“Really? Yul got expelled??”

 The students surrounding instantly gathered around when they heard the gossip.

“Of course! Won’t you guys think of my identity? Will the school offend my family for an unknown guy?”

Kyle was the eldest child of the Duke’s family, nobody would want to offend them. But the news of Yul being expelled was just Kyle’s guess.

Kyle’s thinking was really simple: My dad! Is a Duke! Awesome!

Those who comply with me thrive and those who resist me perish. Just expelling him shows how kind I am. 

When Kyle thought that he would not see Yul’s face ever again, he felt comfortable in his heart. While for the heirloom sword, the school would definitely take it back for him, since he had the identity. Moreover, he told what happened to his uncle honestly through the magical letter, if the school would not take action, his uncle would perish Yul for him.

“Big Brother Kyle is still more awesome, he doesn’t need to request it himself and the school solves your problem instantly.”

The students surrounding looked at Kyle with admiration one after another. 

But it was just the surface. All of them were actually thinking about this: “You can really do anything you want with an awesome dad”.

“I’m just waiting for the school to tell me the news~~”

Kyle looked towards Elsa and Aegir with a proud expression. Because he knew that both of them were close to Yul and wanted to sneer at them.

“Did you guys miss me~~”

But at that moment, Yul suddenly appeared out of nowhere and sat beside Elsa. As he received the money, Yul was really enthusiastic, what he said sounded like he sang. 

Yul’s appearance was not surprising since they were at the school’s canteen. However, his tone while speaking was incomprehensible. It was as if he won a lottery that worthed a few millions and as if he was flying. 

“Pervert… Are you that happy that you got expelled by the school??”

Aegir could not comprehend Yul’s expression as well. She could not think of anything else than him being expelled.


“Yul, did Miss Chloe find you about yesterday’s matter? Can you still stay in school?”

Elsa was usually shy in crowded areas, so the volume of her voice was small.

“Chloe?? She did find me this morning.”

When Yul’s words were heard, everyone knew what happened. This guy must be pretending to be happy, he must be regretful about what he had done. 

When Kyle heard about it, he became prouder. 

“Haha! Don’t pretend to be happy, if you return the sword to me now, kowtow and apologize on the floor, I can request to not expel you from the school.”

“Return the sword? Impossible, impossible in this whole life. Silph is so cute, how can I let her leave my side?”

Yul answered sincerely, expressing the thought of: I don’t care how awesome your heirloom sword is, the reason I want it is because it can turn into a cute girl.

This made Kyle furious, he was humiliated repeatedly from yesterday until now. Anyone would not be able to beat with it, not to say he was the eldest child of the Duke’s family.

“Are you refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit?”

Kyle stood up and looked furiously at Yul who was feeling complacent.

“No! Drinking causes trouble, I’ve already stopped drinking!”

After the event of the Floating City, Yul only drank juice.

When Kyle heard of this, he trembled madly. As a noble who had a strong position, Kyle had wanted to sacrifice Yul to God for a long time. However, it was Asemans’ domain here, even the Empire’s King would need to be respectful towards him. If Kyle took action here, he would not be able to stay comfortably as well. 

But it’s okay, Yul’s going to be expelled, once he leaves the school……

“Hmpph, let’s see how long you can stay complacent.”

Kyle turned and prepared to leave after finishing his words. A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him. I have tons of ways to let a guy like Yul who does not know the immensity of the heaven and earth to die.

The people surrounding understood well, Yul did not have a position and a patron. Now he had even offended Kyle, he might be safe while leaving the school, but he might need to say goodbye to the world after that.

However, what Yul said next made the whole canteen fell into silence:

“Did you guys misunderstood anything? I was not being expelled by the school, this morning Master Chloe only brought me along to do something.”

“Master Chloe??”

“What is this guy talking about?”

“Is he crazy??”

Everyone looked at Yul with an incomprehensible expression. At the same time, Yul also used his magical power to show the master-apprentice mark. 

A cat burning in flames. 

It was a really familiar mark. After the kill of the Ice Dragon, the pattern had spreaded out everywhere. This was because the mark’s owner was the Empire’s Elite Magician. 

Flame Witch -- Chloe Charlotte